Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Wedding Planner #2

We made some small progress over the holiday weekend. We have decided that her father could take the pictures at our wedding. That is, if he is willing. She ran it by him and he thinks it shouldn’t be a problem so … that’s one less thing to worry about. I also didn’t want him flipping the whole bill for this wedding but he is going to kick in 20 percent. My parents are kicking in and so is Jenny’s mother. I doubt it will be all that expensive though because we will be holding it outside and we are planning on 50 or less people so … we’ll see. Still, we will save a lot of money just from him taking the photo’s.

Her mother has already offered to pay for the catering. All we have to do is tell her what we want to serve and she’ll take care of it for us. One less thing. My parents have so far offered to spring for the flowers. Same deal for them, all we have to do is figure out how many and what kind and they will take care of it.
I have come up with a design of sorts of how I want this outside wedding to look like. Once I get it complete, I will post it. What I really need to do is find the property where we can hold this thing. That is still undecided. Heck, we’re still making our guest lists. LOL Once we’re both ready, we will sit down and start the elimination process together. That in itself could take a few weeks.

But at least we have made slight progress in the ground work. Things probably won’t really start to kick in until around Fall anyway. The next few months will be her and I just making the tough decisions.

Back to the location: I do have a friend who owns some open field property in the middle of nowhere. I might have to look him up in the next few weeks. That in itself would be a huge load off if I can get him to let us use it. It would certainly help me out to putting together a more accurate blue-print of the wedding layout.


  1. "...some open field property in the middle of nowhere..."

    Oh, so you're not really planning on only 50 people are you? You're planning your own Woodstock. Okay, we'll ALL be there!

  2. Not Woodstock, but rather Carzstock. LOL That or a cow-patty throwing contest.


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