Friday, April 20, 2012

Carroll's DVD Review #14

Let's have some fun with this one, shall we? How about I talk about a couple of movies that I think your kid(s) will love. (And maybe you too) LOL


This 1995 movie stars Bill Pullum and Christina Ricci.

If you’re looking for a wholesome movie for your kid(s) to watch, look no further. It’s cute, it’s funny, and your kid will love it. Best of all, you can probably get it for less than 5 dollars. I know, the kids love the chipmunks. (Who doesn’t?) But chances are you got it for them for Christmas and now they want to watch something else. Hey, there is nothing wrong in going back into the past and pulling out an oldie but goody.

I give it 8 solid stars.


A super cast with Mike Myers leading the way and little Dakota Fanning. Plus Kelly Preston, Spencer Breslin, and Alec Baldwin, and Sean Hayes.

Conrad and Sally Walden (Spencer and Dakota) are home alone with their pet fish. It is raining outside, and there is nothing to do. Until The Cat in the Hat (Mike Myers) walks in the front door. He introduces them to their imagination, and at first it's all fun and games, until things get out of hand, and The Cat must go, go, go, before their mother gets back.

I know this movie got hammered in the reviews in 2003 when it came out, and it fizzled at the box office, but I like it! Maybe because I am a fan of Myers and Fanning, I don’t know. When I watched this with my little nephew, we had a pretty good time. And so will your kid(s). Another wholesome film for them to watch and best of all, under 5 dollars.

Heck, buy both of these movies and a 5 dollar large pizza at Little Caesar’s for less than a Chipmunk movie and still have 5 bucks left over.

My rating: I give it 8 stars. Lots of fun. Very colorful. Best of all, your kid(s) will love it.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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