Monday, April 23, 2012

Carroll's Journal #19 (Major Tom)

Well, it turned out to be a pretty decent weekend. Jennifer came by Thursday night and I drove her to a little place across the bridge from Cincinnati called Newport, Kentucky to spend some alone time together. She went straight to bed when we checked into the hotel. I couldn’t sleep and stayed up on my lappy playing with Google Earth program. I explored Mars.

Grounds control to Major Tom ….

I did manage a few hours of sleep. Then on Friday, we had brunch at this really nice place and went shopping after taking a walk in a Park then returned to the hotel to shower and order some room service and play with our electrical gadgets for a couple of hours. Then later, we hit an art gallery.

Grounds control to Major Tom ….

Saturday, we drove down to Louisville for dinner and dancing on the river. As it turns out, she and I share the same passion for just taking off to where nobody knows you and hang out. It seems this is what she did during college break on her way from California to her fathers house in Southern Missouri. She liked to stop along the way at some random little out of the way town and have some alone time with strangers. I do this from time to time too. Now I have somebody to do it with.

What are Amish people doing in a retail store?

Okay, I am really getting addicted to Google Earth. LOL I am checking out where all my GR friends live and stuff. Old schools I used to go to when I was a kid and living in Florida and Georgia and Paris, France. Pulling up my parents house and stuff. Haha I can picture dad now in the driveway cleaning out the RV while mother tends to her flowers.

When we settled in for the night on Friday, I checked my email and saw that another ex girlfriend found me online. She isn’t just an ex-GF though, she was the first girl I ever proposed to back when I was in the military. She said she just wanted to say hello. Yeah, right. That makes three ex girlfriends now who have found me through my books. And two buddies from high school. This fame monster is starting to grow.

It didn’t help that Friday, while in the art gallery looking at paintings, two ladies overheard Jenny and I talking about a painting that had a cherry blossom tree in it. At least, that was what we were debating anyway. It looked like a cherry blossom to us. Anyhow, Jenny mentioned something about my book, Last Flight Out and one of the ladies asked me if I was an author or some because, and I quote, “I couldn’t help but over-hear what you two were saying ….”

Anyhow, I said yes and explained that they were E-books only. The older of the two said she had a Kindle and the other one said she had an ipad. One of them got on her phone and got online and googled my book on Amazon. Next thing I know, I am signing two autographs. I mentioned my ex-GF getting a hold of me to Jenny. We talked about it. I think she is starting to realize the power of the internet. It might be freaking her out a little.

Grounds control to Major Tom ….

I wanted to take Jenny to a Reds game on Saturday instead of going to Louisville. However, me and my blondish ways. The Reds are on the road at St. Louis. If I had known that, we could have gone there. I wouldn’t have minded visiting the arch again. Maybe in August for my birthday. You know, I should do a better job of researching things like this before heading out on a road trip. But we did get to go on a river boat so …. Go us!

Seriously though … Amish … in a retail store.

Sunday it was brunch before heading back to Cow-town, USA.

David sent me an email. I wasn’t too pleased about it. It seems he really can’t wait to hit the road. He wants to take off at the end of May. I was really wanting to hang with him this Fall and watch some football games. Play some more Madden. I guess I have to be a big-boy about it. I also thought him seeing that girl would keep him entertained and around for a while longer, but I guess it’s not as serious as I (or he) believed. (He says she’s an older version of Elsa.) LOL Is that a compliment or an insult? - You decide. Haha

Grounds control to Major Tom …

Still, I have to let him go. My brother-from-a-different-mother. He says he will return next May 1st to hang out for my impending wedding to be my best man. He better. I swear I will hunt his ass down and … and …. Well, don’t you worry about and, I’ll do something malevolent, you better believe that.

I am so going to miss him.

An interesting topic of conversation came up over the weekend. One that was suggested to me by a friend and that I relayed to Jenny one night in jest that has now taken root. What was the topic? … Moving to California. Jennifer asked me about that. She wanted to know if that door was open. I told her all doors were open. And yes, if she thinks she wants to live in California, then we’ll live in California.

The good thing about being a writer is, I can write anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter to me. I think when you find someone worth the sacrifice, you make it without thinking twice. If you really want to be with someone then it just doesn’t matter where you are with her, just as long as you two are together and sharing each others day, life and world. To be with someone who makes you feel so alive and to share the things that make you happy, I mean, I am really discovering what that is all about.

So I asked her where in California she might be thinking to live. (If indeed, she decides she wants to go there someday and live.) She said when she was in college, she had a friend who was from Oceanside and that she went there once with her to have Thanksgiving with her friends family. I went to Google Earth to take a better look. I have to say, it looks really nice. My final answer was sure, if there comes a day that she wants to move to Oceanside, California, she can count me in.

If you're Amish and you're reading this, what are you doing in a retail store? And why are you reading this? You're not supposed to have electricity.

Hey, if you’re looking for ways to spice up your sex life, try these five simple things: 1) Garlic. Yes, you heard me, put more garlic in your diet. Garlic helps to stimulate blood flow. 2) Chocolate. The ingredients in chocolate releases endorphins. (But you may have already known that) 3) Spices: Nutmeg, ginger, chilli power, (just to name a few) but spices also releases endorphins. 4) Licorice: A recent study found that the smell of licorice (such as a box of Good N Plenty) can arouse both men and women 40 percent better than perfumes and colognes. 5) When all else fails or you’re just too lazy to utilize the other four suggestions, then try getting her drunk. That could work too. LOL

I just hate it when you can’t get a song out of your head, don’t you? I mean, you hear it early in the day and then it sticks with you like your Aunt Betty’s meatloaf. You everything in your power to shake it off. You even slam your fists into a wooden fence and that doesn’t help. (Or maybe that’s just me.) Still, it’s enough to drive you mad, I tell you … MAD!

Grounds control to Major Tom ….

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