Carroll Bryant's Poetry

Before my songs become songs, they are poems. Here are some of my favorite poems that I have yet to make into songs. (But I'm working on it.) LOL While the links below are poems I posted on this blog, feel free to check out my poetry blog at The Carroll Bryant Collection


Mission To Mars - The Banshee - Said And Done - Petrified - Psychedelic Kind - Ten Things

Dark Silence / Down To Nothing - Pisen A Kniha - Gone Gone Gone - Angels Disappear

The Cat - Believe This - God Is Dead - Tears Of Love - Cold Soul Winter - The Collector

Halloween - Mona Lisa Eyes - Portrait Of A Friend (Cici's Song) - Diligent Madness (Taste Your Love)

Last Night She Cried - Hard Knocks - Revenge In The Dark - Strangers In The Midst

A Christmas Carroll - Be In My Christmas - Seasons Greetings - Me Loving You

Aldee Eats Rainbows  - 12 College Road

Aneurysm - In Love, In Danger - In Between - Love Or Stone - Aggressive Pleasure 

My Brain - Legend Of Geronimo (Blood Moon) - My Funeral - Sexually Addicted To You 

Breaking Dawn - Flowers For ISIS - Hillary Clinton - Nobody Told Me - Sinkhole 

Dead Mexicans - The Unserious Ones - The Monkey Way - Red Society - My Imagination 

Discovery (I'm Going Crazy) - Hrisko - Wings Of Relaxation - Vegas And Vega 

By The River  -  My Salvation (Hopeless)  -  She's Too Sexy For Me - Kim Kimmy

Need For The Night - Revolution 2016 - X, Y, and Z - Shame Away -  Rigmarole

No FamilyHell Or High WaterRash On My Ass - Bad Santa (A Poem)


Unbroken - By Cristy Quinn