Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wings Of Relaxation by Carroll Bryant

WINGS OF RELAXATION - Written by Carroll Bryant 

The wind that blows swiftly, as I sit in the grass in a field, offers mild relief from the tortuous sun. I sit near a flower that is still growing only to be picked one day, and to die in a fancy vase. Or just to die.

I remain sitting as I watch a bird fly. Where is it going? And why? 

I notice a squirrel and it too, notices me. We freeze simultaneously and in an instant. I don't want to move a muscle because I don't want to frighten him into scampering away. He doesn't want to move because he doesn't want to die. A loud noise overtakes us both like thunder. This startles the universe and the squirrel takes his chances on instinct and races into oblivion, never to be seen again. His decision, this time, pays off. He didn't die. But that moment did, and now I miss it. The excitement and adrenaline was real, but I wasn't the one with the fear.

The life, the beauty, and the many different worlds around me are not new yet they are still foreign to me and some of my understanding.

The bee, moving from flower to flower. The ants, scrambling like ants. And the sounds of the day from cars, trucks and people make up what life has created. A social cluster-fuck.

But I am relaxed right now and I think I will write it down in my notebook to reflect on someday.

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