Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Motherless.com Features Child-Porn

Remember these people? They are Motherless.com, a porno site. I did a post about them a while back and how they practice banning people for posting child porn when in reality, many of them don't. (Motherless Post Click Here)

Well, I think I might know why they go after the people they go after. You see, they promote themselves as a "free" site, people can join and surf their site for free however, they do offer a a "premium membership" that you can pay and get more options or something.

When I wrote my post on them, I discussed how they seem to ban non-paying members for "questionable" material. A friend of mine set up an account and posted mostly non-nude material of 18+ year old girls. He got banned for posting "child porn" when in fact, he never did post anything close to being child porn. But he was not a paying member so he was expendable. And many non-paying members get banned for apparently no reason but are told it's for posting child porn. One guy I talked to said he never even posted anything and was banned for posting child porn. (You figure that one out.)

But while non paying members keep getting banned, apparently it's okay to post child porn material if you are a premium member. I have discovered some very questionable pictures of under-aged girls displaying their breasts. Now when you see the photo's, you will not actually see the nudity because I refuse to display under-aged girls / child porn on this blog. However, if authorities contact me and request the links to those pictures, I will be happy to oblige them. Now, on to the first picture.

 As you can see, I stopped the snapshot just short of showing you this girls breast. Clearly she appears to be around 13, 14, or perhaps 15 years old. If you saw her breast, that is clearly exposed, all you would see is a very small nub and her nipple. Her body, as well as her chest, looks very young. Just as young as her face.

The individual that posted this picture not only posted the other two pictures that I will be showing you, but he / she is a premium member, which means this person pays Motherless.com to be a member.

Obviously, Motherless.com would not want to ban this person because it means they would be losing money, so they instead turn their head the other way to this kind of behavior for premium members. But if you were to view the entire picture, you would clearly see it is obvious that this girl is under-age. Now to the next picture.

Again, I had to cut off the rest of this picture because I do not want to post child porn on this blog. But if you were to see the full picture, you would see small breasts and nipples, and in this case, the girl has turned her head away from the camera, indicating, in most incidents of under-age pictures, that the cameraman does not want people to know this is an under-aged girl.

Even if any of these girls I feature on this post were of age, the pictures themselves would be highly questionable. And remember, people who do not pay Motherless.com get banned all the time for "questionable" photo's and or video's, but apparently, "questionable" posts by premium members are allowed. This appears to be the theme for Motherless.com. And perhaps there is a reason for it. Perhaps they do this to get Interpol (International Police) off their back. Perhaps they report the "non-paying" members they ban for child porn, even if they don't post child porn, just to make it look like they are cracking down on child porn posts when in fact, they allow their "premium" members to post child porn because, well, you know, they pay to be a member. You get the idea. Now to the third picture.

This girl (on the right) clearly looks to be around 14 or 15 years old. Had I posted the complete picture, you would be able to see her breast in clear view. This girls body even looks like a youthful teenager. But the individual that posted it, and the other two photo's I showed you, is a "premium" member so again, if you're a paying member of Motherless.com, you are allowed to post (mild?) child porn pictures.

I know that if a high-school took these pictures, and or sent these pictures out to his friends, he would surely be arrested for engaging in child porn activity. 

I will continue to look through the many tens of thousands of members on Motherless.com to try and find more evidence of child porn posts. I could have posted several more pictures like the ones you see here, but they all were showing only their breasts. I'm looking for harder child porn material on their site to expose. I will have to keep digging as what I have uncovered to this point is all from one primary member. I don't want to expose who this member is because I am still going through more of "their" posts. They are a very active member. And who knows, they might even post some new material that I can use as evidence. But again, if the authorities reach out to me, I will supply them with the name of this poster and a link to his or her membership page. I also know that if I were to expose this individual, Motherless.com would probably delete their profile and thus, delete the evidence.

I will stay on top of this, and post any further stories relating to this situation as I discover more members that are posting child porn material, and getting away with it because they are "premium" members. In the meantime, shame on Motherless.com for allowing this to happen. For shame indeed.

UPDATE 09/26/2017 

Okay, so another picture was found of a girl that clearly appears to be somewhere around 13, 14, or 15 years old. The dirty part has been blacked out. 



Monday, August 14, 2017

Democrats Have Become America's ISIS

The more I watched the events that unfolded in Charlottesville, Virginia, and then again at a Patriot And Prayer event in Seattle, Washington on Sunday, the day after Charlottesville event, the more I was convinced that democrats have become America's ISIS.

The democrat party, along with the mainstream media, has clearly made itself known as socialists. Their words, their actions, their fake news, it's all right there for the whole world to see.

Now, I hate white supremacy groups just as much as the next guy. I hate their evil spew of hate. I also hate black supremacy groups, too. Groups like, Black Lives Matter and The Black Panther Party are just two examples. And while I hear many from the socialist party of liberals complain that President Trump hasn't yet come out and denounce these Nazi hate groups and such, my response is, how many times does he have to denounce them? I mean, he has already come out and denounced them. What I haven't seen yet (or heard) is any democrat coming out and denouncing black supremacy groups like The Black Panther Party or Black Lives Matter.

I think my biggest question is, why is it okay for liberals / democrats / socialists to protest white supremacist groups and shut down their first amendment rights but it's not okay to do the same for these black supremacist groups? I don't get it.

I hate all supremacy groups, black and white. But I served in the armed forces to protect the rights of all Americans, and all groups, all of their rights that pertain to the first amendment. Even if I don't like it myself. Even if it's hate speech, it's still free speech and it's all protected by the first amendment of the constitution. However, the only people I see trying to take those rights away from others is the left. The democrats. The socialists. The fascists. The ISIS of America.

What democrats fail to see is, they are now the problem in this country. I have watched them, my whole adult life, go from being a cool group of people who had their extremists (just like the republicans had / have theirs) and they had their middle of the road democrats (just like the republicans had / have theirs) and they somehow turned into this massive hate group that are racist as hell, hateful and very violent. Just pure evil. And while the republicans still have their far right nuts, the democrat party itself became their far left nuts. The whole party is far left. There is no democrat left in the middle.

Whenever I see riots taking place in the streets on TV, violence, destruction of property, or people shutting down others first amendment rights, it's always the democrats doing it. They are always right there in the thick of things, damaging this country. Every time I hear someone say they want to blow up the White House and or burn it down and or kill the president and or his family, it's always the democrats saying it. I have never heard a republican say it except for maybe Ted Nugent or something, but he also quickly apologized. The point is, all of the terrorism taking place in America is done by either ISIS or the democrats.

Which is how I came to the conclusion that democrats have now become America's ISIS.

The democrat party has transformed itself into their very own racist / hate group. And it now appears that they are attacking all other hate groups that are far right in an effort to shut them down yet, they allow their hate groups to continue spewing their hate, and violence. It's almost like they (the democrats) want to be the only legal racist / hate group in America.

That is not why I served in the military. I served in so that all hate groups had the right to spew their hate. I will stand by that statement, too. Even though I do not care for their message.

I'm pretty sure that George Soros, and people like him, are behind these vicious attacks and hate coming from the left. That is so sad. So pathetic. I can't wait until that old socialist / fascist scumbag dies. I really can't. Because the only thing I hate in this world is communists, socialists, terrorists and fascists. So basically, that would mean I hate the far right, and the entire democrat party / democrats.

As an Independent voter, I have also concluded that our next democrat president will turn America into the new Venezuela. I honestly do. If Hillary was president right now, unemployment would be about 10% or worse. Our GDP would have been 1.5% or something instead of the 2.6% in the second quarter of 2017, under President Trump. It's funny how Obama never had a GDP quarter in his entire eight years that was 2.5%

Socialism / fascism does not work. It's about time the democrats learn this. The sooner, the better. But two things are for certain, America can't handle another democrat president and .... if there ever is another democrat president, I hope I am dead.

Oh, and a third thing ..... democrats have become America's ISIS.