Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Donald Trump: Why I'm Voting Him For President

America is sinking. Our greatness has fallen into a sinkhole. This cannot be disputed. Our national debt has risen to over 19 trillion dollars. In recent world freedom rankings, we fell from 17th to 20th. Hong Kong is more free than America. This is disgusting. Our world economy was in the top five back in 2000 but now, it is ranked 12th. This ranking will continue to drop for every illegal alien that crosses our border. We are 25th in education. With what we spend per student, we should at least be top ten. Half of our nation is jobless or working a part-time job when they want to work a full-time job. More and more mom and pop shops are closing up. Inflation is driving many of our elderly, on fixed incomes, to eat cat food. (I saw an elderly lady I know in a store recently and she bought 20 cans of cat food on sale for fifty cents a can. I know her. She doesn't have a cat.)

In just about every category, America is slipping. We have been slipping ever since George W. Bush went into office and we continue to slip - in some areas more faster - with Obama.

When George W. Bush was president, there were a lot of people from other countries who hated us. They didn't respect us. With Obama, not only do these people still hate us and not respect us, but it seems like more have joined in with the hate. The one thing we did have going for us with George W. Bush was, at least these people may have feared us just a little. The same with Reagan when he was president. I say, if these terrorists are not going to like us, or respect us, then at least they best damn well fear us. Under Obama, they stopped fearing us and have now began to mock us.

The point is, America has gone to crap in the past 16 years under a republican and a democrat. It doesn't look like the "professionals" are doing such a good job. In fact, these career politicians are doing the worst job ever.

In a recent interview, I heard Jeb Bush say that he would be honored to be the next president of the worlds 12th largest economy. I shuddered in disbelief and almost broke my 15 year record of not throwing up. How could a real American or patriot even keep a straight face when saying that? Jeb Bush is "proud" that America is 12th in world economy? Someone needs to bitch smack that idiot in the back of the head with a frying pan. It's disgusting. I would not be honored to be the president of a country who is 12th in world economy when they should be, at worst, top five! You lost any hope for my vote Jeb. You're a dumb-ass.

 The truth is, he wasn't ever going to get my vote anyway. He is a career politician and I do not vote for career politicians anymore. Not since Bill Clinton.

In my life, I have only voted a total of 3 times. My first vote went to Reagan for his second term. My second vote went for Ross Perot and my third vote went to Bill Clinton, second term. (A GOP, an Independent, and a democrat) I did not vote in between Reagan and Perot and I have not voted since Clinton. Why? Because there was no one worth voting for during those periods. (I never did buy into this whole "Yes We can" crap from Obama.) That is not how our founding fathers wanted it. Only for about the past 100 or so years have we started going the career politician route. In the beginning, it was meant for citizens to take turns serving their country in the political arena (like Trump, for example). But something went terribly wrong with the process, with the dream, and we ended up with career politicians who sell their country and countrymen out to special interest groups. Now our political parties are doing the same thing. Whenever you hear a career politician start talking about "change", they are pulling your leg. We're not really voting in an individual into the white house  anymore, we're voting in a party.

Ever since George Washington left office, this country has been in the hands of either a democrat or a republican. Now here we are, in this mess that we are in.

Many people are saying that Donald Trump is not qualified to be president, and that he would ruin this country. But I ask, what makes one qualified to be president? Clearly Obama wasn't qualified either but you people still elected him. George W. Bush wasn't qualified by a long shot. Between these two, America has fallen from grace. How could Trump do any worse?

How could Trump ruin America anymore than what it has already been ruined? And then people say, he isn't professional enough. Well, I say, if running up the national debt is being professional, then I want to see what an unprofessional can do. If dropping our country from top 5 in world economy to 12th is being professional, then I want to see what an unprofessional can do. If watching our world freedom rankings fall to 20th under a professional, then yeah, maybe we need an unprofessional to pick us back up.

On the good side, America is number one in the world at turning their citizens into criminals. Yes, we are the best at locking our citizens up and throwing them in jail or prison or both. That's something to jump for joy about, isn't it? There's your professionals in true action. Be proud America, you're a felon. Now how can Trump do any worse than that?

Trump tells it like it is. He doesn't apologize for being himself. He is opposite of PC and he is correct when he says that being PC has destroyed this country because it has. He is the only one who really seems like he wants to close the border. I want the border closed too. I want illegals deported. I want the criminal ones deported first. I call it "anchor babies" too and I don't want illegals to be allowed to stay just because they have an anchor baby. And I am sick and tired of democrats "faking" their support or love for these babies when we all know they support abort not deport  - and it's a hypocrisy that I can do without.

The democratic party has so many contradicting beliefs that it isn't even funny. "Life Matters" they say. It doesn't matter if it's black life, white life, or all life, but one thing is for certain, they don't think "future life" matters.

Hillary Clinton tweets, "They are called babies." - Well, so are they called babies when you abort them Hillary. I shake my head at her stupidity. She is a bigger bimbo than Megyn Kelly. And yes, Donald Trump treated her as he would a man. He treated her "equally", and what did he get for it? He was / is called a misogynist or a sexist. I guess with the women of N.O.W., you can't win either way. Treat girls as equals or tell them to go back into the kitchen and you're a hater regardless. There is no pleasing them. I think they want equal rights so they can have more shit to bitch about. But that's my opinion.

And then the democrats go out of their way to try and get me to stop smoking tobacco but they pass laws in so I can smoke marijuana? Talk about sending mixed signals. The funny thing is, smoking weed at 15 led me to smoking cigarettes at 17. And then there's this whole war on junk food. You don't want me to smoke tobacco, but you do want me to smoke weed and oh, by the way, you want to take away my junk food? Talk about a munchy bummer.

I think Trump will be one of the best presidents in our history because he can't be bought out by any political group or any special interest group. But even if he does fail, it wouldn't be because he sold us all out and that in itself would be refreshing.

Trump says he's going to build the wall and make Mexico pay for it and I am going to believe him. He says he is going to kick out the illegals and those with anchor babies and I am going to believe him. He says he is going to bring back jobs for Americans who want them and I believe him. He says he is going to go after ISIS and I believe him. After all, these are some things that Bush and Obama said too, but it turned out they lied.

I'm not so hot for Trumps healthcare plan, but I will give it a try if he does all of the other things he is promising. He says he is going to fix our tax problems and you know what? I'm going to believe him. And I will continue to believe him until he actually lies to me. But I don't think he's lying. I think he really does want to make America great again. I know it's not going to be easy and I'm sure Trump knows this as well, but if there is one person I can trust to do the right thing for this country, it's another fellow citizen, not another lying career politician. But Trump has the business mind to get our economy back on track before we collapse like Greece. He's the only one I trust with our country's economy.

All of the things I mentioned are the reasons why I am voting for Trump. I want America to be great again and it's just not going to happen with Hillary, Bernie, Jeb, Martin, Walker, or any other candidate running. Not Fiorina or the good doctor, Ben Carson. Only Trump has the ability to get America back to being great. With anyone else, we know pretty much what we are getting, the same old, same old, politics as usual.  Even with Carly and Ben because, and I can't stress this enough, Trump was the only one who raised his hand when asked of his LOYALTY to the republican party. He is the only one who is his own free thinker and doer. Trust no one else who didn't raise their hand.


Because there is no one else I can honestly trust with the future of this country. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

DVD Review Hard To Hold / Supergirl

HARD TO HOLD - Starring Rick Springfield and ... well ... Rick Springfield. Okay, there are other people in the film, like his co-"star"? Janet Eilber. (Whoever that is) But hey, she's kind of cute.

Jamie Roberts (Springfield) is living the high life as a rock / pop star when he falls in love with a girl whom he has a car accident with after a concert of which he got locked out of his hotel room after he took a shower and so yeah, he only has a towel and then he loses that and .... it's pandemonium! Mass hysteria! Chaos even!


She doesn't fall so hard for him in the beginning and so the battle of love begins. He pushes, she pushes back, he pushes harder, she pushes back harder, then after a bit of a courtship, her father dies and she decides it's time to go and Jamie performs another concert which after singing the first song, he runs off stage and heads to LAX to stop her from leaving and ...... "You better love somebody, it's late, you better love somebody, don't wait, you better love somebody, don't tempt fate, you're gonna push it just a little too far ... one night ..."

I loved this movie when I saw it at the theater when it was first released but, I was in awe of my idol Rick Springfield back then. Now that I own the DVD and have watched it a few more times, I'm shaking my head. "Rick, what were you thinking?"

Okay, okay, it was the eighties and pretty much, anything goes back then, and egos were cashing the checks too. But come on, it was Rick Freaking Springfield!

"Tony Bennett?"

It's a love story. Don't try and expect a whole lot and you won't be disappointed. The Springfield fan in me gives it a 8 of 10 stars. The realist in me gives it a solid ...... 3? Maybe 4? .... Yeah, you pretty much have to be a Springfield fan to even remotely enjoy this movie. Lucky for me I am a fan. So I enjoyed it. Which is why I own the DVD.

Did I mention it has some really good tunes in it? Well, it does. The hits, "Love Somebody", "Don't Walk Away", and "Bop 'Till You Drop". I also like "The Great Lost Art Of Conversation".

Love is hard to find and even harder to hold when the whole world is watching. Most of us will never know what that feels like unless you watch this movie.

Maybe not. I don't know.


Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's .... a panty shot! ... No, it's Supergirl. And oh, yeah, a panty shot. Talk about your upskirt fantasies.

It's Helen Slater at her sexy best. In the 80's, Helen Slater was the little sister of Christian Slater. Then she made this movie and became the primary wet dream for all of geekhood. This is a nice way of saying, they made this movie for the dorks and not for the critics. The movie is hohum at best until you get a peek of the undercarriage which, really aren't that many good shots.

I remember being so UP for this movie. (Pun intended) But it let me down and I "limp"ed out of the theater, hand in pocket. And yet .... and yet .... I still bought the DVD. Go figure.

But hey, it is Christian Slater's little sister we are talking about here. Oh, and Faye Dunaway and Peter O'Toole are also in it. Many are scratching their heads, "O'Toole? Dunaway?" Heck, for that matter, many could be asking, "Christian Slater's little sister? Christian Slater?"

Oh, Mia Farrow is in it too, and others you may or may not recognize.

Stop looking at me like that. Many young men (boys) lost their innocence while watching this movie in the theaters. Plot, plot, plot, plot, upskirt, plot, plot, plot and .... I'm spent. Light up a smoke.

But seriously .... I can't review this with a straight face. It's Helen Slater wearing a skirt and flying. Who isn't gonna look? Okay, sure, she saves the day, but afterwards, even a superhero needs a little wine and dine action, no? Yes?

Hey, there's really no plot. It's just Helen being pretty and sexy. But don't let that stop you from enjoying it. Use your imagination for once. And you will need to do so at that. But that's what makes the movie.

I give the movie factor a 4 stars. The Helen Slater factor gets 8 stars. Geek factor is 10. Do with this information as you will. I'm gonna watch it again.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Carroll Bryant On The Radio (KCLA)

Pat Vegas, Acela Bella, KCLA (in Los Angeles, California) And "The Chance To Have It All Show" playing  Carroll Bryant music on their Podomatic channel for their "Chance To Have It All - Artists Special" show. It is awesome! Featuring amazing artists such as myself and the great P.J. Vegas, Red Spirit Fusion, Redbone,  Beck Black and more. Great music all the way through. Click the link below and check it out. You won't be sorry.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Secrets Of My Songs #9 (Can't Say No)

This is another song I originally penned back when I was in the navy. In my last segment, I told you about a girl from Michigan who came to visit a family member in Virginia of whom I was friends with and wrote the song "I Want Your Love" for. Well, that person my friend from Michigan visited was named "Bonnie", and it just so happens that I wrote this song about "Bonnie" and her then boyfriend, a fellow sailor and friend of mine from back in the day, Glenn. In fact, it was Glenn who introduced me to Bonnie who introduced me to the girl from Michigan. (See how everything is connected?) lol

Anyhow, one night, or should I say morning? after some heavy drinking, me and my two friends ended up at Bonnie's house where we were to pass out, wake up, eat breakfast and start drinking all over again. However, Bonnie and Glenn decided to have a lovers spat, which took me from sleeping on the couch in the living room and into the kids bedroom where I crawled up on the floor and tried to go to sleep. But their arguing kept me from doing that, so instead, I turned on a little table lamp and pulled out my tiny notebook and started writing down things they were saying. The next day, when eventually I made it back to the ship, I wrote "Can't Say No" from the notes I took. However again, I decided to flip flop the characters. Instead of writing how Glenn cheated on Bonnie, I wrote it as the girl cheating on the man.

When I first wrote this, I did so without writing a bridge for it. At the time, I didn't feel it needed one, but when I was about to go to the studio and record it, I began to wonder if I should add a bridge to it or not. Then about two days before I was to go into the studio, my mother called me and broke the news that she and my stepdad were thinking about getting a divorce. After the phone call, I began writing what would end up becoming the bridge for this song. As for my mother and stepdad, they got back together and about ten years later, they ended up getting that divorce. But thanks to them, and my friends from my navy days, I ended up with a song.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Secrets Of My Songs #8 (Forever Things)

This is a song I wrote for my mother. It was originally a poem without music. As many of you may or may not know, when I write a poem, most of the time I hear music in my head to which I write the words to. This is one of those poems where I had no music to it. I mean, I had this music from years earlier and when I wrote this poem, it took a short while before I figured out that the music I had in my head with no poem for it was meant to be put together with this poem. There was about a two year difference from when I first heard the music (inspired by the movie, The Crow) and when I wrote this poem. It was probably a year after that when I put the two together. Some fifteen years later maybe, I recorded it in the studio. It was a birthday present for my mother. The poem was called "Forever Things" and the music I titled, "Flight of the Raven".

But at the time that I wrote the words, she and I hadn't spoken to each other for about two years. We ended up not speaking to each other for close to five years. But she and I have always had a fiery relationship for some unknown reason, other than my assumption that she and I are so much alike. Since our reconciliation in around 2001, we have been doing okay. We had some clashes in my younger days but nothing that ever led us to not speaking to each other. I'm glad those days are behind us. It doesn't matter why we clashed - my writing - lol - but it's all water under the bridge now.

Forever Things

Flight of the Raven (Instrumental)