Thursday, August 20, 2015

DVD Review Hard To Hold / Supergirl

HARD TO HOLD - Starring Rick Springfield and ... well ... Rick Springfield. Okay, there are other people in the film, like his co-"star"? Janet Eilber. (Whoever that is) But hey, she's kind of cute.

Jamie Roberts (Springfield) is living the high life as a rock / pop star when he falls in love with a girl whom he has a car accident with after a concert of which he got locked out of his hotel room after he took a shower and so yeah, he only has a towel and then he loses that and .... it's pandemonium! Mass hysteria! Chaos even!


She doesn't fall so hard for him in the beginning and so the battle of love begins. He pushes, she pushes back, he pushes harder, she pushes back harder, then after a bit of a courtship, her father dies and she decides it's time to go and Jamie performs another concert which after singing the first song, he runs off stage and heads to LAX to stop her from leaving and ...... "You better love somebody, it's late, you better love somebody, don't wait, you better love somebody, don't tempt fate, you're gonna push it just a little too far ... one night ..."

I loved this movie when I saw it at the theater when it was first released but, I was in awe of my idol Rick Springfield back then. Now that I own the DVD and have watched it a few more times, I'm shaking my head. "Rick, what were you thinking?"

Okay, okay, it was the eighties and pretty much, anything goes back then, and egos were cashing the checks too. But come on, it was Rick Freaking Springfield!

"Tony Bennett?"

It's a love story. Don't try and expect a whole lot and you won't be disappointed. The Springfield fan in me gives it a 8 of 10 stars. The realist in me gives it a solid ...... 3? Maybe 4? .... Yeah, you pretty much have to be a Springfield fan to even remotely enjoy this movie. Lucky for me I am a fan. So I enjoyed it. Which is why I own the DVD.

Did I mention it has some really good tunes in it? Well, it does. The hits, "Love Somebody", "Don't Walk Away", and "Bop 'Till You Drop". I also like "The Great Lost Art Of Conversation".

Love is hard to find and even harder to hold when the whole world is watching. Most of us will never know what that feels like unless you watch this movie.

Maybe not. I don't know.


Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's .... a panty shot! ... No, it's Supergirl. And oh, yeah, a panty shot. Talk about your upskirt fantasies.

It's Helen Slater at her sexy best. In the 80's, Helen Slater was the little sister of Christian Slater. Then she made this movie and became the primary wet dream for all of geekhood. This is a nice way of saying, they made this movie for the dorks and not for the critics. The movie is hohum at best until you get a peek of the undercarriage which, really aren't that many good shots.

I remember being so UP for this movie. (Pun intended) But it let me down and I "limp"ed out of the theater, hand in pocket. And yet .... and yet .... I still bought the DVD. Go figure.

But hey, it is Christian Slater's little sister we are talking about here. Oh, and Faye Dunaway and Peter O'Toole are also in it. Many are scratching their heads, "O'Toole? Dunaway?" Heck, for that matter, many could be asking, "Christian Slater's little sister? Christian Slater?"

Oh, Mia Farrow is in it too, and others you may or may not recognize.

Stop looking at me like that. Many young men (boys) lost their innocence while watching this movie in the theaters. Plot, plot, plot, plot, upskirt, plot, plot, plot and .... I'm spent. Light up a smoke.

But seriously .... I can't review this with a straight face. It's Helen Slater wearing a skirt and flying. Who isn't gonna look? Okay, sure, she saves the day, but afterwards, even a superhero needs a little wine and dine action, no? Yes?

Hey, there's really no plot. It's just Helen being pretty and sexy. But don't let that stop you from enjoying it. Use your imagination for once. And you will need to do so at that. But that's what makes the movie.

I give the movie factor a 4 stars. The Helen Slater factor gets 8 stars. Geek factor is 10. Do with this information as you will. I'm gonna watch it again.

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