Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Piketon Super Cops! (Carroll's Journey)

Nothing is as funny as watching a movie where they portray the cops as "dumb-asses". Some would say it's Hollywood taking liberties to juice up a film. If you happen to be one of these people who think police officers couldn't possibly be as dumb as, say, Super Troopers, then you haven't been to Piketon, Ohio.

Trust me, our law enforcement is a joke and a punchline. (Both at the same time.)

Many of you already know my run-ins with these dork-holes. Like when Officer Ratcliffe tried to get an employee of the Duchess Shoppe to file false charges against me just so he could come to my home and arrest me. What a dick-wad! lol

 The reason I bring it up is because I was talking to a new friend who just happened to tell me about this guy who lives up here on the hill that they (The Piketon Police) are - "WATCHING CLOSELY, AND SO ARE THE FEDS"


This is when I told my new friend, "Yeah, that's me. Although, I always thought it was the other way around, and I am watching them."

You see, when I first moved to Piketon, I was stopped walking back from the store (with bags in my hand) by Officer Ratcliffe. He watched me walk down the hill from my home and to the store, where I entered, and shortly thereafter, exited and headed the same way back home. But according to officer Ratcliffe, and the rest of the Piketon "Keystone" police, that was enough suspicious activity from me to warrant a "stop".

Again, LMAO!

Ever since that night, we (the Piketon police, and I) have been at odds. We don't like each other, not one bit. There are / were a couple officers I am okay with, but for the most part, chief "Wiggums" and another officer, officer Jenkins, are a couple of dinkle-dorfs who may have watched one too many Steven Seagal movies or something.

 But the Piketon police officers are famously known around these parts for harassing citizens. It's kind of like, their thing. And for the most part, the citizens don't really stand up to them for it because there is a small "fear" factor. Most of the people they target though is people with a past record or clouded history. They target these people because they are easy targets. However, this is one of the reasons why they dislike me, because they may have figured I "looked" like a past history type and wouldn't stand up for myself or fight back in any way, shape, or form.. They were so wrong. This is why they can't mess with me and why I can (and do) totally fuck with them now.

But the fact that this new guy on the block starts talking with me and we become friends and then he mentions how the cops around here "warned" him about me - in a way - and told him about me is very funny. It means that I am living rent free inside their heads. It means they know I am watching them to make sure they are not harassing the citizens anymore. And when they tell others that "they are watching me", the truth is, "I am watching them".

The Piketon police may be dumb-asses, but they are dangerous. They are dangerous because they practice "rights violations".  And for the people they target, it's hard for them to stand up to them because of their police records of the past, so I take it upon my shoulders to try and look out for - not just them - but all citizens. I try to protect them as best I can from a corrupt police force. I do this because I can. Because I do not have a police record. I do this also because I believe all police should have someone watching them, making sure they stay in line themselves. All police need to be policed. It's way too easy to abuse their authority. And trust me, most of them do. The good ones turn away from it.

Ratcliffe went on to get a job with the Waverly police shortly after he and mine scuffle. Jism-jaws Jenkins (Ricky) still patrols the town, but with a watchful eye on him. (My eye.) Chief "Wiggums" Nelson still scarfs down the donuts at record pace. And as for mayor Billy Spencer, well, I don't know what the hell his problem is or why he allows the police to harass the citizens, but that is the life here in this town. If you ever move here, just count the days before they see you and target you for one their little harassment games. Until then, this is SUPER CITIZEN Carroll Bryant keeping an eye on the SUPER COPS of the village of Piketon in Piketon, Ohio.

Ya'll come back now ...... ya here? 

And P.S. "Wiggums", if you or your officers have anything to say about me, come say it to my face. Bitches.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Hrisko - Written by Carroll Bryant

HRISKO - Written by Carroll Bryant

So many dreams did come and go
Who is to blame?
Who can explain?

We made our lives into a freak show
What did we feel?
And was it real?

Hrisko, I want you to know
I learned oh, so much from you
Showed me a way I know is true 
Hrisko, where did you go?
You were me and so confused 
I was blind, but saw in you 
The dreams and things I know are coming true
For me and you

So many laws we must abide by
Who was the best?
Was it all a test?

We tried and tried but only did we hide inside
What was in our souls?
And so the story goes

Hrisko, I wish that you could see
The changes that I had to make 
The calling I could not forsake 
Hrisko, where did you go? 
Two souls lost that paid the price
I still see you in my minds eye 
Playing with our dreams and things of truth 
Inside our youth

Hrisko, I want you to know
I learned oh, so much from you
Showed me a way I know is true 
Hrisko, where did you go?
You were me and so confused 
I was blind, but saw in you 
The dreams and things I know are coming true
For me and you

Hrisko, where did you go?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Carroll's Journey; Kashmir

Let's just kick this post off with the fantastic news that upon my last doctor visit on Feb. 11th, everything looks great! I have 98% oxygen / blood flow, cholesterol is down, my energy is constantly up, blood pressure great and stable, weight is still down and being maintained, hey, I'm feeling pretty damn good too. Right now, it looks like a full recovery. I actually feel about as good as I did 20 years ago. The doctor is very impressed with how I have handled this transition in my life. The fact is, when you suffer a heart-attack, your whole life really does turn upside down. I wasn't sure I could change with the changes. I really didn't. I loved my life pre-heart-attack. I was looking forward to living that way for decades to come. And by that way I mean, smoking, drinking, x-box, sex, running around, more sex, and more drinking, smoking, fast-foods, and sex. (Do you see my joy?)

Things couldn't have gotten any better, and they didn't. They got worse. I had a heart-attack! Bye, bye smoking and drinking. I can still run around but not as much and not for as long. (I hope that changes this summer) O_o

As for the sex, well, I have managed to get a few stiffies the past 5 months. It's still the one thing that is going to take a little time because of the trauma my body went through for the stents insertion. The doctor says it's still going to take a little time. Perhaps a few more months. Meanwhile, I have found new ways to fill my time. Things are slowly beginning to get back to normal. I'm beginning to return to some of my old self. I know there are a few people out there who probably wishes I didn't get back to the old me. To those I say, sorry, but I am who I am and that's all I can be. I doubt I will ever go back to smoking. I might have a drink here and there in the future, but that's about it. And once my body gets back to 100 percent, I'm sure the horn-dog in me will return also. I have always had a very strong sex drive. Too strong, many would say.

Anyhow, my next doctors appointment isn't for six months so, that should about tell you how great I am doing. I will be taking another "echo" in about July, just to make sure there are setbacks for my heart disease. The lack of smoking though is what might be behind the change so much. I CAN BREATHE!

Looking forward to getting back into the studio and I even had plans to do so this weekend (today in fact) however, I have had a few household problems that caused me to cancel - one of which was the heating unit went out and the day it is going to be fixed is actually today. I will reschedule the studio for hopefully later this month or early March.

As for my family problems, my mother and I have somewhat worked out our differences but, as for me and my little sister, not much has changed. I'm still not at a level where I feel comfortable being around her. I miss Caden and the twins but, I have to stand up for myself because nobody else will. It's a rough road.

I'm just glad I am getting back to the me I used to be. And being the me I never thought I could be. I'm learning more and more about myself and the universe that I don't think I could have ever learned before the heart-attack. I guess this is what they mean when they say you should take something bad and find the silver-lining. (Whomever "they" is.)

Can't wait for Spring and Summer!


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

UFO Files: Extraterrestrial Fears

I could sit and ponder the existence of UFO's all day long. (And sometimes, I do.) Mostly what I think about are the words of theoretical physicist Stephen Hocking, where he warns us about the dangers of earth being discovered by extraterrestrials - comparing such an event to Christopher Columbus landing in the new world that led (eventually) to the demise of so many Native American tribes, only in Mr. Hocking's belief, we would be the Native Americans.

I hear this theory quite a bit from such higher minds than mine. Many carry this notion that if our planet was visited by a higher intelligent species that we would become their slaves or something. That this higher intelligent species would be (or could very well be) somewhat hostile with seedy motives. And I suppose this could be true however, I'm going to have to disagree with this theory on several grounds. The first being that our intelligence as a human race back in the days of Christopher Columbus was far inferior than where we are now. I would like to think that we have learned our own lessons about wiping out an entire race of people. Well, I would hope most of us have learned this lesson. I understand there are still some races of humans who probably believe in genocide. That's scary enough. But it would be my assumption, and hope, that even we, as Americans, have evolved enough to the point where we would respect life, and I'm pretty sure for the most part, we have, that we would never resort to that kind of thing again.

Thinking along those lines of evolution, intelligence, and learning lessons, I'm in the mindset that any being of species who carry the kind of intelligence it would take to conquer space travel from planet to planet, and galaxy to galaxy, would also have learned from their mistakes of the past as well. Part of that is learning that war is not beneficial to anyone and thus, would not be a violent species. This would eliminate the theory of Mr. Hocking that what had happened back in the days of Christopher Columbus would not happen to us in such a historic event. For how ever much we have evolved from the days of Christopher Columbus, surely an extraterrestrial species that can travel through space would be much further along in their evolution as well. And it is my personal belief that the higher the intelligence, the lesser the violence. But that is just my personal belief, others may disagree.

That's not to say that there couldn't be a species of beings out there who wouldn't have a scientific curiosity about us. I'm sure there would be a deep interest for them to study us and our DNA make-up just as we would towards them. From a mental, physical and emotional aspect, they would want to discover what makes us tick just as we would them. If there would be any extraterrestrial fear, that fear would be directed to the fact that we humans are still quite the inferior species. We only use about 10 percent of our brains.  As intelligent as we think we are now, we haven't even scratched the surface of our potential. This would be a fear for them because we are still in our "war" phase as a species. It is more likely that we would want to "destroy" them more than they would want to eliminate us. We are still the violent breed.

 At the same time, I also understand that any being of any kind is biological in its design, and thus, will always be unpredictable because of that. But at their core, I think extraterrestrials would be more peaceful than Mr. Hocking theorizes.

Then again, I also subscribe to the "ancient alien" theory, which means, I believe we have not only been "discovered" but, and more to the truth, we were created from "their" image and or DNA.

It is my belief that we have been visited for tens of thousands of years. The evidence is all around us. The evidence also lives inside our own DNA. Well, that's what I believe anyway. And this would indicate, if true, that these visitors do not have evil intentions towards us, otherwise, we still wouldn't be here. In fact, I believe that these beings are protecting us, and perhaps have been aiding in our development.

I know it falls out there in 'left field', but again, I look all around this planet and I see all kinds of potential evidence that supports my belief. That and personal experience.

 Besides, if it did turn out that any higher intelligent species discovered us and wanted to eliminate us, it wouldn't be that difficult at all, and it certainly wouldn't be in the traditional way of war that we engage in today. Oh, no, they wouldn't even need to declare their presence. All they would have to do is send down viruses and diseases along with an asteroid or two and pretty much, we would be toast. And we wouldn't even know it was "them" who wiped us out.

So, this notion that a more intelligent species would do to us as we did to the Native Americans is really hard for me to swallow. Even if they wanted our resources, they could take them, little by little, without our knowledge. But here's another thing to ponder; there are a lot more planets out there with just as much resources as ours that are not even inhabited. It would be those planets that would be targeted first before any species would target earth, and go to war.

This is why you can cheer up! Aliens are not out to get us, nor would I figure they would be hostile towards us. Evolution should have taught us already that war is not the action of intelligence, but ignorance and stupidity. Any being which believes that death and destruction is progress is clearly not a very intelligent being. Nor is enslaving another race and or species. History has also taught us that this doesn't last very long in the aspects of time. Everything changes and everything evolves. In this evolution comes discovery and lessons that we should never forget. The one thing we have to come to terms with is that war is never the way of progress. Once our planet (and species) as a whole learns this then we will, as a species, be ready to stake our claim to the universe, and live side by side with other species from other planets in other galaxies. Once we can overcome our vanity, and greed, we will overcome our handicaps.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Rising Star: P.J. Vegas

He is the son of Mr. Redbone himself, Pat Vegas. The young man I speak of is P.J. Vegas, a rising star in the world of music.

If you haven't heard of him yet, don't worry, someday you will. (Like now.) But you will also be hearing more of him through the radio and future awards show I'm sure. His talent is too rich and thick to be ignored. His breakthrough is just one more album / song away. And I'm talking about his international breakthrough.

If his bloodlines are any indication, then of course it's a matter of time before this young man is known in all circles. His voice is smooth as peanut butter. Along with his famous and talented father, his late uncle, Lolly Vegas, was also a singer and performer of the 70's hit band, REDBONE, too, just like his father was, and still is. Now his father hosts a radio show every Sunday called "Chance To Have It All" on KCLA radio. (Click here ---> KCLA ) If you can't get through to that link, try this one. (Ipodcast)

P.J. Vegas .... remember the name.