Saturday, December 23, 2017

Merry Christmas Planet Earth 2017






Monday, November 13, 2017

Knowledge Is Power

A few days ago, some people invaded my personal space on Facebook. They left some nasty remarks, and accused me of being a pedophile. For the record, I have no criminal record whatsoever. These people were angry with me because I tweeted that I would vote for a pedophile over a democrat for public office if I ever had to vote between the two. The reason is because I think pedophiles are morally superior than democrats. That's just my opinion. Personally, they both are disgusting to me on many levels. But between the two disgusting evils, democrats and pedophiles, democrats are worse.

Anyhow, I picked out the worst four of the internet bullies. I posted about them over the weekend, and gave them a taste of their own medicine. Wouldn't you know it that they did not like it one little bit. Imagine that! But hey, they threw the first punch so I punched them back.

Turns out, all four of them are nothing but little bitches. They are still running scared of me, and well they should be. I'm a baaaaaaaaaad mother fucker.

It came as no surprise to me though because they are democrats / socialists that are tough guys on the keyboard, but little pussies in real life. That is the very definition of a democrat.

Their names are, John Wall, Jason Kinzer, Hem Martin, and Byron Goobs.

I wanted to take this opportunity to let them know that I decided to take down their posts, of my own accord, because I think, or hope, they learned a lesson about stalking, harassing, bullying, and libeling people on the internet. It can translate real quickly into real life. And for these four pathetic cunts, I hope they have discovered this fact.

I want to let them know that I do have all four of their addresses. In the coming days and weeks, I will learn even more about them. And if I ever see them saying shit about me again, on the internet, or anywhere, then there will not be anymore posts. There will be me knocking on their door instead.

If any of you four ever fuck with me again, there will be hell to pay. And I do mean, HELL! And no, the law will not protect you. Nor any judge. Not even your bitch Jesus or bitch God will be able to protect you from my reach.

So, my advice to them is this, forget you ever knew me. And I will do the same. Otherwise, I will bring every evil in this world and drop it on your doorstep. You got my word. I hope I am making myself clear.

And before you think of attacking someone on the internet again, I want you to think of me. I want you to think of how badly it can blow up in your face. It's one thing to be sitting at home, protected by a computer-screen and playing "tough guy" on the internet, but if you can't man up and say to people's face what you type on your keyboard then maybe you shouldn't type it out to begin with.

As for you, Jason Kinzer, I grew up in Chillicothe. I live right up the road. I still go there to visit friends, family and other business. As long as I don't see any of your tough talk online, you don't have to worry about me showing up at your door, however, if I just so happen to see you on the streets while I am out and about, then all I can say is ..... well, just hope that never happens. Just hope I don't walk up behind you in a checkout line in a store or something. I know your face. I won't forget it.

Might I suggest for all four of you to stop bullying people online. It's obvious you're all four a bunch of democratic pussies. And you all suck at internet bullying. But if you are not man enough to back up your tough talk on the computer in real life, then you might want to just shut the fuck up. The next time you run your fucking little coward mouths off to me, about me, online again, just remember what I said, I will be bringing hell to your world. And you will pay dearly. You and your families. This I promise you.



Sunday, November 12, 2017

Democrats Versus Abortion

About four years ago, or so, I was at a picnic with friends when the topic of conversation at one point became about abortion. A female friend of mine, who was / is a democrat, stated very clearly that she was for abortion. (Obviously). When I said that I thought abortion was nothing more than killing a kid in the womb, she emphatically opposed me. She said that a fetus is not a child.

I responded with the question of, "Well, when does a fetus stop being a fetus and becomes a child?" To which she said, "About six months."

My next question to her was, if it's six months before a fetus becomes a child, then at what point before that does it even become a human being? Is it six months also? Or does that occur before six months?"

She ended her participation in the conversation at that point and time. I respected her wishes and stopped asking her any further questions. In reality, however, I got my answer. But the typical response by a democrat when the questions get a little too tough to deal with, one of their most famous responses, is to just walk away from the conversation. Just like my friend did.

Fast forward a year later. I see her in the grocery store one morning, and she comes up to me with the biggest smile ever. "Hey Carroll, guess what?"

I looked at her, matching her smile and replied, "What?"

"I'm pregnant!" She exclaimed, "Dan and I are finally going have a baby!"

"That is so cool." I told her. We embraced with a short little hug before I asked the obvious next question. "How far along are you?"

"Three weeks." She informed me, while shaking her head in wonder, "I can't believe I'm pregnant with my first child."

I was really so happy for her. "That's just great." I confirmed again, displaying my happiness for her. Then it hit me. "Wait," I stammered, "I'm confused about something."

She looked at me queerly. "Confused about what?"

"You just said you couldn't believe you are pregnant with your first child, right?"

"Well, yes." She answered. "I can't believe it. What's so confusing about that?"

I looked right into her eyes. "Last year at the picnic you told me that a fetus is a fetus until six months, but just now you called your three week fetus, a child. Shouldn't you be happy to be pregnant with your first fetus?"

An exasperated expression consumed her. "Carroll, I am not having this conversation with you again."

"Fine." I said. "But could you at least explain to me why last year a three week fetus was a fetus and now it's a child? Could you just answer me that?"

She brushed me off by saying, "I got to finish shopping, and I have a ton of things to do today. Talk to you later." And off she went.

I pursued the matter no further, and went about my day. That was a few years ago, and while we are still cordial, friendly and civil when we bump into each other, I haven't been invited to anymore picnics. (Although she, Dan, her little boy, and I sometimes end up together at some of our other friends picnics and gatherings).

I know it's because I called her out on her "beliefs". And hey, I don't mind that people have different views and opinions than I, but at least know why you believe what you believe, and don't keep changing the rules of what you believe just to fit your politics. If you don't know why you believe what you believe then at least take a few steps back and evaluate it.

To go from calling a three week pregnancy one day a fetus, to calling it a child a year later, is about as stupid as it gets. But there lies the problem with democrats, they don't know why they believe half the shit they do, they seemingly believe things on the fly. There is no commonsense behind most of what they believe. For example, they want people to stop smoking cigarettes, yet they care not if you smoke weed. In fact, they encourage it. They want to make smoking weed legal to do all across the land, but they will be damned if they will let you smoke cigarettes.

It's like another woman told me once that she believed in abortion because it's legal. And if it's legal then it's okay to do. I then proceeded to ask her that if pedophilia was legal, would it be okay to do? Her answer was an emphatic "NO!". But that only led me to ask her, "Then why is abortion okay because it's legal, but if pedophilia was legal, it's not okay to do?"

I stumped yet another democrat. "Look," I continued, "if killing a child in the womb isn't wrong because it's legal to do, then pedophilia wouldn't really be wrong if it were legal to do, right? I mean, if you defend abortion because it's legal then you would have to defend pedophilia, too, if it were legal. Or have I missed something here?"

That woman also abruptly ended the conversation.

It's okay to have different opinions and views, but if you have an opinion on something, at least be consistent. Democrats tend to think that laws represent morals and values, and that's not exactly true. It doesn't matter that it's okay legally to get an abortion for no good reason, but it's still murder. It's still killing a human being. The fact that it's legal to do it doesn't mean it's not murder.

And yet, democrats on twitter call me a supporter of pedophilia or being a pedophile just because I think a pedophile has higher moral standards than a socialist. (To which in my opinion, the democratic party is a socialist party).

I do think a socialist has higher moral standards than a communist and a terrorist so, they should be happy about that. But just because I would vote for a pedophile over a socialist doesn't mean I support pedophiles. I hate both, pedophiles and democrats. They are both evil.

Still, they get pissed about that and try to tell everyone that they love kids, when in fact they say it's okay to kill them while they're inside the womb - because it's legal. That's how bankrupt their morality is. Then they dare judge me, and everybody else.

It just doesn't make any sense.

They defend abortion with, "A fetus is not a child until six months" one day, then a year later, "I'm three weeks pregnant with my first child."

Just be consistent. That's all I ask. Or is that just a little too much to ask for?


Friday, November 10, 2017

No More Mister Nice Blog

Well, that didn't take long at all. The socialists posting on their little blogs about wonderful, amazing me. I'm touched. I would think they would have more to say about Tucker Carlson or something, but nope, they are talking about little ole me. lol And they're also doing what they do best - lie.

I don't mind that socialists hate me, I wear it as a badge of honor. But when I tweeted many tweets about the fact that I would vote for a pedophile for public office before I would a socialist, well, all hell broke loose. I have had over 20K views on my blog in just a matter of a few hours. But telling lies is a common thing for democrats / socialists and I will show you what I am talking about as I stumbled onto a little blog called, "No More Mister Nice Blog".It's operated by some Rachel Maddow wannabe named, Steve .... or something another.

Anyhow, Steve seems to want to lie to his followers, no doubt a bunch of CNN flunkies. He posted this on his blog.

First off all, I did not delete any of my tweets. Why would I delete any of my tweets and yet write an entire blog post about the tweet and say the same damn thing I said in my tweet? It makes no sense. It's stupid. But Stupid Steve isn't known for his intelligence, or so I hear. Stupid Steve is your typical socialist, fake news / hate news reporting tard. (Yep, he's shooting for a job at CNN)

He then says at the bottom that "I don't hate pedophiles, but I hate Bernie Sanders". Well, Stupid Steve, I never said that, and I challenge you to post any comment of mine that says I don't hate pedophiles. (Nobody hold their breath because that comment does not exist.)

I do hate pedophiles. They are disgusting. I also hate socialists. They are worse than pedophiles. That's my opinion. I am entitled to it. But when I said that pedophiles are slightly better than socialists, well, all the democrats got their butt-wipe feelings hurt. lol I guess democrats hate being trashed on the internet.

But the fun doesn't stop there, kids, check this out. It's a comment from one of his socialist friends, "Mrjonz".

Well, Mrjonz, I finally hunted down the damn SOB who named me Carroll. Turns out, it was me. I named myself. lol You're such a dumb-ass. lol

You see folks, when democrats / socialists can't debate you on the issues, they resort to childish tactics like calling you names, (poopy-face is one of my favorites) and they attack your work, your songs, your poems, your books. It's all they got. Bullying people on the internet, and stalking them, lying about them, this is exactly why I think pedophiles are better than socialists when it comes to the scum barrel. Take a look for yourself below.

I said I retired in my late thirties, not at 30. (Told you these people are brainless / liars.) lol

You see, they are not even trying to convince me they are better than pedophiles. And Stupid Steve also posted some snippets of my poetry, too. Like posting a few snippets from a few poems of over 1,200 poems I have written is gonna be a good example of anything.  But like I said, attacking and bullying people you don't even know, and lying about them is all these democrats / socialists got. It's just their intelligence level.

But I can assure you all that I do not / did not delete anything I say, tweet or post. I stand behind my disdain / hate of socialists. I do not condone or endorse pedophilia / pedophiles, that wasn't said in any of my tweets. I think pedophiles are disgusting people and quite frankly, deserve the death penalty when caught. But socialists are disgusting, too. Both types of people are evil as evil can be. But between those two evils, if I had to choose between them and or vote for one or the other, and it's the only choice I have, then yes, if I had to pick one, I would pick / vote for the pedophile. They are the lesser of the two evils.

Nothing is more evil on this planet than a socialist, terrorist, communist, fascist. I stand behind that statement, and I delete NOTHING! lol

Here's an idea, Stupid Steve, stop your damn lying, boy. If you and your tards want to trash me, then fine, trash me, but at least tell the fucking truth. lol You fake news, lying little shit-hole. lol

Democrats Versus Pedophiles

So, recently I posted a tweet on Twitter that said "I would rather vote for a pedophile over a democrat." And the whole liberal Twitter world lit themselves on fire. lol I mean, I am talking over a thousand responses under 30 minutes and I think they are still responding. lol

The whole premise of my remark was in the context of "if I had to choose between one or the other" for public office then I would choose the pedophile over the socialist because there should never be a socialist holding public office in a free country like America. America is home of the free and not home of the socialist. And pretty much, the only things I hate in life are socialists, communists, terrorists, and fascists. You get the picture.

Now, all of these nut jobs on the left are having mental breakdowns and of course, spreading the lie that I am a republican and represent the GOP. I am not a republican and I do not represent the GOP.


I can't be a republican because I do not believe in god. I can't be a democrat because I am not a POS socialist. So, all I can be is an Independent. Actually, I also subscribe to the "Ancient Alien" theory, too.

Some of these left wing nut-jobs are also saying that I support child molestation. This is not true, and I never did say that. All I said was that if I had to choose between a pedophile or a democrat / socialist, that I would vote for the pedophile.

It doesn't mean I support child molestation nor that I even support pedophiles. If you give me a choice between voting for a murderer and a democrat then I would vote for the murderer. Anything is better than voting for a socialist. I would never, ever, under any circumstance, vote for a democrat. PERIOD!

But the "pedophile" in question here hasn't even been charged with any crime, much less convicted so, it's probably not even correct to call him a pedophile. Yet.

Of course, we are talking about Alabama senator Roy Moore. And my point was / is simple: If I have to choose one or the other, Moore or a democrat, then I would vote for Moore because anything and anyone is better than a democrat. (Because democrats are socialists.) And I refuse to vote for socialists. (Bill Clinton was the last socialist I ever voted for .... and so far, as my knowledge, the only rapist I ever voted for.)

Anyhow, now these butt-wipe liberals are calling for my Twitter account to be deleted. And that I should be ashamed of myself. Yeah, like I am going to take etiquette lessons from a dirty, filthy socialist. lol

I am not surprised though. This is how we have come to expect democrats to behave. They have a built-in "bully" gene that allows them to attack people at will on the internet. They also carry a "hate" gene that scientists have yet to explain. Their hypocrisy is unmatched. But that is the way of socialists. It's very well documented throughout our history.

Their lies are constant, and their evil is only equal to that of an ISIS terrorist or pretty much any terrorist really. In fact, I have mentioned in an earlier post that it is my belief that democrats are the ISIS of America. They are terrorists. My being attacked by them on Twitter is just another one of those pieces of evidence that proves that they are. The fact that they claim I am a republican and that I said I supported pedophiles is also proof of their evil ways.

I was molested by a female babysitter at age 9. I know what it feels like to go through that. But I choose to not let it define me, nor have I ever allowed it to make me a victim. I accepted it and moved on. But the liberals want people to feel like victims. If you been molested and don't feel like a victim then something must be wrong with you. Well, nothing is wrong with me. I am fine.

More importantly, the best thing about me that I can say is, I am not a socialist. I am an Independent voter that refuses to accept socialism. Maybe that's why the left is so pissed. Because the great Carroll Bryant refuses to buy into their lies, hate, violence, and stupidity. Then again, anyone who refuses their evil philosophy is classified as "Conservative" I guess. It would make sense. Democrats are not intelligent enough to understand that not everyone embraces their crap. Some of us actually do have high moral standards, and one of those standards is not to lie. But not siding with democrats doesn't make one "conservative".

I think pedophiles, murderers, rapists, women beaters, gay and lesbian bashers, are disgusting and repulsive people. But all of them are much better than a socialist. Than a democrat. And if the only choices you are going to give me to vote for public office in America is between a republican accused of being a pedophile, and not yet charged or convicted of said crime, and a democrat ..... then I choose the accused pedophile. Anything and everything is better than electing a socialist into public office in America.

Maybe a socialist politician is fine for the UK or Australia, or someplace in Europe or something, but a socialist politician in office in the U.S.A. just doesn't make any sense to me.

So, no, I do not support pedophiles, but if I have to pick between a pedophile and a socialist, then yeah, I would pick the pedophile. They are less disgusting than a democrat.

Now you liberals may nurse your butt-hurt whine. lol

Friday, October 27, 2017

Facebook Bans Retired Cop

I have been on Facebook for a long time now. I have seen people say a lot of hateful and dirty things. Hell, I may have said some nasty things, too. Never have I ever seen anyone get banned. Until now.

The damnedest thing is though, the person who got banned was a 76 year old retired cop who has never said a bad thing about anyone. His name is Donald Whitt, and he is a retired Ohio Deputy Sheriff. He finally decided about two months ago to get a laptop computer so he could get on Facebook to keep up with family and friends. He decided to post an old picture of him in his uniform from back in the day and use it as his profile picture. A decision that I believe ended up getting him banned. That, and an article that I posted on my account.

Donald believes there was another culprit involved that led to him getting banned. I wanted to do this post mostly for him in so he could get his side out. When I apologized for the post that led to his getting banned, he simply replied, "It's not your fault, Carroll. The post was fine. It was that guy who responded to my comment. I believe it was him that led to me getting banned."

I also apologized for that, too, because the man in question was a friend of mine as well. Donald told me, "You're not responsible for other people's behavior."

Below is the post in question:

I was merely giving my opinion on this whole NFL players kneeling during the anthem. Donald, being my neighbor, and friend, decided to comment on my post. When he did, he said he never expected someone to attack him in the manner that he got attacked, saying, "I gave my opinion and the next thing I know, some guy by the name of Rick Carufel attacked me and called me a racist murdering pig. The guy doesn't even know me."

I saw that, too. It really got me upset. I know Rick can go off the handle at times, but I was quite surprised by his attack on my friend from out of nowhere. I saw his comment and was shocked. Rick did call him a racist murdering pig. However, by the time Donald and I realized he was banned, and when I decided to post this story, I went back to that post and saw that Rick had edited his comment. This is how it now appears.

The comment is now, "Wrong cop, the problem is trigger happy murdering pigs."
My response below Rick's comment was in reference to the fact that he had called my friend a racist murdering pig. That comment was now gone. Had the current comment been the original comment then I would not have had a problem with it. The current comment is not attacking my friend on a personal level. The original comment was attacking Donald on a personal level.

However, you can clearly see that Rick responded to me. I was agreeing with Donald and what he was trying to say. Rick responded by trying to use the argument that "the crimes of one group do not justify the crimes of another." Calling it "absurd and insane." Yet he has no problem doing it with people / cops as I respond, "So is assuming all cops are murdering pigs." (Which is what he originally called Donald.)

Why is this important to note, that Rick's comment had been changed? Well, the next day, Donald got a FAQ reminder from Facebook. From what I have been told, when someone reports you, Facebook sends those out. But who could have reported Donald? And for what did he say or do that warranted being reported? The answer is, he did nothing and said nothing to have been reported. When I asked Donald for his opinion, he hesitated none to say, "I know who reported me. That Rick Carufel guy reported me. To that, I have no doubt."

But that lone action didn't get Donald banned, it was being reported a second time that got him banned. And there lies the mystery. Donald had not made anymore comments on my posts, but did comment on family and friend's posts as well as post his thoughts on his profile account. Somebody had to been secretly stalking him, and then reported something else he posted. In almost every comment Donald ever made, he seemed to always mention the fact that he is a retired cop. I don't know why he does that, but that's what he does. Maybe he's just proud of it or something.

It's still a mystery as to what other post or comment Donald could have made or posted that led to being reported again, but when I explained the personality and character of Rick Carufel, it was all too clear for Donald. "It was either him, or he got one of his bully friends to do it."

For myself, I don't know. I wouldn't put it past Rick to do it because I know he hates police. Rick is very adamant about being a socialist, and he does hang out with internet / Goodreads bullies so it is possible he has picked up their bad habits. But then I consider he changed his original comment and I can only wonder if he did it to cover his tracks before he reported Donald's comment. Again, knowing Rick as well as I do, it wouldn't surprise me.

Donald did show some class when he responded to Rick on my post.

It continues to remain a mystery why Facebook banned the soft spoken, easy going 76 year old retired deputy sheriff who has never said anything bad to or about anyone. There are only two possible scenarios that I can come up with. One is that Donald is right and Rick Carufel had a hand in it, he and his bully friends. Or maybe Facebook just doesn't like cops. Maybe they just decided to ban him because he has a profile picture of him wearing his uniform. Or maybe both possibilities are correct. Either way, I decided to unfriend Rick and block him. It was a tough decision, but I honestly believe he and or his friends are behind this banning of Donald Whitt. I hope I'm wrong, but there are no other possible options. There just aren't. I mean, Donald is an internet / social media novice. He is always calling me up to come over and help him. Hell, I started his Twitter account for him and I don't think he has been back in there since. lol He just doesn't know how ti navigate that computer or internet.  

Anyhow, seeing how Facebook is owned and operated by democrats, as well I'm sure the staff is mostly or all democrats, and democrats are socialists and socialists are evil, well, you know how they are, if democrats can't silence you, they ban you. And as we have been seeing in the real news, Google, Yahoo! and social media in general like Facebook are also cracking down on republicans, and independents like me who do not agree with their socialist agenda.

I hope you get reinstated soon, Donald, although, I wouldn't know why you would want to get back on Facebook again. Then again, you are a forgiving kind of soul. More forgiving than me, I can tell ya. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fake News / Hate News Mainstream Media Rant

Mainstream fake news / hate news media is completely hush-hush about THE REAL RUSSIA COLLUSION between democrats / socialists and Putin.

Millions of dollars funneled into The Clinton Foundation during Hilary's time as Secretary of State while Russia was getting diplomatic favors, which included Obamatard approving the sale of 20% of America's uranium.

That money that was going into The Clinton Foundation was suppose to be made public, but wasn't. Instead, it was covered-up.

The dirty democrats doing what they are accusing Trump of doing, of which zero evidence has yet to be presented.

I'm glad I'm no longer a tax payer, I would be pissed right now at the waste of money put into this democratic scam of Trump / Russia collusion delusion.

And now we have yet another waste of life, socialist congresswoman from Florida politicizing the death of a military hero. One of four hero's that were recently killed in an ambush. Democrats are indeed disgusting, and just as I said once in a blog post, the democrat party is America's ISIS.

They are as soulless as soulless can be. The democrats deserve Hollywood, and Hollywood deserves the democrats. Filth supporting filth. Everything the democrats touch turns to shit. The economy, the education system, Hollywood, music industry, and now, the NFL.

They are the biggest liars I have ever known. They endorse sexual assault, pedophilia, and make sure they keep the black community jobless, uneducated, and dependent on that government cheese.

I have yet to meet a democrat that could even come close to matching the I.Q. of a fat mans wet fart.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Take The Knee For Socialism

Anyone who knows me knows that I served in two military branches in my younger days. I was in the U.S. Army Reserve, and then I went active in the U.S. Navy. I did so because I wanted to preserve freedom for all American citizens. (But not for illegals, just saying).

Anyhow, I also served to preserve the freedom so that stupid people can do stupid things. Which brings us to the latest socialist craze, Taking The Knee. (Or TTK)

TTK started a year ago when the black Tim Tebow, known as Colin Kaepernick, a then quarterback for the San Fransisco 49'ers, took a knee before the game during the playing of our national anthem. He did so just to gain national attention because he sucks at playing quarterback, hence, he is still currently unemployed by the NFL, but he will tell you he did it to bring attention to a social injustice of cops killing black criminals. (The most recent outrage was in St. Louis, Missouri, when in 2011, a cop killed a drug dealer who tried to run over cops with his car while running from an arrest for selling drugs.) I want to make it perfectly clear where I stand, I don't care what color you are, if you sell drugs, then I wish your ass to be dead. I support cops killing all drug dealers across my great nation. I hate drug dealers, rapists, pedophiles, and women / children beaters. All of these people should be shot and killed. Including murderers. (Let's not forget them).

Anyhow, Colin Kaepernick started this TTK crap for attention. He is a fake and a fraud, and I will tell you why. When the moment came for him to make a REAL difference and vote for REAL change, he didn't vote. That told me right there that he was just doing what he was doing for the attention. It also told me he was a fake and a fraud. (The facts speak for themselves).

But now, all across the NFL, and after President Trump spoke out against TTK, the democrats and anti-Trump people decided to use it to show support for socialism. I say this because the only people who are TTKing, are the democrats, and we all know they are the socialist party of America. (They are also the ISIS of America).

That and also, and this is the part I like the best, the socialist liberals / democrats are totally, and completely slapping Colin Kaepernick right in the damn face.

I LOVE IT!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaha

Colin Kaepernick did not kneel for any injustice, and he certainly did not kneel to protest President Trump, so for the idiots who are now TTKing, they are / have destroyed whatever cause Colin Keapernick thought he was kneeling for. The damn socialists got their dirty hands on his "cause" and turned it into Taking The Knee For Socialism.

Again, I love it, and I support this 100%. lol I honestly do support the freedom of the stupid to do stupid things. And you can't get anymore stupid than Taking The Knee For Socialism.

And that's exactly what you are doing when you Take The Knee. (By the way, I do not support socialism, but I support your right and freedom to Take The Knee For Socialism).

Stupid socialists. lol   


Monday, August 14, 2017

Democrats Have Become America's ISIS

The more I watched the events that unfolded in Charlottesville, Virginia, and then again at a Patriot And Prayer event in Seattle, Washington on Sunday, the day after Charlottesville event, the more I was convinced that democrats have become America's ISIS.

The democrat party, along with the mainstream media, has clearly made itself known as socialists. Their words, their actions, their fake news, it's all right there for the whole world to see.

Now, I hate white supremacy groups just as much as the next guy. I hate their evil spew of hate. I also hate black supremacy groups, too. Groups like, Black Lives Matter and The Black Panther Party are just two examples. And while I hear many from the socialist party of liberals complain that President Trump hasn't yet come out and denounce these Nazi hate groups and such, my response is, how many times does he have to denounce them? I mean, he has already come out and denounced them. What I haven't seen yet (or heard) is any democrat coming out and denouncing black supremacy groups like The Black Panther Party or Black Lives Matter.

I think my biggest question is, why is it okay for liberals / democrats / socialists to protest white supremacist groups and shut down their first amendment rights but it's not okay to do the same for these black supremacist groups? I don't get it.

I hate all supremacy groups, black and white. But I served in the armed forces to protect the rights of all Americans, and all groups, all of their rights that pertain to the first amendment. Even if I don't like it myself. Even if it's hate speech, it's still free speech and it's all protected by the first amendment of the constitution. However, the only people I see trying to take those rights away from others is the left. The democrats. The socialists. The fascists. The ISIS of America.

What democrats fail to see is, they are now the problem in this country. I have watched them, my whole adult life, go from being a cool group of people who had their extremists (just like the republicans had / have theirs) and they had their middle of the road democrats (just like the republicans had / have theirs) and they somehow turned into this massive hate group that are racist as hell, hateful and very violent. Just pure evil. And while the republicans still have their far right nuts, the democrat party itself became their far left nuts. The whole party is far left. There is no democrat left in the middle.

Whenever I see riots taking place in the streets on TV, violence, destruction of property, or people shutting down others first amendment rights, it's always the democrats doing it. They are always right there in the thick of things, damaging this country. Every time I hear someone say they want to blow up the White House and or burn it down and or kill the president and or his family, it's always the democrats saying it. I have never heard a republican say it except for maybe Ted Nugent or something, but he also quickly apologized. The point is, all of the terrorism taking place in America is done by either ISIS or the democrats.

Which is how I came to the conclusion that democrats have now become America's ISIS.

The democrat party has transformed itself into their very own racist / hate group. And it now appears that they are attacking all other hate groups that are far right in an effort to shut them down yet, they allow their hate groups to continue spewing their hate, and violence. It's almost like they (the democrats) want to be the only legal racist / hate group in America.

That is not why I served in the military. I served in so that all hate groups had the right to spew their hate. I will stand by that statement, too. Even though I do not care for their message.

I'm pretty sure that George Soros, and people like him, are behind these vicious attacks and hate coming from the left. That is so sad. So pathetic. I can't wait until that old socialist / fascist scumbag dies. I really can't. Because the only thing I hate in this world is communists, socialists, terrorists and fascists. So basically, that would mean I hate the far right, and the entire democrat party / democrats.

As an Independent voter, I have also concluded that our next democrat president will turn America into the new Venezuela. I honestly do. If Hillary was president right now, unemployment would be about 10% or worse. Our GDP would have been 1.5% or something instead of the 2.6% in the second quarter of 2017, under President Trump. It's funny how Obama never had a GDP quarter in his entire eight years that was 2.5%

Socialism / fascism does not work. It's about time the democrats learn this. The sooner, the better. But two things are for certain, America can't handle another democrat president and .... if there ever is another democrat president, I hope I am dead.

Oh, and a third thing ..... democrats have become America's ISIS.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Carroll's Journey: Time Marches On

Said goodbye to an old friend today. And time marches on.

It's been another crazy summer. One filled with everything you can think of. Ups, downs, side to side, wax on and wax off. You name it. And to think, we still have roughly six more weeks left before football kicks off. It ain't over yet. 

My goddaughter is coming over tomorrow to stay for a while during fair time. She will kick things off by spending Thursday night with her friend down the street. I hear they are having a sleep over event for the weekend. However, on Friday afternoon, her and her friend, along with a few others, will be coming to my place to A) Me escort them to the opening day of the fair across the street, and B) They will be spending Friday night, and Saturday night with me. And yes, I am to escort them again on Saturday and Sunday to the fair. lol Lucky me. 

On Sunday night, the mothers and or fathers will be coming to pick them up and take them back home, meanwhile, it will be Kelly and I for the next 10 ten days. I will be taking her with me to Iowa during that time also for a couple of days. She loves to travel. "Anything to get out of Piketon for a while." She says. Haha 

Then she will start preparing for the start of her high school career. She is so excited. I'm excited for her. I told her, "These will be the best four years of your life. Unfortunately, it won't be until you're forty years old before you realize this." 

Time. Marches. On.

This summer began with Kelly and I going to the beach to ride a Ferris wheel. What a week that was. Then a weekend of camping in which I dreaded. First of all, God created houses, electric and air conditioning. Use them! Secondly, I was in a huge tent with Kelly's brother, Boomer, and he and I shared that tent with Kelly and two of her female cousins and three tiny dogs. All told, there was 15 of us. Four tents total, a big RV and a small camper. There were a total of four dogs. I mean, it was fun, sort of, but too many people for me. And too hot also. But I survived the two nights, three days event and was sooooooooooooo happy to get back home. 

I finally broke down and talked to my mother over the phone a few times. After a year of not speaking to her or my younger sister, I just wanted to catch up a little and maybe open that door a little and see what happens. Turns out nothing happened, and it's been a couple of months since we last spoke. Just for the record, love is not all you need for a relationship of any kind. It takes trust and respect, too. It's just too bad that there is a huge lack of those two things between my mother, little sister and I. Because of this, it appears we are no longer family. But all is not lost because I still have Kelly, her brother, her mother and dad. I also have my brothers Dave in Iowa, and Ted in Chillicothe.

My health was looking a bit gloomy at the beginning of the summer, but now feels like I am taking a turn for the better. So that's something positive. And no matter what happens from here on, I still have my optimism for a better future. Kelly keeps me on my toes and certainly keeps things interesting. last week she mentioned something about maybe trying out for cheerleading. 


Time marches on. 


Monday, July 10, 2017

Spectrum: Worst Cable Company Ever!

So there I was living life as normal and minding my own business when in the month of March my Cable bill arrived in the mail. It was a little more than what I expected so when I got some time, I decided to call them and inquire about it.

The company is Spectrum. Formerly known as Time-Warner Cable. They were awesome. They were great. They were the best. (TWC that is). I had never had any problems with TWC for the ten years I had them when I first moved into this town. In return, I was never late on a payment. Not once. Always on time and always paid in full.

So when I called, I had no reason to expect that this was going to be the start of me getting greased in bum.

The guy on the phone explained my bill to me and said that one of my promotions expired which is why the bill was higher than usual. As we continued talking, he soon offered me another deal. He said he would cancel my other two promotions and give me a new deal for my internet / phone / cable. When he gave me the new price, I accepted. It was a good deal.

One month later, my bill came in and it was twice the amount that I was quoted a month earlier. Obviously, I called them up to straighten things up. I was now told that the deal I was given the previous month was not a "real deal". That deal never existed. I couldn't believe it! They went back on their word! They gave me a deal then took it right away from me.


Worst of all, they were not offering me any new deals. There was no way I was going to pay that amount on that bill. I never agreed to pay what they were charging me. I got so furious that I decided to contact the office of my State Attorney General, Mike DeWine.

After filing a complaint, I was advised by them to try and make contact with Spectrum again and get the issue resolved if at all possible. It was a Friday and they said if no resolution could be found then they would pick up the matter on Monday. So the next day, on Saturday, I reached out to Spectrum. I ended up talking to a supervisor and I explained that while no such promotion was taking place that justified the deal I was offered the previous month, the fact still remained that a customer service rep did indeed offer me that deal and I accepted on good faith. I felt it was the responsibility of the company to honor that deal. If they had a problem with it, they should address the individual who offered me that deal.

We spoke for a good solid hour or more before we came to a resolution. That current bill would be slashed to honor the price I was offered, but going forward I would be allowed to renegotiate a new deal, or disconnect my service. I really didn't want to do it because I felt they should honor their word, but I caved in because I didn't want to make a big issue of it and after all, I'm a pretty nice guy. (I hate that about myself).

The new deal only included phone and cable. They couldn't (or wouldn't) offer me anything good with internet so I turned to another company for my internet needs. No problem.

Ever since, I have been getting offers from Spectrum in the mail for a low price on internet. But I already have a new internet provider. One who came through for me when Spectrum went back on their word and then let me down by not being able to offer me this internet deal when we renegotiated the previous month. Anyhow, I just been throwing those mailers away. I am loyal to those who are loyal to me. Spectrum was not going to be loyal so, you know, I was sticking with my new internet provider.

So with this new "deal" with Spectrum, I was sent a channel box, remote and some cables. I was going from about 50 channels to 114 or so. Turned out that about 45 of those "new" channels were just a replica of other channels I already had. So great, now I got two Disney channels that always show the same shows at the same time. (And so on and so forth).

Not such a great deal after all, right?

I sucked it up and carried on. But there was a slight problem. It would seem when I wanted to change channels, it took this channel box / system about 3 to 5 seconds to go from one channel to the next.


Channel surfing hell if you ask me. Even if I was on channel 5 and I wanted to check out channel 26, it took 3-5 seconds every time to change. What a drag. But I carried on without another peep.

And when the electric would cut out during a storm for a few minutes or whatever, this box takes like 20 to 30 minutes to "reboot". During this time you can't watch anything on the TV. 

Fast forward to this past Saturday morning. Around 5:30AM. Suddenly, and without warning, my remote was no longer able to change the channels on the box. Nor would the volume adjust work. It couldn't function anything. It was like the remote was dead or something. I tried different batteries but it still wouldn't work. Was it the remote? Was it the box? ..... I didn't know. So I called Spectrum.

After more than an hour trying to resolve the issue, the rep finally said she would put in an order request and I would get a call back around 9AM or so. And sure enough, I did. A different rep called me and informed me that a tech could come out as early as Monday morning between 10AM and 11AM.

What? Are you serious? A wonderful customer like me has to wait 55 hours before a tech can fix my problem? You mean to tell me that I have to go without TV for 55 freaking hours? This is 2017 for Christ's sake and you're telling me that I have to wait 55 hours for a tech?

I quickly refused by telling the lady that if it's going to take 55 hours before my problem can be fixed that she need not worry about fixing it and just send someone out to pick up their equipment because I could fix the problem myself (which I did) inside of an hour and I wouldn't be needing their useless and crappy junk equipment. If that is how they thought of me as a customer then I no longer want to be a good customer for them.

I fixed the problem. I got my cable back without the box. Sure, I'm back to about 50 channels again, but I got the cable I had before the box, back. And sure enough, the tech arrived on Monday morning. He didn't come there to pick up the equipment though, as I requested, he arrived to fix my problem. I told him I didn't want my problem fixed because I already fixed the problem. I just wanted him to collect the equipment. He refused. He said he didn't have a work order to pick up any equipment so therefor, he couldn't pick it up. But he sure as hell wasn't going to fix my problem because 1) I fixed it myself. And 2) The power was out in my area at the time due to a bad transformer so even if I allowed him inside, he still couldn't have fixed anything with the power outage.

When power was finally restored, I called Spectrum and told them they could pick up their equipment. I told them they could pick it up within the next 55 hours, the same time it took them to "service" me. I thought / think that was fair. I told them if they didn't pick it up within the next 55 hours, then I was tossing it in the garbage, where it belongs. So what did they do? They scheduled a pick up for the 20th of July.

I now have the feeling that even if they pick up their equipment, there is a good chance they might try to continue screwing me over because there is a problem with the remote and or the channel box, hence my need to call them in the first place. But they may try and charge me for their broken equipment so, and I just thought of this now as I'm writing, I am going to cancel the equipment pick up order and change it to a "repair" order. Let the tech come and fix my problem, since I'm still a paying customer, then when he leaves, take the box off the TV, place it in a bag and then call for a pick up order. That way, they will get a working box and remote, as I'm unsure why the current remote / box stopped working in the first place.

It's also another way to be a pain in their ass at the same time. lol So I tell you what, stay tuned for a follow up post regarding Spectrum: Worst Cable Company Ever! LMAO

Update: I called and cancelled the equipment pick-up. Turns out they thought by requesting them to pick up the box and remote that I wanted to disconnect my services. That's not what my intentions were / are at all. I did reschedule for a tech to come out and fix the original problem. My plan is, once he does that, and leaves, I will disassemble the box and either put it away somewhere or call Spectrum up on the following Monday and explain to them that I still want them to pick up their equipment, but I don't want to disconnect. I will also request the monthly rental of the equipment be subtracted from my bill. If they refuse, then another complaint I shall file with my State Attorney General. I don't know how it is in other states, but here in Ohio, you don't pay for anything you don't receive. And no one can force you to use "their" equipment or product. This may be how I get them. I will wait and see how many bills they charge me for the equipment - up to about three bills - then report them. But I will call Spectrum in between it all to try and get them to remove the fee voluntarily.

Stay tuned. 


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

California Gas Tax

California announces that it will be raising state gasoline tax by .12 cents a gallon to take in an extra 5B dollars a year to help fix their infrastructure / highways.

Isn't that what they said the last time they raised the gasoline tax? And did those roads / highways / infrastructure get repaired? .... No, they did not. So, what makes anyone think they will use this 5B a year to repair infrastructure?

Know what I think? I think 2B of the first 5B is going to go to Paris Climate Deal. That's what I think. The rest will end up in the hands of crooked politicians and their cronies. Or maybe going into election / re-election campaigns.

Californians will be lucky if even 1B dollars finds its way into the infrastructure project.

That's what I think. 
California has the worst financial situation than probably any other state in the Union. Their situation is so bad that most of the money they get from this gas tax hike is going to go to other needs. Just like it did the last time, and continues to this day. It almost makes me feel bad for the people of California. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Democrat Leaders, Media, To Blame For Va. Park Shooting

In the early morning hours of Wednesday, June 14th, 2017, a lone shooter took target practice on a group of republican senators as they practiced for an upcoming baseball game against their democratic rivals in Alexandria, Virginia.

As reports start coming in, we learn that the shooter, name purposely withheld, was into politics and apparently, anti-Trump / republicans. It turns out, he was really against the proposed tax cuts being offered up by President Trump and the republicans. In other words, he appears, to me, to be just another crazy liberal with an ax to grind.

You may not hear this from the mainstream media or any of the democratic leaders such as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Bernie  Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and the like because they are too busy defending their socialist narrative and socialist agenda. But it is these people that I blame for this shooting incident.

I'll explain why. But first, I predicted that this was going to happen. That there was a storm brewing in the form of another "civil war" only, this one would be democrats versus republicans. I also predicted that between 2017 and 2020, this war would escalate from verbal bashing and simple assault to attempted murder and murder itself. I said that this would be a war that would spill real blood out onto our streets. It is my belief that this shooting in Alexandria, Virginia is either the first shot / battle of this war or ... the incident that knocks some sense into our democratic leaders and mainstream liberal media.

Fortunately, nobody has been killed in this incident except for the shooter himself. But three others, House Majority WHIP, Rep. Steve Scalise, and two others, including one police officer, were shot but expected to survive their wounds.

But I digress to the main point of this post. I do blame democratic leaders and the mainstream media for this shooting. I blame the democratic leaders because of their refusal to condemn the protests that turn into riots by their followers / supporters. When I watch these episodes unfold on TV in real time, people destroying buildings and other property, violent assaults acted out by liberal males against elderly and or females that are Trump supporters, and when I see fires being started in the streets by these liberal thugs, and the democratic leaders remain silent, then it's like they themselves are condoning this barbaric behavior.

When these democratic leaders do not speak out against these college students shutting down the republicans when they are scheduled to speak at universities, and deny these people their right to exercise free speech, then it becomes worrisome, and quite bothersome to me. And these leaders, by their silence, are encouraging this kind of anti-American activity.

When the Hollywood socialists come out with their hate speech and rhetoric, calling for the death of our President, and / or his family, and the destruction of the White House, like I have heard come from the mouths and actions of socialist scumbags such as Madonna, Ashley Judd, Kathy Griffin, Whoopi Goldberg, Stephen Colbert, and others, and the democratic leaders do not come out and condemn this type of hate speech, then they are supporting it and it leads to what we saw in Alexandria, Virginia.

I also blame the mainstream socialist media for the constant silence to these un-American rhetoric and actions. To the fact they refuse to cover much of these events and call them for what they really are. A protest is not a protest if the protestors end up rioting. Or they go along with the democratic narrative. It's disgusting, and needs to stop. But because of the mainstream media colluding with the democratic party, we now have fascism in America. This fascism / socialist behavior is not only destroying this country, but it's now starting to bring out the really nutty crazy people like this shooter in Alexandria, Virginia, and it's now going to start costing Americans their lives.

When leaders and the media stop defending the first and second amendments, then all hell will break loose. You have to stand up against violence, and hate speech, especially if it's coming from your own party. When democratic leaders (and republican leaders) start turning a blind eye to the evil of their own parties, then eventually, a bloody war will erupt. And if the democratic leaders and the mainstream media continue to go down the silent, and fake news road they are traveling then more horrific shootings are in our future as a country. Pretty soon, more nut-jobs will be coming out of the woodwork on both sides. More people will get shot. More people will get killed.

So I am calling on democratic leaders and the mainstream media to stop all of their nonsense. To stop with their intolerance. To stand up against the hate and violence, coming from their followers and supporters. To stand up against these Hollywood socialists that are throwing fuel on the fire of hate and intolerance. And for the mainstream media to stop with the fake news. And once and for all, stop it with these stupid witch hunts. Because when I see this shooting, I see the future of America. Not just ISIS attacks, but Americans attacking Americans. Democrats versus republicans. I see another "civil war" brewing on the horizon. And if our political leaders and mainstream media do not change their ways and change them quick, many will be hurt and killed in this stupid battle.

As an Independent voter, I will go on record now and say, if it does come down to democrats versus republicans bloody civil war on the streets, I will be fighting with republicans. I will stand up against socialism in its liberal form.

Just saying.

But here's hoping our leaders will get the point. And change their nasty and hateful ways. ALL OF THEM!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Physical Phenomenon - By Carroll Bryant


You say you always think about me
You know I always think about you
Let's face it, there's no way around it
We spark down lovers avenue

We get in close and it's hard to believe
It gets so difficult for us to even breathe 

Your touch
My touch
Hearts explode from this physical phenomenon 

We kiss
It's too much
Hearts explode from this physical phenomenon 

You feel the feeling all the way
You know I feel it every bit and all the same
It's so electric as it shocks the soul
It's so easy to get used to the happy pain

We hold it close for the fun and the thrill
Setting each other up for some kind of sexy kill

Your touch
My touch
Hearts explode from this physical phenomenon 

We kiss
It's too much
Hearts explode from this physical phenomenon

There's no other way to say it
Maybe in love is what is true
There's no other way to play it
You're in it for me
I'm in it for you, too

You say you always think about me
You know I always think about you
Let's face it, there's no way around it
We spark down lovers avenue

We get in close and it's hard to believe
It gets so difficult for us to even breathe

Your touch
My touch
Hearts explode from this physical phenomenon 

We kiss
It's too much
Hearts explode from this physical phenomenon

Your touch
My touch
Hearts explode from this physical phenomenon 

We kiss
It's too much
Hearts explode from this physical phenomenon

I'm getting too old for this physical phenomenon

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Oracle Of Delphi (The Pythia) - By Carroll Bryant


You're like a dream wrapped inside of a mystery
The power of love that eludes you
Escapes me

The air is so thick and dry
The morning finally arrives
I see you standing there
A princess of the world without a care
Loneliness in your eyes

You carry the torch that makes men cry
And fall to their knees
Like the Oracle of Delphi
So much thunder and lightning from the sky
And filling their needs
Like the Oracle of Delphi

The taste of The Pythia is as sour as the dust that blows in the wind
No heart beats to the thought of you
Punish them

The language we speak is far and forgotten
The knowledge we seek smells so rotten
I see you standing there
A muse to the world without a care
Confusion and the lies

You carry the torch that makes men cry
And fall to their knees
Like the Oracle of Delphi
So much thunder and lightning from the sky
And filling their needs
Like the Oracle of Delphi

You're everything I wanted which is why I ran
Afraid of your kiss and the touch of your hand
Feelings so deep for you, my Diane
Falling for the scent of your precious skin

I see you standing there
A princess of the world without a care
Loneliness in your eyes

You carry the torch that makes men cry
And fall to their knees
Like the Oracle of Delphi
So much thunder and lightning from the sky
And filling their needs
Like the Oracle of Delphi

You carry the torch that makes men cry
And fall to their knees
Like the Oracle of Delphi
So much thunder and lightning from the sky
And filling their needs
Like the Oracle of Delphi

Monday, May 15, 2017

Souls Into Shadows - By Carroll Bryant

SOULS INTO SHADOWS - By Carroll Bryant

They're looking for a body down by the river
Some one died of a broken heart
Took a leap from atop of a bridge
Ripping the world apart

Nobody heard a scream or a yell
Not even a quiet cry out for help
Man or beast, they all find their god
And only time can tell

Lurking in the darkness, a glimmer of a light
Turning souls into shadows that fade into the night
A madman disease that burns in the fire
A token of desire

It feels like I'm falling, but the drop never ends
It feels like I'm living in the zone where we are friends
Maybe this is the time when I lose my mind

They're searching for something to make them all shiver
They never did find that body by the river
The current surely played a huge part
In ripping up the heart

Hear my scream, hear my yell
Listen to the quiet cry out for help
A man of beast suddenly finds his god
At the bottom of her hell

Lurking in the darkness, a glimmer of a light
Turning souls into shadows that fade into the night
A madman disease that burns in the fire
A lost bloom of a flower

It feels like I'm falling, but the drop never ends
It feels like I'm living in the zone where we are friends
Maybe this is the time when I lose my mind

Maybe this is the night that I lose my mind

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Fantasy Football: 2017

And hello to everyone today. I just got done drafting my eleven teams this past weekend for fantasy football. As you may recall, last year was such a great season for me. I played 16 teams and all of them made their league playoffs. Thirteen of those teams went on to play in their league championship game and twelve of those teams won their league championship.

Do I expect to repeat that this year? No. I actually don't. And yet, I do. lol

What I mean is, in my heart, I always expect to win, but in reality, well, you know how it goes. You can't win all the time. It would be nice though to do as well again this year as last year. That would be nice. Anyhow, I played a record 16 teams last season and this season, I decided to just go with eleven. I was just going to play ten, but then I figured I wanted to play one of my new teams from last year and I decided on Dak Dynasty, seeing how I am a Dallas Cowboys fan and for as long as Dak Prescott is their quarterback, I will play the Dak Dynasty team. But once he is traded, resigns with another team or retires, I will retire the Dak Dynasty team.

Lets take a look at this years teams!

 I always open every year of Fantasy Football with drafting Piketon first. They were the first team I ever played (2006). In my first year of playing FF, I played just one team to see how I was going to like it. Of course, I loved it and year two and beyond, I have played more teams in more leagues.

Piketon's career record is 80 -62-1. I have won three championships with them and lost a couple. Their playoff record is 8-3.

 Chillicothe has a career record of 73 -64. I have played in four league championships with them, winning two, the last two years back to back in fact. Their playoff record is, 6 - 4.

Some people have asked why I name my teams after the cities and towns that I do. These are places I have been or lived and they hold a special place in my heart so I honor them in this way. The only teams I have played that I never lived or visited are Utah Cougars and London Tigers. (I played both last season). I played those two teams in honor a couple of friends of mine who live in or near those places.

 Columbus has an amazing record of 81 wins- 41 defeats, and - 1 tie.

I have played in 4 league championship games over the years with the Bandits, but only winning one of them.

Their playoff record is, 5 wins and 5 losses.

 The Kingston Kings are 85-31-1 in their career. I started them in 2008. They have been a kick-ass team in the regular season, but have only played in 3 league championships, winning one (2015).

They have qualified for the playoffs every year except one (2011).

Their post-season record is, 4 - 7.

The Scorpions sport a record of, 85 - 43 - 2.

They have played in 5 league championships over the years, winning 3 of them, including back to back championships the past two years.

With 8 playoff wins and 4 losses in their history, they are one of, if not the most, successful team I play.

 Ohio Wildcats clock in with a record of 90 wins, 45 losses and 2 ties. They have won more regular season games total than any other team. They have also won 4 league championships in their history, which is tops among my teams. They have also played in more championship games than any of my other teams, (7). They also have more playoff wins, too (11).

I first played them in 2007, in Yahoo! leagues before moving them to ESPN in 2014.

 Ross County is 85 - 48 - 3 in their history. They are 2 - 1 in league championship games. They sport a playoff record of 6 wins and 4 losses.

Roswell is 85 - 44 - 1 in their career. They have played in five championship games and won two of them. Their playoff record is, 7 wins and 6 defeats.

They're aliens. They're from outer-space. They are also one of  the teams that won a championship last year.

The Santa Fe Eagles court a career record of 65 wins and 46 losses.

I did not play them in 2014 or 2015.

They have played in three championship games (including last season) and won two of them (including last season).

They are 5 - 3 in their playoff history.

Waverly is 61 - 34 in their history, which spans a mere seven years. In this time, they have accumulated 8 playoff wins and two losses. This includes 5 league championship appearances where they won three of them. The only two years they did not appear in the their league championships were 2012 and 2013. Both of those years they failed to make the playoffs. However, the other five years, they made the playoffs and went on to play in their league championship games. They are my most fickle team.

I started Dak Dynasty last year to honor Dak Prescott, the quarterback of my Dallas Cowboys. I had no idea that he would end up starting the year as the starter and would go on to QB the Cowboys into the playoffs. However, this team also did very well, going 9-4 in the regular season and 2 - 0 in the playoffs, winning their league championship game.

I hope for a repeat this year.

And there you go, the eleven teams I am playing this year in Fantasy Football. I can't wait for the season to start. 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Power Of Orion - By Carroll Bryant

POWER OF ORION - By Carroll Bryant

I'm still receiving messages
Which could only mean I'm still in the loop
I still believe in miracles
I bow to the temple of the moon

I'm not fit to be placed inside your silly little box
My vision can only be seen at the Equinox

I'm not talking about living where there isn't no dying
No need to get Sirius if you're not even trying
Put your faith in the outer-space
Maybe then you will find your place
(In the sun)
Be the one who finds the power of Orion

They still own the deepest thought in my mind
Some would claim that's dangerous, and perhaps a curse
I still partake in the rituals
I bow to the stars of the universe

It's not fair to judge me in the middle of the dark
No one cares to be true to another lonely heart

I'm not talking about living where there isn't no dying
No need to get Sirius if you're not even trying
Put your faith in the outer-space
Maybe then you will find your place
(In the sun)
Be the one who finds the power of Orion

The world's aglow, and don't you know
That some goodness can be found
All through the night, and a meteorite
Can come crashing to the ground
So, you have to be strong if you want to belong
To something greater than yourself

I'm still receiving messages
Which could only mean I'm still in the loop
I still believe in miracles
I bow to the temple of the moon

I'm not talking about living where there isn't no dying
No need to get Sirius if you're not even trying
Put your faith in the outer-space
Maybe then you will find your place
(In the sun)
Be the one who finds the power of Orion

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Heal - By Carroll Bryant

HEAL - By Carroll Bryant

This world is living on the edge
Swallowed up by their poverty
I've never seen them this angry

Their hate refuses to go away
It's in the eyes of those who seek
To burn and riot in the streets

It's the opposition they wish to silence
Not using words, but violence

I have the right to tell you exactly how I feel
But sometimes I forget that 
Your intelligence is limited
Your life is in dire need of a thrill
But sometimes all you really need is to heal

The news is always sad to read
Absorb it from a different view
And it will mean much more to you

Caution is not the way that you take heed
Emotions that are running thin
Don't look now, but here you go again

It's a pain you say that never goes away
Have to find a way to fill the day

You have the right to live before you're killed
But sometimes it's hard to leave
Politics is how you breed
Your mind's controlled by their daily pill
But what you really need is to heal

I often wonder where it's all coming from
George has a lot of cash to throw around

An evil plot by the bloggers is for fun
And everything falls apart without a sound

It can get so unreal

It's the opposition they wish to silence
Not using words, but violence
I have the right to tell you exactly how I feel
But sometimes I forget that 
Your intelligence is limited
Your life is in dire need of a thrill
But sometimes all you really need is to ...

You have the right to live before you're killed
But sometimes it's hard to leave
Politics is how you breed
Your mind's controlled by their daily pill
But what you really need is to heal

Your life is in dire need of a thrill
But sometimes all you need is time
Time to rest a wicked mind
Time to figure out how you really feel
Sometimes all you really need is to be healed

Just to heal