Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Carroll's Journey: Time Marches On

Said goodbye to an old friend today. And time marches on.

It's been another crazy summer. One filled with everything you can think of. Ups, downs, side to side, wax on and wax off. You name it. And to think, we still have roughly six more weeks left before football kicks off. It ain't over yet. 

My goddaughter is coming over tomorrow to stay for a while during fair time. She will kick things off by spending Thursday night with her friend down the street. I hear they are having a sleep over event for the weekend. However, on Friday afternoon, her and her friend, along with a few others, will be coming to my place to A) Me escort them to the opening day of the fair across the street, and B) They will be spending Friday night, and Saturday night with me. And yes, I am to escort them again on Saturday and Sunday to the fair. lol Lucky me. 

On Sunday night, the mothers and or fathers will be coming to pick them up and take them back home, meanwhile, it will be Kelly and I for the next 10 ten days. I will be taking her with me to Iowa during that time also for a couple of days. She loves to travel. "Anything to get out of Piketon for a while." She says. Haha 

Then she will start preparing for the start of her high school career. She is so excited. I'm excited for her. I told her, "These will be the best four years of your life. Unfortunately, it won't be until you're forty years old before you realize this." 

Time. Marches. On.

This summer began with Kelly and I going to the beach to ride a Ferris wheel. What a week that was. Then a weekend of camping in which I dreaded. First of all, God created houses, electric and air conditioning. Use them! Secondly, I was in a huge tent with Kelly's brother, Boomer, and he and I shared that tent with Kelly and two of her female cousins and three tiny dogs. All told, there was 15 of us. Four tents total, a big RV and a small camper. There were a total of four dogs. I mean, it was fun, sort of, but too many people for me. And too hot also. But I survived the two nights, three days event and was sooooooooooooo happy to get back home. 

I finally broke down and talked to my mother over the phone a few times. After a year of not speaking to her or my younger sister, I just wanted to catch up a little and maybe open that door a little and see what happens. Turns out nothing happened, and it's been a couple of months since we last spoke. Just for the record, love is not all you need for a relationship of any kind. It takes trust and respect, too. It's just too bad that there is a huge lack of those two things between my mother, little sister and I. Because of this, it appears we are no longer family. But all is not lost because I still have Kelly, her brother, her mother and dad. I also have my brothers Dave in Iowa, and Ted in Chillicothe.

My health was looking a bit gloomy at the beginning of the summer, but now feels like I am taking a turn for the better. So that's something positive. And no matter what happens from here on, I still have my optimism for a better future. Kelly keeps me on my toes and certainly keeps things interesting. last week she mentioned something about maybe trying out for cheerleading. 


Time marches on. 


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