Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Living In Piketon Ohio: Valentine's Day

It was Valentine's Day, 2007, between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM when I decided to walk to the store. About the time I got to the top of the hill to walk down, on the street, a Piketon police car came zipping up towards me and came to an abrupt stop just feet away. The officer in the car asked, "Do you know anything about a van on the side of the road on 23 heading South?"

I paused momentarily and replied, "No."

I turned to resume my walk when the officer put his car in park and immediately jumped out. "Okay," he somewhat shouted in a loud and obnoxious tone, "let me see some ID."

I stopped and stared the little punk down. "What?" I began to smell a situation.

"I said, show me some ID" The short little shit persisted.

"On what basis?" I responded.

"Because I said so." The little twit replied.

I knew right from the start what this was. It was push back from the officer Radcliffe bullshit. I just kept my eyes looking down at this jerk. "I don't think that's a good enough reason." I told him.

He slowly moved towards the back end of his car. "If you don't," he tried to act tough, "then you and I are going to have a problem."

I slowly nodded my head. "Oh, we already have a problem." I informed him.

"I'm only gonna ask you one more time, show me some ID."

I could see this was just about to get out of hand. I knew he was planning on doing something stupid that would end up forcing me to kick his tiny stupid ass. It was time I took charge of the situation and keep it from getting too much further out of hand. "I reached into my pocket and pulled out my wallet, and then my drivers license. 'Here, you fuckwad, just don't get your jism all over it."

I swiftly tossed it intentionally towards the ground as it dropped in front of his feet. He looked down at it and then at me. "Pick it up and hand it to me."

I stood my ground. "Now that is just not going to happen, bitch. It's your move."

He leaned over and opened his back door and pointed at the back seat. "Pick it up or get in the back and I'll take you to jail."

I nodded and smiled. "Okay, you can take me to jail, but you're still gonna have to bend over and pick it up yourself if you want it." And as I started walking to the back seat, I finished it off with, "Just remember, you as much as touch me for any reason, and shit will hit the mother-fucking fan."

I took my place in the back seat. About ten seconds later, he bent over and picked it up and headed for the front. "Get out!" He shouted, sounding a bit pissed off.

I slowly got out, wearing a smile, and slammed the door shut as hard as I could. He looked back at me from the front. "You're pushing it."

I smiled. "Damn right I am."

He ran a check on my license, but he already knew who I was. Looking at his name tag, he was officer Jenkins. I would later nickname him "Jism Jaws" Jenkins Because of the invisible jizz dripping from his chin. (Wink, wink)

When he pretended he was done, he stepped back out and walked towards the middle of his car. I had slowly walked up towards the front tire. "Everything checks out," he said, "but you might want to do something about your attitude, boy."

I walked a few feet towards him. "If you want," I began, "you could do something about my attitude right now, bitch."

He just stared for a few moments before tossing my license at me and towards the ground, where it landed in front of my feet. "Have a nice day." he said, getting in his car and leaving.

I resumed my walk towards the store and when I entered, low and behold, Jism Jaws was standing at the end of the counter drinking a coffee. I could cut the tension with a knife. I got a few things and made it to counter. There was a couple behind me when officer Jenkins opened his idiotic mouth. "Find everything you need, Carroll?"

I placed my things to the side and motioned for the couple to go ahead of me. I took a few steps towards Jism Jaws. "Oh, so after harassing me, you now want to engage in a conversation, monkey-fuck?"

His face turned a little pale. I don't think he was expecting this. The couple looked in our direction, as did the cashier and the other employee who was putting away cigarettes. "Okay then," I continued, "let's have a conversation. Let me start by asking, how many little boys have you molested? I hear you enjoy the company of little boys around ten years old. Do you get pleasure from them on an orally basis? Do you kiss and lick them on the butt cheeks and anus? And why do you like little ten year old boys? What's up with that?"

His face turned a little more pale before finally turning anger red. I continued with the pedophile talk for a few moments more when he suddenly carried his coffee, and ass, right out of there. "Where you going?" I asked, half-laughingly. "I thought you wanted to converse with me. We'll catch up next time, I promise. And oh, by the way, if you head back towards the hill, look on the ground, I still haven't picked up my drivers license, bitch!" I wrapped it up, watching him get into his car and peeling out. I was laughing the entire time.

The people in the store asked if we were joking or serious. I told it straight. "Oh, I was serious. I hate that mother-fucker. He's a bad cop."

Just to note that, every time I went in the BP station and he was in there, I would walk towards him and ask, "Want to finish our previous conversation, Jism Jaws?"

And every time, he would give me the death look and walk out. It got to the point that any time he saw me coming, he headed in the opposite direction. Except for one night during the fair later that year. Unfortunately, I am not going to tell you that story now. I am saving it for down the road, later on in this series. It's a good one, too. lol

As you can see with officer Radcliffe, and officer "Jism Jaws" Jenkins, these are bad cops. And we also learned about officer Blair as well. I say bad cops because good cops wouldn't have done what these three have. Good cops are more professional. Good cops work for the betterment of their community while these bad cops work for the thrill of violence and bribery. The good cops don't force me to stand up to them because good cops are not bullies. Officers Radcliffe and Jism Jaws Jenkins are bullies with badges. They are bad cops. End of story.

I don't think Jenkins or Radcliffe are currently employed by the township. But I could be wrong.

All my life, since high school, I have stood up to bullies on behalf of those who are weaker. I served in two military branches doing my part to protecting this country and it's freedoms. I did not serve in the military to allow officers like Radcliffe, and Jism Jaws Jenkins to go around and violate the rights of law abiding citizens, myself included.

I also didn't serve to allow bad cops like Piketon police chief, Brock Clemmons to not file charges against the two attackers who jumped me on the evening of December 3rd, 2019, inside a store, behind my back, with a weapon, while holding a bag in each of my hands.

The Piketon Ohio police force motto is the same as the Pike County sheriff's motto, 'To protect and serve those we like'. 

I have no violent past, no criminal history, and I have never had any repeat problems with law enforcement like I have experienced with the Piketon Ohio police department. Oh, sure, I have had a problem here and there with cops in the past, like a couple in Chillicothe, and one in Franklin county, Ohio, but nothing that reached this magnitude. Those other encounters were isolated incidents. This is a repeated occurrence.

I still point to corrupt Mayor, Billy Spencer, as the trend setter for all of this lawlessness.

I will see you next Wednesday for another installment of "Living In Piketon Ohio".

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Living In Piketon Ohio: Black Is Black

I like "Chuck". He's a laid back kind of guy who enjoys the simple things. He works a lot and when he's not working, he's chillin at home and doing his thing and .... staying out of the line of fire. He lights up a Newport when saying, "You don't know how lucky you got it, Carroll."

"How you figure?"

He places the lighter down and draws in some smoke before letting it out to hang in the room. "I get what you're doing," he says, "and I can appreciate that. But if I tried to do what you did, standing up to those good ole' boys, I would be laying in the middle of the street right now with twenty bullet holes in my body and a planted gun by my side."

I could see by the look in his eyes that he was serious. You see, if you haven't already guessed it, Chuck is black. "I remember when I first moved here." he began telling me, "Shit, I thought I hit the mother load. I'm making decent money, I find a nice affordable place to live where it's quiet as mother-fucking Mayberry, you know?"

Do I ever.

He continued. "In the first thirty days I thought I would walk to the local stores around here and become like, a good member of the community. Six times I took a walk and three times, I got stopped by the community action team known as the local police."

"Why did they stop you?" I asked him. He looked down and shook his head. "For being black." He told me, then elaborated. "The first time I was called 'Hey, you', the second time I was called 'boy' and the third time, I was called a nigger."

Now I was shaking my head. "By the same cop?"

"No," he fired back, "three stops by three different cops, but they might as well have been the same cop, they represented the same organization."

"That sucks." I said. Not knowing anything else to say.

"You white boys got it good. I got the message real quick. Now I do all of my shopping, laundry, socializing, you name it, in Waverly, Chillicothe, or Portsmouth."

"Didn't you at least try and contact the Mayor, Billy Spencer?" I questioned. He semi-glared at me. "Really? How did it work out for you?" He rhetorically wondered. "I just did what all black men do when they realie they are in Klans land, keep your mouth shut and keep to yourself."

"You think some of these cops are in the KKK?"

"Dude," he replied, "I don't think it, I know it."

"That is messed up." I mumbled. "I never even thought about color."

"White people never do. Let me ask you something; in the fourteen or fifteen years you lived here, how many black police officers you see on the Piketon police force?"

I took no time in answering. "None."

"And how many black deputy sheriff's you see working for the Pike county sheriff's office?"

Again, I said, "None."

"I rest my case, bro." Chuck gets to his feet. "You wanna beer?"


Look for my next post as I rehash my second encounter with a Piketon police officer.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Living In Piketon Ohio: Pepsi and Doughnuts

Back in August, 2006, I moved to Piketon, Ohio. It seemed like a nice quiet town, but I had no idea that the law enforcement in this place would be so corrupt.

I have spent my life since high school standing up to bullies and punks. I always defended women, children, the elderly and the weak. I always stood up to bad people and evil every chance I got. I used my knowledge of fighting to help others. It was one of the reasons I joined not one, but two military branches.

Within a few months of moving here, I encountered my first bad cop. His name is officer Radcliffe.

Back then, I had a severe problem with a sleep disorder, that would take several years to finally get under control. I would be awake at all hours of the night, often times. For the first few months of living here, I often walked to the local BP station between midnight and five in the morning. Often times, officer Radcliffe would be in the BP when I went there to get a late night snack. He never once came up to me to introduce himself or anything nor did I to him. Still, we never gave each other any trouble, either.

That all changed one early (I think on a Tuesday) morning around 3:00 AM or so when he watched me come down from the hill, walk behind the auto repair shop and behind the ice cream shop, in front of the hardware shop and into the BP station to get a bag of doughnuts and a Pepsi.

He watched me walk out of the BP station, in front of the hardware shop, and behind the ice cream shop and behind the  auto repair shop which is where he snuck up behind me in his car and turned on the lights.

I stopped for a moment and watched this dickhead get out. "You got an ID?" he asked. I had a bag of doughnuts in one hand and a bag with my Pepsi in the other. I rolled my eyes and turned around. "Go fuck yourself." I told him, then proceeded to go my way.

"Stop!" He yelled, "I said, do you have ID?"

I stopped again and turned to face him. "On what grounds?" I asked. He stood there like the fucking idiot he was and still is. "You walked away from me when you saw me coming." He tried to explain his reason for this most unlawful stop. "What?" I gasped, almost laughing at this dumb-fuck. "I was walking back home the same way I walked to the store. Why would I walk away from a monkey fuck like you?"

He stood there for a moment with a stupid look on his face. "I still need to see an ID"

I started to walk towards him, dropping both bags from my hands. "Maybe you need to see my foot up your ass, bitch. If you're trying to pick a fight with me, you're going to get one fucktard."

He backed up a few steps and placed his hand over his gun as if he was prepared to pull it, and shoot. Unfortunately for me, I wasn't carrying that morning. Fortunately for him, I wasn't carrying that morning. And one more thing, I am not Superman. Bullets do not bounce off of me. I also saw the fear in this punks eyes. I knew if I didn't get control of the situation, I was going to have to take his gun away from him when he pulled it and use it against him. Because I try to use violence as a last resort, I calmed the situation down a little. "You know you have no right to stop me. I saw you watching me when I walked to the store. You have no right for what you're doing right now and you know it, bitch."

He simply asked me again for identification and I told him I didn't have it on me because I went to the store and the last time I checked, it wasn't against the law to go to the store. He tried to give me a lecture on carrying my ID at all times to which I told him to kiss my white ass and suck my cock. (Or words to that effect.)

I gave him my name and social and allowed him to call it in. I stared him down the whole time. When everything came back clean, he said I could go. I told him how lucky he was not to have place a finger on me because I had / have every intention to beat his stupid ass into a three month coma. I also informed him I would be filing a complaint against him later that day and, I also told him that I would be carrying my gun with me tomorrow at the same time if he wanted to stop me again.

His stupid face continued to stare at me with confusion. I don't think he could believe what he was witnessing. Someone who is actually standing up to him and his corrupt behavior.

Later that morning, I did make my way to the station and I did file a complaint and I did get to talk to chief  Nelson.  Not that it did any good. It turned out that chief Nelson was a dumb-fuck crook, too.

Anyhow, the next evening / early morning I went for a little stroll. I didn't go to the store, I just walked around, loitering in front of officer Radcliffe, who was sitting in his car observing me. I was basically taunting him. I was ready for him tonight. However, he didn't take the bait.

That following morning, around 2:00 AM or so, I did go to the store again. And yes, I was armed. The clerk told me that officer Radcliffe had come in the previous morning and asked her to file a fake complaint against me in so he could come to my place and arrest me.  She said that she couldn't do something like that and declined. I told her she should have gone through with it because the moment he would have knocked on my door, I would have shot his stupid ass through the window. And I would have.

I went back down to the station later that day and filed another complaint. I was in luck as officer Radcliffe and chief Nelson were there. I gave them a verbal bashing like I never gave before in my life. I called them every name in the book and names that were never in the book. They argfued back as well, but I was the loudest.

When the dust settled, I ultimately told them both that if they ever want to come up and arrest me, they needn't to have any reason or excuse, just come .... and I would make sure to make them good cops.

That entire encounter was about as nasty as could be. The only thing I knew for sure was, they were really bad seeds. I then tried to reach out to Mayor Bill Spencer but as you will learn in this series, the Mayor is probably more corrupt than his shit-hole cops.

But that was my first experience with these evil assholes, and soon, you will learn of my second encounter. Meanwhile, in my next post, you will get to know "Chuck" and hear his story. It's something you didn't see coming, and yet, you probably should have. lol See you then.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Living In Piketon, Ohio: Targeted

"Adam" is someone who is just trying to make their way in this world the best way they can. Just like the rest of us. "Adam" is not out to break the law, make trouble or cause harm. So why does "Adam" have a story to tell about the corruption and abuse of the badge in Piketon, Ohio?

In his words:

I jumped into my car one day to go to the post office but as I came to a stop sign, there was an obstruction in the intersection. I basically had no alternative but to stop at the stop sign, even if I wanted to run it, I couldn't without hitting another vehicle.

When the congestion cleared, I made my left hand turn. Moments later, I saw the flashing lights in my rear view mirror. It was officer Blair, a local Piketon police officer.

He approached me and asked for the usual, license, registration, proof of insurance. When I asked what I did, he snapped a little and said. "I'll ask the questions." So I became quiet and that's when he asked me if I was in a hurry or something. I told him, "No." He then went on to ask me why I ran that stop sign. I informed him that I did not run that stop sign. He then asked me if I was calling him a liar. I said no and that maybe he didn't see the obstruction but he said he saw "everything" and I ran the stop sign. He ended up giving me a ticket and I went to court and explained my case, but to no avail.

At that time, as is the current case now, I was on social security. I don't get much. I can barely make ends meet as they are. I make sure I obey all traffic signs, lights and speed because I can't afford a ticket at any time, really. It hurts me financially more than you can imagine.

I know I did not run that stop sign.

I decided to make do as best I could and let it go. I marked it down as just one of those things. However, about three or four months later, it happened again, at a different stop sign, and the same officer. As soon as he told me why he pulled me over, I remember saying, "Come on, man. You know I didn't run that sign."

It was all I could do to keep it together.

He then told me of a way I could avoid the ticket, but I didn't even have enough money in my pocket to pay his asking amount. So, I got the ticket.

I reached out this time to Mayor Billy Spencer, and got no results. I made my case again to the court / judge, and I ended up paying for yet another ticket I did not incur.

This is when I began to wonder if maybe I was being targeted. Two tickets in about six months. It wasn't looking good and now every time I got in my car to go somewhere, I was all paranoid and looking all around me for that cop.

Just as I was able to settle myself down, another three or four months passed when he got me again. Back at the original stop sign. I was at my wits end as he approached yet again. After he wrote that fake ticket up, he said, "If you keep contesting them, I will continue to write them."

I took the hint.

I made no further complaint, nor did I contest it. I simply paid it and went on my way. Fortunately, he hasn't targeted me again since. Nor has any other officer.

Carroll: Why do you think he targeted you originally?

Adam: I don't know. At this point, I don't care. I'm just glad he stopped.

Carroll: Why do you think he stopped?

Adam: I have to take what he said, because I didn't challenge it anymore. I think these Piketon cops, like the Pike County sheriff's office, don't like it when citizens challenge them, or stand up to them.

Carroll's Final Thoughts:

"Adam" is just one person. What he went through might not have been "The Piketon Family Murders", but he still did not deserve to go through what officer Blair put him through. And this was under the watch of Mayor Billy Spencer, who was contacted, and did nothing. This would become a pattern in my research, and he also failed to properly handle my situation as well, as you all will come to see in future postings.

So, shrug it off all you like. What was done to "Adam" was still very wrong in every sense of the word. But as he said, fortunately, it did finally end. Hopefully, it doesn't happen to anyone else in the future.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Living In Piketon, Ohio: The Legacy of Mayor Billy Spencer

Welcome To Piketon Ohio

When I first moved to this town, it didn't take long for  me to discover that this police force was about as crooked as the letter "S". In fact, it was within my first three weeks here when an officer by the name of Ratcliffe singled me out one night and some major shit hit the proverbial fan.

But that was back in the Fall of 2006. Many police officers have gone, come and gone again since then. One thing that has never left was / is the corrupt way many of these officers go about their job. 

Recently, I was attacked by two white trash cowards and despite video evidence showing this cowardly attack, no arrests were made. I will get into more of that later in this series that I like to call, "Living In Piketon Ohio". 

This series I will be posting on my blog will chronicle the shady activities of the Piketon police department under the watch of  Mayor Billy Spencer. 

Not only will I be posting all of my experiences with these buffoons, but I will also be telling you the experiences of other citizens, from their own words, in their dealings with not only the Piketon police department, but also the Pike County sheriff's office. 

I have assured these people that they will remain completely anonymous if they choose. And have even given them the liberty to keep the names of the police officers that they encountered anonymous if they like, to ensure that none of the people coming out to tell me their stories will be targeted for future retaliation by the law enforcement community.

I don't know where this series will take us, so expect the unexpected. And I'm not doing this just for retaliation against those officers who have constantly and continually violated my rights, but I am also doing this to let everyone else see what is going on as well as trying to give other victims an outlet for their frustration at the lack of justice they have suffered in Pike County, Ohio.

So keep checking in every Wednesday for a new story as I am posting them every week.

And if anyone wants to reach out to me with their story, feel free to do so. You will remain anonymous, I promise you.

I think it's only fair to reveal the true legacy of Mayor Billy Spencer. And no matter what, at the very least, that legacy will remain here on the internet forever, long after he, his officers and myself are long gone off this Earth.

At least that's something.