Monday, November 13, 2017

Knowledge Is Power

A few days ago, some people invaded my personal space on Facebook. They left some nasty remarks, and accused me of being a pedophile. For the record, I have no criminal record whatsoever. These people were angry with me because I tweeted that I would vote for a pedophile over a democrat for public office if I ever had to vote between the two. The reason is because I think pedophiles are morally superior than democrats. That's just my opinion. Personally, they both are disgusting to me on many levels. But between the two disgusting evils, democrats and pedophiles, democrats are worse.

Anyhow, I picked out the worst four of the internet bullies. I posted about them over the weekend, and gave them a taste of their own medicine. Wouldn't you know it that they did not like it one little bit. Imagine that! But hey, they threw the first punch so I punched them back.

Turns out, all four of them are nothing but little bitches. They are still running scared of me, and well they should be. I'm a baaaaaaaaaad mother fucker.

It came as no surprise to me though because they are democrats / socialists that are tough guys on the keyboard, but little pussies in real life. That is the very definition of a democrat.

Their names are, John Wall, Jason Kinzer, Hem Martin, and Byron Goobs.

I wanted to take this opportunity to let them know that I decided to take down their posts, of my own accord, because I think, or hope, they learned a lesson about stalking, harassing, bullying, and libeling people on the internet. It can translate real quickly into real life. And for these four pathetic cunts, I hope they have discovered this fact.

I want to let them know that I do have all four of their addresses. In the coming days and weeks, I will learn even more about them. And if I ever see them saying shit about me again, on the internet, or anywhere, then there will not be anymore posts. There will be me knocking on their door instead.

If any of you four ever fuck with me again, there will be hell to pay. And I do mean, HELL! And no, the law will not protect you. Nor any judge. Not even your bitch Jesus or bitch God will be able to protect you from my reach.

So, my advice to them is this, forget you ever knew me. And I will do the same. Otherwise, I will bring every evil in this world and drop it on your doorstep. You got my word. I hope I am making myself clear.

And before you think of attacking someone on the internet again, I want you to think of me. I want you to think of how badly it can blow up in your face. It's one thing to be sitting at home, protected by a computer-screen and playing "tough guy" on the internet, but if you can't man up and say to people's face what you type on your keyboard then maybe you shouldn't type it out to begin with.

As for you, Jason Kinzer, I grew up in Chillicothe. I live right up the road. I still go there to visit friends, family and other business. As long as I don't see any of your tough talk online, you don't have to worry about me showing up at your door, however, if I just so happen to see you on the streets while I am out and about, then all I can say is ..... well, just hope that never happens. Just hope I don't walk up behind you in a checkout line in a store or something. I know your face. I won't forget it.

Might I suggest for all four of you to stop bullying people online. It's obvious you're all four a bunch of democratic pussies. And you all suck at internet bullying. But if you are not man enough to back up your tough talk on the computer in real life, then you might want to just shut the fuck up. The next time you run your fucking little coward mouths off to me, about me, online again, just remember what I said, I will be bringing hell to your world. And you will pay dearly. You and your families. This I promise you.



Sunday, November 12, 2017

Democrats Versus Abortion

About four years ago, or so, I was at a picnic with friends when the topic of conversation at one point became about abortion. A female friend of mine, who was / is a democrat, stated very clearly that she was for abortion. (Obviously). When I said that I thought abortion was nothing more than killing a kid in the womb, she emphatically opposed me. She said that a fetus is not a child.

I responded with the question of, "Well, when does a fetus stop being a fetus and becomes a child?" To which she said, "About six months."

My next question to her was, if it's six months before a fetus becomes a child, then at what point before that does it even become a human being? Is it six months also? Or does that occur before six months?"

She ended her participation in the conversation at that point and time. I respected her wishes and stopped asking her any further questions. In reality, however, I got my answer. But the typical response by a democrat when the questions get a little too tough to deal with, one of their most famous responses, is to just walk away from the conversation. Just like my friend did.

Fast forward a year later. I see her in the grocery store one morning, and she comes up to me with the biggest smile ever. "Hey Carroll, guess what?"

I looked at her, matching her smile and replied, "What?"

"I'm pregnant!" She exclaimed, "Dan and I are finally going have a baby!"

"That is so cool." I told her. We embraced with a short little hug before I asked the obvious next question. "How far along are you?"

"Three weeks." She informed me, while shaking her head in wonder, "I can't believe I'm pregnant with my first child."

I was really so happy for her. "That's just great." I confirmed again, displaying my happiness for her. Then it hit me. "Wait," I stammered, "I'm confused about something."

She looked at me queerly. "Confused about what?"

"You just said you couldn't believe you are pregnant with your first child, right?"

"Well, yes." She answered. "I can't believe it. What's so confusing about that?"

I looked right into her eyes. "Last year at the picnic you told me that a fetus is a fetus until six months, but just now you called your three week fetus, a child. Shouldn't you be happy to be pregnant with your first fetus?"

An exasperated expression consumed her. "Carroll, I am not having this conversation with you again."

"Fine." I said. "But could you at least explain to me why last year a three week fetus was a fetus and now it's a child? Could you just answer me that?"

She brushed me off by saying, "I got to finish shopping, and I have a ton of things to do today. Talk to you later." And off she went.

I pursued the matter no further, and went about my day. That was a few years ago, and while we are still cordial, friendly and civil when we bump into each other, I haven't been invited to anymore picnics. (Although she, Dan, her little boy, and I sometimes end up together at some of our other friends picnics and gatherings).

I know it's because I called her out on her "beliefs". And hey, I don't mind that people have different views and opinions than I, but at least know why you believe what you believe, and don't keep changing the rules of what you believe just to fit your politics. If you don't know why you believe what you believe then at least take a few steps back and evaluate it.

To go from calling a three week pregnancy one day a fetus, to calling it a child a year later, is about as stupid as it gets. But there lies the problem with democrats, they don't know why they believe half the shit they do, they seemingly believe things on the fly. There is no commonsense behind most of what they believe. For example, they want people to stop smoking cigarettes, yet they care not if you smoke weed. In fact, they encourage it. They want to make smoking weed legal to do all across the land, but they will be damned if they will let you smoke cigarettes.

It's like another woman told me once that she believed in abortion because it's legal. And if it's legal then it's okay to do. I then proceeded to ask her that if pedophilia was legal, would it be okay to do? Her answer was an emphatic "NO!". But that only led me to ask her, "Then why is abortion okay because it's legal, but if pedophilia was legal, it's not okay to do?"

I stumped yet another democrat. "Look," I continued, "if killing a child in the womb isn't wrong because it's legal to do, then pedophilia wouldn't really be wrong if it were legal to do, right? I mean, if you defend abortion because it's legal then you would have to defend pedophilia, too, if it were legal. Or have I missed something here?"

That woman also abruptly ended the conversation.

It's okay to have different opinions and views, but if you have an opinion on something, at least be consistent. Democrats tend to think that laws represent morals and values, and that's not exactly true. It doesn't matter that it's okay legally to get an abortion for no good reason, but it's still murder. It's still killing a human being. The fact that it's legal to do it doesn't mean it's not murder.

And yet, democrats on twitter call me a supporter of pedophilia or being a pedophile just because I think a pedophile has higher moral standards than a socialist. (To which in my opinion, the democratic party is a socialist party).

I do think a socialist has higher moral standards than a communist and a terrorist so, they should be happy about that. But just because I would vote for a pedophile over a socialist doesn't mean I support pedophiles. I hate both, pedophiles and democrats. They are both evil.

Still, they get pissed about that and try to tell everyone that they love kids, when in fact they say it's okay to kill them while they're inside the womb - because it's legal. That's how bankrupt their morality is. Then they dare judge me, and everybody else.

It just doesn't make any sense.

They defend abortion with, "A fetus is not a child until six months" one day, then a year later, "I'm three weeks pregnant with my first child."

Just be consistent. That's all I ask. Or is that just a little too much to ask for?


Friday, November 10, 2017

No More Mister Nice Blog

Well, that didn't take long at all. The socialists posting on their little blogs about wonderful, amazing me. I'm touched. I would think they would have more to say about Tucker Carlson or something, but nope, they are talking about little ole me. lol And they're also doing what they do best - lie.

I don't mind that socialists hate me, I wear it as a badge of honor. But when I tweeted many tweets about the fact that I would vote for a pedophile for public office before I would a socialist, well, all hell broke loose. I have had over 20K views on my blog in just a matter of a few hours. But telling lies is a common thing for democrats / socialists and I will show you what I am talking about as I stumbled onto a little blog called, "No More Mister Nice Blog".It's operated by some Rachel Maddow wannabe named, Steve .... or something another.

Anyhow, Steve seems to want to lie to his followers, no doubt a bunch of CNN flunkies. He posted this on his blog.

First off all, I did not delete any of my tweets. Why would I delete any of my tweets and yet write an entire blog post about the tweet and say the same damn thing I said in my tweet? It makes no sense. It's stupid. But Stupid Steve isn't known for his intelligence, or so I hear. Stupid Steve is your typical socialist, fake news / hate news reporting tard. (Yep, he's shooting for a job at CNN)

He then says at the bottom that "I don't hate pedophiles, but I hate Bernie Sanders". Well, Stupid Steve, I never said that, and I challenge you to post any comment of mine that says I don't hate pedophiles. (Nobody hold their breath because that comment does not exist.)

I do hate pedophiles. They are disgusting. I also hate socialists. They are worse than pedophiles. That's my opinion. I am entitled to it. But when I said that pedophiles are slightly better than socialists, well, all the democrats got their butt-wipe feelings hurt. lol I guess democrats hate being trashed on the internet.

But the fun doesn't stop there, kids, check this out. It's a comment from one of his socialist friends, "Mrjonz".

Well, Mrjonz, I finally hunted down the damn SOB who named me Carroll. Turns out, it was me. I named myself. lol You're such a dumb-ass. lol

You see folks, when democrats / socialists can't debate you on the issues, they resort to childish tactics like calling you names, (poopy-face is one of my favorites) and they attack your work, your songs, your poems, your books. It's all they got. Bullying people on the internet, and stalking them, lying about them, this is exactly why I think pedophiles are better than socialists when it comes to the scum barrel. Take a look for yourself below.

I said I retired in my late thirties, not at 30. (Told you these people are brainless / liars.) lol

You see, they are not even trying to convince me they are better than pedophiles. And Stupid Steve also posted some snippets of my poetry, too. Like posting a few snippets from a few poems of over 1,200 poems I have written is gonna be a good example of anything.  But like I said, attacking and bullying people you don't even know, and lying about them is all these democrats / socialists got. It's just their intelligence level.

But I can assure you all that I do not / did not delete anything I say, tweet or post. I stand behind my disdain / hate of socialists. I do not condone or endorse pedophilia / pedophiles, that wasn't said in any of my tweets. I think pedophiles are disgusting people and quite frankly, deserve the death penalty when caught. But socialists are disgusting, too. Both types of people are evil as evil can be. But between those two evils, if I had to choose between them and or vote for one or the other, and it's the only choice I have, then yes, if I had to pick one, I would pick / vote for the pedophile. They are the lesser of the two evils.

Nothing is more evil on this planet than a socialist, terrorist, communist, fascist. I stand behind that statement, and I delete NOTHING! lol

Here's an idea, Stupid Steve, stop your damn lying, boy. If you and your tards want to trash me, then fine, trash me, but at least tell the fucking truth. lol You fake news, lying little shit-hole. lol

Democrats Versus Pedophiles

So, recently I posted a tweet on Twitter that said "I would rather vote for a pedophile over a democrat." And the whole liberal Twitter world lit themselves on fire. lol I mean, I am talking over a thousand responses under 30 minutes and I think they are still responding. lol

The whole premise of my remark was in the context of "if I had to choose between one or the other" for public office then I would choose the pedophile over the socialist because there should never be a socialist holding public office in a free country like America. America is home of the free and not home of the socialist. And pretty much, the only things I hate in life are socialists, communists, terrorists, and fascists. You get the picture.

Now, all of these nut jobs on the left are having mental breakdowns and of course, spreading the lie that I am a republican and represent the GOP. I am not a republican and I do not represent the GOP.


I can't be a republican because I do not believe in god. I can't be a democrat because I am not a POS socialist. So, all I can be is an Independent. Actually, I also subscribe to the "Ancient Alien" theory, too.

Some of these left wing nut-jobs are also saying that I support child molestation. This is not true, and I never did say that. All I said was that if I had to choose between a pedophile or a democrat / socialist, that I would vote for the pedophile.

It doesn't mean I support child molestation nor that I even support pedophiles. If you give me a choice between voting for a murderer and a democrat then I would vote for the murderer. Anything is better than voting for a socialist. I would never, ever, under any circumstance, vote for a democrat. PERIOD!

But the "pedophile" in question here hasn't even been charged with any crime, much less convicted so, it's probably not even correct to call him a pedophile. Yet.

Of course, we are talking about Alabama senator Roy Moore. And my point was / is simple: If I have to choose one or the other, Moore or a democrat, then I would vote for Moore because anything and anyone is better than a democrat. (Because democrats are socialists.) And I refuse to vote for socialists. (Bill Clinton was the last socialist I ever voted for .... and so far, as my knowledge, the only rapist I ever voted for.)

Anyhow, now these butt-wipe liberals are calling for my Twitter account to be deleted. And that I should be ashamed of myself. Yeah, like I am going to take etiquette lessons from a dirty, filthy socialist. lol

I am not surprised though. This is how we have come to expect democrats to behave. They have a built-in "bully" gene that allows them to attack people at will on the internet. They also carry a "hate" gene that scientists have yet to explain. Their hypocrisy is unmatched. But that is the way of socialists. It's very well documented throughout our history.

Their lies are constant, and their evil is only equal to that of an ISIS terrorist or pretty much any terrorist really. In fact, I have mentioned in an earlier post that it is my belief that democrats are the ISIS of America. They are terrorists. My being attacked by them on Twitter is just another one of those pieces of evidence that proves that they are. The fact that they claim I am a republican and that I said I supported pedophiles is also proof of their evil ways.

I was molested by a female babysitter at age 9. I know what it feels like to go through that. But I choose to not let it define me, nor have I ever allowed it to make me a victim. I accepted it and moved on. But the liberals want people to feel like victims. If you been molested and don't feel like a victim then something must be wrong with you. Well, nothing is wrong with me. I am fine.

More importantly, the best thing about me that I can say is, I am not a socialist. I am an Independent voter that refuses to accept socialism. Maybe that's why the left is so pissed. Because the great Carroll Bryant refuses to buy into their lies, hate, violence, and stupidity. Then again, anyone who refuses their evil philosophy is classified as "Conservative" I guess. It would make sense. Democrats are not intelligent enough to understand that not everyone embraces their crap. Some of us actually do have high moral standards, and one of those standards is not to lie. But not siding with democrats doesn't make one "conservative".

I think pedophiles, murderers, rapists, women beaters, gay and lesbian bashers, are disgusting and repulsive people. But all of them are much better than a socialist. Than a democrat. And if the only choices you are going to give me to vote for public office in America is between a republican accused of being a pedophile, and not yet charged or convicted of said crime, and a democrat ..... then I choose the accused pedophile. Anything and everything is better than electing a socialist into public office in America.

Maybe a socialist politician is fine for the UK or Australia, or someplace in Europe or something, but a socialist politician in office in the U.S.A. just doesn't make any sense to me.

So, no, I do not support pedophiles, but if I have to pick between a pedophile and a socialist, then yeah, I would pick the pedophile. They are less disgusting than a democrat.

Now you liberals may nurse your butt-hurt whine. lol