Monday, November 13, 2017

Knowledge Is Power

A few days ago, some people invaded my personal space on Facebook. They left some nasty remarks, and accused me of being a pedophile. For the record, I have no criminal record whatsoever. These people were angry with me because I tweeted that I would vote for a pedophile over a democrat for public office if I ever had to vote between the two. The reason is because I think pedophiles are morally superior than democrats. That's just my opinion. Personally, they both are disgusting to me on many levels. But between the two disgusting evils, democrats and pedophiles, democrats are worse.

Anyhow, I picked out the worst four of the internet bullies. I posted about them over the weekend, and gave them a taste of their own medicine. Wouldn't you know it that they did not like it one little bit. Imagine that! But hey, they threw the first punch so I punched them back.

Turns out, all four of them are nothing but little bitches. They are still running scared of me, and well they should be. I'm a baaaaaaaaaad mother fucker.

It came as no surprise to me though because they are democrats / socialists that are tough guys on the keyboard, but little pussies in real life. That is the very definition of a democrat.

Their names are, John Wall, Jason Kinzer, Hem Martin, and Byron Goobs.

I wanted to take this opportunity to let them know that I decided to take down their posts, of my own accord, because I think, or hope, they learned a lesson about stalking, harassing, bullying, and libeling people on the internet. It can translate real quickly into real life. And for these four pathetic cunts, I hope they have discovered this fact.

I want to let them know that I do have all four of their addresses. In the coming days and weeks, I will learn even more about them. And if I ever see them saying shit about me again, on the internet, or anywhere, then there will not be anymore posts. There will be me knocking on their door instead.

If any of you four ever fuck with me again, there will be hell to pay. And I do mean, HELL! And no, the law will not protect you. Nor any judge. Not even your bitch Jesus or bitch God will be able to protect you from my reach.

So, my advice to them is this, forget you ever knew me. And I will do the same. Otherwise, I will bring every evil in this world and drop it on your doorstep. You got my word. I hope I am making myself clear.

And before you think of attacking someone on the internet again, I want you to think of me. I want you to think of how badly it can blow up in your face. It's one thing to be sitting at home, protected by a computer-screen and playing "tough guy" on the internet, but if you can't man up and say to people's face what you type on your keyboard then maybe you shouldn't type it out to begin with.

As for you, Jason Kinzer, I grew up in Chillicothe. I live right up the road. I still go there to visit friends, family and other business. As long as I don't see any of your tough talk online, you don't have to worry about me showing up at your door, however, if I just so happen to see you on the streets while I am out and about, then all I can say is ..... well, just hope that never happens. Just hope I don't walk up behind you in a checkout line in a store or something. I know your face. I won't forget it.

Might I suggest for all four of you to stop bullying people online. It's obvious you're all four a bunch of democratic pussies. And you all suck at internet bullying. But if you are not man enough to back up your tough talk on the computer in real life, then you might want to just shut the fuck up. The next time you run your fucking little coward mouths off to me, about me, online again, just remember what I said, I will be bringing hell to your world. And you will pay dearly. You and your families. This I promise you.



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