Thursday, January 26, 2012

Carroll Bryant's DVD Reviews #2

This week, I have a couple of awesome movies to bring to your attention. Let's get right to it, shall we?


Released in 2007, this movie may have flown under your radar. Many may have side stepped it because of the erotic nature of the film. Trust me, there is a story behind this film and it is a wonderful story too. With stars like Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci, how can you go wrong? Personally, I like a little sexy in my stories. Especially if that sexy is Christina Ricci. (Hollywood crush)

This is a tale of love, loss and faith. Two people seeking redemption Down South through the power of the blues and the transcendence of an unlikely friendship. To save his soul, he must save hers. A very powerful performance by all involved, and let's be honest here, who doesn't want to see Christina Ricci in her panties and chained to a radiator? ... That's what I thought. Haha Even girls want to see that. (Some nudity)

Oh, did I mention, Justin Timberlake is in this film? Not a bad job if I do say so myself. (And I do say so)

Okay, let's get to the point, I give this a perfect 10 out of 10. Go out today and buy this DVD. Don't make me track you down and slap the stupid out of you. Haha

I am also including some extra clips of Christina Ricci just to excite the crowd. Haha Enjoy!



Keira Knightly leads the way in this action packed film about a female bounty hunter. (Better to look at than Dogg The Bounty Hunter) Based on a true story. Released in 2005, this is one of my favorite films from directer, Tony Scott. It also stars Mickey Rourke and Edgar Ramirez. It was inspried by the real life story of Domino Harvey. Sadly, Domino Harvey died from an accidental over-dose of fentanyl prior to the release of this film.

If you like watching girls kick some ass, then this one is for you. Break out the popcorn. Better yet, order a pizza. I give this a solid 8 1/2 stars.

See you next week.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Carroll Bryant: Author Interviews

Carroll Bryant: Author Interviews: 26/01/12 Interview with Beth Ann Masarik Hello everyone! Yes yes I know it’s been aaaagesss since I last posted an interview. I'm a...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Of The Light Promo

“Oh, God, I hate him!” Debbie wails, slamming her locker shut for all the world to hear. Her friend, Alexis, grimaces. “Of all things, he falls for his stupid math tutor. Can you believe it, Alexis?” She asks.

The two start heading towards the door, marking an end to another day of high school. Alexis concurs with her distraught friend. “Men, they can’t keep it in their pants for one minute.”

“Men?” Debbie counters. “More like boys.”

“Yeah, well you know what I meant.” Alexis trys to explain.

Debbie stops for a moment to collect her breath. “Do me a favor,” she requests, “if you ever see me start to fall for my math tutor, please, I authorize you to just shoot me, okay?”

“I may want your signature for that one.” Alexis attempts to make light of the situation.

Debbie resumes her walk out the door and heading to the student parking lot where her car is parked. Alexis on her heels. “Seriously, Alexis, is there even one decent guy left in this world?”

Alexis shrugs her shoulders. “Probably not. They might have some on another planet though.”

“Do I look like an astronaut?” Debbie questions rhetorically.

Alexis feels for her friend. “Look, Debbie, you’ll find someone someday, you‘re still young, give it time. Forget about Carson, he is just a jerk. You’ll be going to college next year and he’ll still be stuck here in his senior year. You’ll find a good man there. Maybe.”

“Maybe?” Debbie tosses some doubt on that. “I don’t want a maybe, Alexis, I want a sure thing. God,” she moans, “I just want to fall in love so badly that I can taste it.” They make it to her car when she turns around and leans against it, facing her friend. “Do you really think there is a planet out there with a nice guy on it?”

“Hey,” Alexis stipulates, “it doesn’t hurt to dream about it, does it? Until then, who knows, maybe you will find your prince charming right here on good old planet earth.”

Debbie cuts a grin. She can always count on her friend to lighten the mood. “With my luck,” she begins, “I will meet a great guy who ends up leaving me to go to another planet.” She jokes.

“Or maybe, he will take you with him.” Alexis hints with a wink.

Debbie keeps smiling. “Thanks, girl, you always know how to make me feel better.”

“That’s what best friends are for.” Alexis tells her.

Debbie leans over and gives her a hug. “If I ever turn lesbian, you are so mine.”

“Don’t tempt me.” Alexis cracks back. “Haven’t you heard? The men on planet earth are all jerks.”

They break out in laughter before Debbie goes to get inside her car. “Hey, you still wanna meet up at the mall this weekend?”

“Same time as always?”

“You know it.” Debbie confirms.

“Hey,” Alexis mentions. “maybe you will meet your Mr. Right while we’re there.”

“Sure.” Debbie humors, turning the engine over. “And maybe Mr. Gilbert will give me an ‘A’ on my math test.”

“If not, you can always get a tutor.” Alexis giggles, walking away.

Debbie shuts the door and rolls down her window and calls out. “Shoot me, just shoot me!”

Alexis waves her off.

OF THE LIGHT - by Carroll Bryant. Coming this Spring. The truth is about to be discovered.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Year Of The Cat

An American detective, Lancaster Parks, searching for a serial killer of American tourists in Mexico

A Mexican town, San Felipe, surrounded by mystique and secrets … and ghosts

A police chief, Hernando Felix, clouded in more mystery than the town he serves

And her, the cat of Mexico, the beautiful girl whose name changes on a daily basis.

Shadows are hard to capture in this elusive story of suspense, intrigue and romance, sure to leave you mesmerized.

Year Of The Cat … by Carroll Bryant - coming in Fall of 2012.

(Side note: My books will soon be available for KOBO and COPIA users.)

Monday, January 16, 2012


**This is a poem written by Cristy Quinn. She wrote it for me. It overwhelmed me so much and touched my heart so deeply that I was compelled to share it with everyone. ** Thank you Cristy Quinn **


Can you feel them itching
Songs begging to get out
Can see his fingers twitching
Just moving all about

there’s music in him
for that, there is no doubt
rhythm and words just bursting to escape
laughter and the sadness
all his love and eternal heartbreak

so much to write about
it’s way too big to contain
emotions taking over
like colors on display

Can you feel them itching
Songs begging to get out
Can see his fingers twitching
Just moving all about

sending all his wheels a spinning
manic energy takes control
it's creating something magical
as he lets his many talents flow

all the pain and anguish
they paint the pages with his tears
with talk of love and betrayal
of intensity in loss and fears
his depth of hurt, it’ll gut you
bleed you at your core
it’s a wonder he’s still standing
how is it he could take much more

Can you feel them itching
Songs begging to get out
Can see his fingers twitching
Just moving all about

outside his art, you wouldn’t know it
just how his internal scars cry out
but take a look in those clear blue eyes
you’ll find the wisdom and the wear
of one whose lived a consuming life
and known the meaning of despair

been taken to the brink and more
then left just hanging there
had his heart ripped from his chest
leaving his soul stripped bare

Can you feel them itching
Songs begging to get out
Can see his fingers twitching
Just moving all about

but this boy, this guy, this man
is made of more than all that
that of which would do it’s best
to destroy him from the inside out
no this clever one, he won’t be taken down lightly

no, not without a fight he…
he’ll take all the turmoil and the woe
he’ll make the very most of it
use it for his craft, the sadness oh so sad
he twist it into beauty, bends it to his will
and when he’s done and last poems been sung
the tears, your eyes are now filled
for his pain has transformed to such of strength
and beauty, that never can be killed

** Read more of Cristy Quinn's poetry here:

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Carroll Bryant: Hira's Book Reviews #2

Carroll Bryant: Hira's Book Reviews: 12/01/12 2:11 am Days, months, years go by; everyone gets caught up in their own lives...I'm not really sure as to why I wrote that but ...

Mars Versus Venus


They say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Somewhere along the way of mankind, they collided on Earth and ever since, been trying to figure out how to return to their respective planet. Meanwhile, of course, they had to learn to co-exist with each other.

Easier said than done.

Recently, I met a girl. Not just any girl. The most amazing girl I ever met in my entire life. Up until meeting her, girls were a dime a dozen. For the most part, I used them then threw them away. Often times, I would do things that I knew would anger them and they would leave. I soon fell into the habit of blaming them for all the problems. I even used them leaving as a way to inspire poems and such. Not all the time, mind you, but most of the time.

There were exceptions. As is always the case with just about anything. But nothing, and I mean, NOTHING compares to this girl. Everything I thought I knew about the female gender, went out the window with her. What started out as an innocent crush quickly turned into the love of my life. Looking back, I think it was the way she ate strawberries for lunch and cereal right before going to bed in her penguin PJ’s. I can still picture that in my mind. Adorable.

More importantly, the way we shared each others day EVERYDAY. Both of us opening up to our fears and secrets. We hung on every word spoken. It didn’t take long before I realized that she was the one. I wanted her soul to be my soul. I wanted to spend the rest of my life making her happy. Here’s the catch … I am a world class asshole! That is all I ever knew how to be. I was always better at being a romantic than anything else. The trouble with that is, romance only lasts for me for about three weeks to three months.

I didn’t know how to deal with this diamond that I discovered. We did have our clashes on occasion and I attributed that as us being fire and ice. Two people so made for each other that our passions run amuck in contrast. The balance of the universe was the torrid emotions spilling over from the cups known as our hearts. News flash! That wasn’t it at all. Of course, I did not realize this at the time. Soon enough, we had the last clash. She quickly ended the relationship. This is when I went completely crazy.

I had always assumed that she would never cut the ties. I was so involved with thinking that we were so made for each other that I forgot to go from always being a romantic and be a MAN. (Being a man is the next step of continuing to be romantic) Relationships are more than romance. Relationships are built on trust, listening, sharing, and so much more. While I always relied on my charms to sweep girls away and off their feet, I never once relied on just being myself and being true. This girl wanted the REAL me, not the romantic charmer.

She needed a man to believe her, to believe in her, to believe in her dreams. I didn’t give her that. Looking back, I didn’t give her anything. I always took. She never told me the reason(s) why she ended it. I think she wanted me to figure it out someday. To figure out that what she needed was a man to give her assurances. She needed a man to just be honest. To just be himself. I was too busy trying to be Carroll Bryant the writer. Trying to impress her with that rather than with my deepest feelings that I felt (and still feel) for her.

The days passed and I went through a gauntlet of emotional changes. Hate, blame, finger pointing, accusing of her lying and the list goes on and on. The truth is, she just wanted me to be me. I didn’t give her that. I didn’t realize it either until now.

Four months later, 60 poems later, a broken heart later, a broken hand later and a million tears later - I finally wake up from my testosterone and see clearly now what she wanted and what I failed to offer her. I realize now, all she wanted was what every good woman wants ….. A MAN! Not a boy. Not an image. Just a man. A man to hold her. A man to comfort her. A man to tell her just how special and wonderful she is. A man she can believe in. One she can trust.

When I start thinking about this, I understand women just a little bit better. I understand how insecure they can often times feel but are too proud to admit openly. All women really want is just someone they can depend on in crunch time. Looking in the mirror, I see that I am not that man. The pain of this realization hurts like none other I have ever felt in my entire life. I don’t hurt anymore because I no longer have her, I hurt because I realize I could have had her. That I did have her. I hurt now because I know I lost her. And that it was my fault I lost her. The only reason I don’t still have her is because I screwed up. I didn’t listen to her when she asked me to listen. I didn’t believe her. I didn’t believe in her. I didn’t believe in her dreams.

Now I pay the price.

To this girl, I say … I understand it now. I see what I did and didn’t do. I understand why you left me. I don’t blame you anymore. You didn’t want to do it. I pushed you to do it because I took everything we had and made it into some kind of a joke. You didn’t want a joke. You wanted a man. For this, I am truly sorry.

This girl is gone now. She doesn’t want to even be friends with me anymore. I can’t say I blame her. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t want to be friends with me either if I were her. I let her down at crunch time. She only wanted one thing from me. Confirmation of the truth. I gave her a joke instead.

All she wanted from me was to be that man she always dreamed of when she was younger and dreaming of her prince charming. All I gave her was an idiot. Because I can only be charming for a little while. Then I turn back into a frog. To think it took her to do the hardest thing in her life to do and walk away from the man she loves because she discovers that he really is not the man she thought him to be and all I could think about was myself and how it was hurting me. I never realized how much it devastated her.

I understand this now. I understand women now. Thanks to this girl, I now see what I did wrong not only with her, but with every girl in my past. It’s a rude awakening. But guys, hear me now, if you have a girl, if you really love her, if you really can’t function without her like I can’t function without her, then just freaking tell her this. Don’t push her away like I did. Listen to her when she talks. Cherish her dreams when she trusts you with them. Don’t force her to make the choice that I forced my love to make. She won’t come back. She will leave forever. Believe me when I say, even if she doesn’t want to, she will. She will because, she will know the right thing to do at the right time. You won’t. You won’t realize this until four months later. And that’s four months too late.

It took me all this time to understand that love is not in a poem. Or a song. It’s in the heart. It’s in the soul. It’s buried deep inside of … a woman.

Now I pay the price.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Author Interview Danny Fahey

Please check out the first author interview by Hira, where she talks with author Danny Fahey and his two books, The Tree Singer and The Woodcarver's Son.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Things To Come

For anyone who was wondering, I got my friend Hira to start doing some book reviews. I am excited for that. She reads often and seems to want to do it so ... I am going to let her.

She and I will also join forces to do author interviews.

Other than that, nothing much more to report except that old man winter is finally making a much more stronger dsiplay of power. It got cold really fast after a day or two with temps. in the 50's. I might even get to see some snow. (Fingers crossed)

I am almost halfway through my editing on the book OF THE LIGHT that I intend on releasing this Spring. I am chipping away at it little by little. Taking my time to ensure I get it done right. That is the most important thing.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Well, the mother decided not to do the book reviews. I should have known. Old people, so computer illiterate. LOL

Anyhow, I am searching for someone to do book reviews for my blog, seeing how I don't get to read as much as I would like these days. What with all my writing, recording, and basically goofing off in my early retirement. LOL

Speaking of recording, my producer had to push back my studio time due to a death in his family. Instead of Jan. 8th, I will be going in on the 22nd. (two week delay) However, more than understandable. All my best my friend. Sorry for your loss. (His brother)

On a more up beat note: The plan to video tape the recording session of my next song is still in the works. Since the camera adds ten pounds, I intend on dropping at least another 15. LOL (This after already losing 7 of the 5 pounds I gained during the holidays.) Haha

Right now, I am quite mellow. Listening to some easy music of .... never mind, you will laugh if I told you.

I just posted my short story "Time Of No Reply" on my Goodreads account. ( ) I put up a link in 'My Books' section at the bottom. Check it out! It's a free read. Can't beat FREE! LOL

In a few weeks, I might be helping my brother in law (and sister) work on their new house they just bought. There are a couple of old buildings on the property that he wants to take down. Should be fun. I can get out some aggression in the process. Haha Then we might be building a new barn. That should be fun. Any Amish want to join in and help? LOL (I hear that the Amish are pretty good at raising barns)

My surgery went well. I am a little sore. I have another one planned in the near future and I should be as good as new afterwards. LOL

My editing is coming along nicely. Can't wait to get everything finished and get back on Goodreads. I miss everyone. Heck, I can't wait for my next book to be released. It is always exciting.

A shout out to my friend and author, A.L. Waddington. She has a major interview coming up for her newly released novel, "Essence" on a radio show with over 2.5 million listeners. She is a little nervous as could be expected. Good luck, Angela. I know you will do well.

Friday, January 6, 2012

My Mother's Reviews

I am attempting to get my mother to start doing book reviews here on my blog. I brought it up to her and her first reaction was, "Are you crazy?" - To answer that question, "Yes mother, I am. You, of all people, should know this." LOL

Her final response was, "I will think about it." - (Yay mom!)

Let's cross our fingers here and hope she does it. First of all, she reads more often than I do. Secondly, she could do a much better book review than I. To be totally honest, I'm not that good explaining my own books. Haha

I think she is contemplating an angle, however. What that angle might be, I haven't a clue. But, it's my mom. I know her too well. My first thought: She might want to add some kind of "Dear Abby" type of forum. Where people would ask her for her advice on multiple subjects. LOL I wouldn't put it past her.

That or ... she might want to take questions about me. Haha Noooooooooo!

Batman should never be revealed. Gotham would fall. Chaos would rule. It would be like eating cold pizza for breakfast!

Wait! What? .... I .... like cold pizza for breakfast.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Midnight Oil

Well, my sleep pattern is all screwed up again. It is 7:00 AM and I just got done with my edits on my next release, OF THE LIGHT. (A romantic science-fiction) I didn't realize how much work needed to be done on it. I have only gone through 38 pages of over 250. I may have to do another quick comb-over when I am finished.

I also managed to post a new poem on my Goodreads account, in "My Writing" section. I put it in the "The Bitter The Better" collection. It's called, DOOMED. (And that's just how I feel right about now.) LOL

Don't you just love burning that midnight oil?

On occasion, I will glance out of the window and look at the snow on the ground. It's not much, but for somebody who loves snow like I do, it is a welcomed sight.

I also posted a new song on Youtube. (It's called, Can't Say No) And soon, I may jump onto Twitter real quick and check that out for a few.

I have barely eaten the past few days. I have dropped about 5 pounds. LOL Not that I need to lose any, but I guess it doesn't hurt, does it? That is about how much I probably picked up over the holidays with mom's lasagna.

My producer wants to video-tape our next recording session. I'm not quite sure what I think about that. He wants me to post it on Youtube. We are not scheduled to record until around early or mid March. I am going to Columbus on Sunday, Jan. 8th to start working on my new song. Currently, that song will probably be a new one I wrote just a few months ago called, SAID AND DONE. Although, I reserve the right to change my ever changing mind. LOL (As I often times do) I have several songs ready to go so ... I'll decide on Sunday when I show up. I have a couple of other songs that I am anxious to get started on. (UTOPIA and BLOOD ON THE MOUNTAINSIDE) To be honest, SAID AND DONE was written for somebody specific of recent and I kind of don't want to record it. The wounds are still too fresh. But damn it, it's a pretty good song. I don't know. My producer loves it and is really geared up to work on it. As he told me a couple of days ago though, "It's your dime, dude." To which I responded. "Yes, it is my dime, isn't it?"

Okay, going to go for now. I am starting to feel tired. And hungry. We'll catch up later.

Monday, January 2, 2012

In The Beginning

In The Beginning, there was man. Amazingly enough, this creature learned how to form words. To speak. This was vital for communication purposes. To understand one another. As it were, grunts and the rolling of ones eyes just wasn't enough.

Then this creature created the art of spelling. For to speak is one thing, to hand write what you are thinking, and feeling was a must. Hand signals and gestures wasn't going to cut it. You would think the middle finger would suffice for all communication. It didn't.

Fast forward to 2012. Here is my blog. I like to think that I have mastered the English language.

Sure, heiroglyphics were fun in the beginning, but writing on stone was much harder than it originally was thought to be. Let's face it, not everyone was an artist either. Limitations, my friends, limitations.

The invention of paper was perhaps the greatest invention ever. Well, until the invention of computers and the internet. Now we're talking. Words, pictures, I mean, who needs the middle finger anymore, right? Okay, so the middle finger still comes in handy from time to time. Another good invention that has stood the test of time.

I like things that don't rust.

What now? Where do we go from here? Where do I go from here?

Only time will tell.

This is my blog. My new blog. I hope you find it entertaining as time passes into time. I hope you find it informative also. It is, after all, mans weapon to use against man. The greatest form of communication in the modern day. I hope you enjoy it. I know I will.

Let's play.