Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Of The Light Promo

“Oh, God, I hate him!” Debbie wails, slamming her locker shut for all the world to hear. Her friend, Alexis, grimaces. “Of all things, he falls for his stupid math tutor. Can you believe it, Alexis?” She asks.

The two start heading towards the door, marking an end to another day of high school. Alexis concurs with her distraught friend. “Men, they can’t keep it in their pants for one minute.”

“Men?” Debbie counters. “More like boys.”

“Yeah, well you know what I meant.” Alexis trys to explain.

Debbie stops for a moment to collect her breath. “Do me a favor,” she requests, “if you ever see me start to fall for my math tutor, please, I authorize you to just shoot me, okay?”

“I may want your signature for that one.” Alexis attempts to make light of the situation.

Debbie resumes her walk out the door and heading to the student parking lot where her car is parked. Alexis on her heels. “Seriously, Alexis, is there even one decent guy left in this world?”

Alexis shrugs her shoulders. “Probably not. They might have some on another planet though.”

“Do I look like an astronaut?” Debbie questions rhetorically.

Alexis feels for her friend. “Look, Debbie, you’ll find someone someday, you‘re still young, give it time. Forget about Carson, he is just a jerk. You’ll be going to college next year and he’ll still be stuck here in his senior year. You’ll find a good man there. Maybe.”

“Maybe?” Debbie tosses some doubt on that. “I don’t want a maybe, Alexis, I want a sure thing. God,” she moans, “I just want to fall in love so badly that I can taste it.” They make it to her car when she turns around and leans against it, facing her friend. “Do you really think there is a planet out there with a nice guy on it?”

“Hey,” Alexis stipulates, “it doesn’t hurt to dream about it, does it? Until then, who knows, maybe you will find your prince charming right here on good old planet earth.”

Debbie cuts a grin. She can always count on her friend to lighten the mood. “With my luck,” she begins, “I will meet a great guy who ends up leaving me to go to another planet.” She jokes.

“Or maybe, he will take you with him.” Alexis hints with a wink.

Debbie keeps smiling. “Thanks, girl, you always know how to make me feel better.”

“That’s what best friends are for.” Alexis tells her.

Debbie leans over and gives her a hug. “If I ever turn lesbian, you are so mine.”

“Don’t tempt me.” Alexis cracks back. “Haven’t you heard? The men on planet earth are all jerks.”

They break out in laughter before Debbie goes to get inside her car. “Hey, you still wanna meet up at the mall this weekend?”

“Same time as always?”

“You know it.” Debbie confirms.

“Hey,” Alexis mentions. “maybe you will meet your Mr. Right while we’re there.”

“Sure.” Debbie humors, turning the engine over. “And maybe Mr. Gilbert will give me an ‘A’ on my math test.”

“If not, you can always get a tutor.” Alexis giggles, walking away.

Debbie shuts the door and rolls down her window and calls out. “Shoot me, just shoot me!”

Alexis waves her off.

OF THE LIGHT - by Carroll Bryant. Coming this Spring. The truth is about to be discovered.


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