Friday, January 6, 2012

My Mother's Reviews

I am attempting to get my mother to start doing book reviews here on my blog. I brought it up to her and her first reaction was, "Are you crazy?" - To answer that question, "Yes mother, I am. You, of all people, should know this." LOL

Her final response was, "I will think about it." - (Yay mom!)

Let's cross our fingers here and hope she does it. First of all, she reads more often than I do. Secondly, she could do a much better book review than I. To be totally honest, I'm not that good explaining my own books. Haha

I think she is contemplating an angle, however. What that angle might be, I haven't a clue. But, it's my mom. I know her too well. My first thought: She might want to add some kind of "Dear Abby" type of forum. Where people would ask her for her advice on multiple subjects. LOL I wouldn't put it past her.

That or ... she might want to take questions about me. Haha Noooooooooo!

Batman should never be revealed. Gotham would fall. Chaos would rule. It would be like eating cold pizza for breakfast!

Wait! What? .... I .... like cold pizza for breakfast.

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