Monday, July 30, 2012

Bookbaby #30

This will be the last post I make of Bookbaby video's. If you want to see more of their videos, you can find them on youtube.

My personal work-load is increasing and I will be focusing on other things. But for anybody looking to publish their work, this is a fine place to start. Check them out. You won't be sorry.


Hollywood Crush #6 (Mila Kunis)

The Ukraine has some beautiful women too. Anymore like Mila and consider me Ukrainian. Known more for her role on “That 70’s Show” and the of Meg on “Family Guy” - Mila (short for Milena) has that Jacqueline Smith, “innocent girl next door who you know isn’t all that innocent” look. Holding fast at number six, Mila gets the blood pumping through the heart just as quickly as anyone. I also hear she is one of the sweetest people you could ever want to meet. That just makes her all the more awesome!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Huffington Post Article

I don't know if I ever put up this link or not. In case I haven't, here it is. An article on the famous internet newspaper called The Huffington Post. Their story about Goodreads and about recent events is very insightful. You might find it interesting.

Please keep in mind that this story has nothing at all to do with me. I understand this. I just thought it was an interesting article and what with recent events, thought I would post the link to that story. 

Good God, you would think a person can't even post links to a good story anymore without all the dip-wads coming out and declaring the freaking obvious. LOL I never said it had anything to do with me, now did I? (That last part was for all the whack jobs who were commenting that it has nothing to do with me, according to Ira, who is still moderating all comments for me so I do not know what exactly you bullies are posting.) Just saying.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Picture Page Sunday #23

Story Time #6 (Pepper)

Nothing beats the summer. With school just about to be let out for the 3 month vacation, I was feeling pretty good one Saturday afternoon. About as good as a nine year old could I guess. After watching some Saturday morning cartoons, I decided to take my weekly allowance money and ride on my bike to the Baskin Robbin's Ice Cream shop about 5 blocks away. Traveling with me was my trusty dog, Pepper. A black Lab of the female variety.

As it is with most kids, my dog was my best friend. I remember the day my mother brought her home. I don't know where she got her from, but for me, it was love at first sight. And when my mother said she was all mine, I jumped for joy. Funny thing is, Pepper was never trained. But as the days, weeks and months passed, she and I had developed this unique understanding. I could whistle some commands like sit, stay, and things like that, but if I tried to get her to do parlor tricks, she would simply turn her head from me like she was sending me a message. I soon picked up on that message and realized, she wasn't going to shake her paw or do flips or stupid stuff like that. Only the basics of necessity.

So there we were, sitting out front of the store with our chocolate mint ice cream. Pepper sitting next to me and just looking out at traffic. I took a few licks and then offered up a lick for Pepper. She turned her head and took a couple licks and then back to me. And we shared it down to the cone where I ate half and then gave her the rest. Then it was time to head home.

With a week or two of school left, I began to notice more and more of my friends roaming about. One in-particular was Troy. He was kind of like me in the sense that we were both ornery and always up to something no good. I got into more trouble with him than any other friend I ever had. I guess that's because neither of us was a leader or a follower. We were both always on the same page. if we saw something that looked interesting and ran the risk of us getting into trouble, we just knew it instantly and would often times look over at each other and grin and nod. We knew what we were doing.

Anyhow, I am riding my bike with Pepper trailing behind me as I came up on Troy and two other boys. One was Eric, a classmate of ours, the other boy was his 14 year old brother, Jason. Erick was often times the recipient of many pranks performed by Troy and I. LOL Approaching troy from behind, I noticed that something was amiss. Eric and Jason were standing in front of him and they didn't look too happy. I stopped and stood while Pepper took a seat in a yard off the sidewalk. "Hey, troy." I said.

He turned slightly and this is when I could tell that Jason had his hand on Troy's shirt. "Hey, Carroll."

"So," I replied. "What's going on?"

Jason looked over Troy's left shoulder at me. "None of your business, punk. Just keep moving."

I almost didn't know what to make of that response. "Maybe I want to make it my business." I told him. Trying to be cool like I always do. Which often leads to me getting a butt-kicking. This time was no different.

"Scram, toddler." Jason commanded. This is when I brought my kick-stand down and got off the bike. I walked to a street sign and leaned against it. "I think I'll watch." I said.

Eric looked at me. "It's none of your business, Carroll, this is just payback for what Troy did to me the other day."

"Payback?' I countered. "Well, if it's between you and troy then why is your brother fighting your battles?"

Jason yelled out. "Because nobody throws a tomato at my little brother and gets away with it!"

Troy was looking mighty scared and nervous. I did one of my famous grins and chuckle. "That was funny." I mentioned. "It hit you right in the back of your head real good." i said to Eric.

"Shut up, Carroll!" He sorely spilled. "Or your turn will be next."

"Okay," I sounded off, "I'll wait for my turn then." I was always such a bad ass. LOL I was so James Dean. "But I don’t know why you are picking on Troy." I told them. "I was the one who threw it at you." I lied.

"What?" Jason was surprised by my admission. "But three people said that Troy threw it."

"Well, they lied." I said. "I threw it. So if you have a problem with it, here I am."

Now, there was a reason why I was so bold with this kid who was 5 years older than me. I can be quite crafty when I wanna be. Jason released his grip and pushed Troy to the ground. "Wait there." he told him, looking at, and then walking over to me. "Maybe I will just kick both of your asses." he suggested.

"Yeah," I giggled, "as if."

"What did you say you little punk?" Jason was now foaming at the mouth. He walked up to my face.

"I wouldn't if I was you." I warned.

"Why?" Jason wanted to know. "You know karate or something?"

"Yes," I told him, "but that's not the reason."

"Well, I know karate too." Jason informed me. I pushed myself off the sign and stood in the middle of the sidewalk.

"If you knew what was best for you, you would walk away right now while you can." I was such a bad ass I tell you. LOL

Jason stared down at me. "Oh, yeah? Maybe I'll give you a punch in the stomach. That'll teach you to mess with my brother."

"I'm telling you," I again warned, "I wouldn't do that if I was you."

"Well, you're not me." Jason replied. Then he reared back and landed a punch in my stomach. Man, did it hurt. I keeled over and dropped to the ground. And just about that time, Pepper got into the fray. She was very good at protecting me. I knew she wouldn't bother if he had hit troy, she only protects me.

She leaped to her feet and she was all over Jason. Mostly, she just snaps and barks and growls or what but she will slip in a small bite or two in the process. And poor Jason, he backed out onto the street yelling and screaming and crying, "Get your dog off me!"

Eric was watching the incident, crying for his brother. I got to my feet and punched Eric on the side of his face. He went to the ground. "Mess with the bull, you get the horns." I told him. I then turned to Pepper. "Pepper, stop!" I yelled. She backed down and walked over to my feet and sat down. Jason was screaming. "Your dog bit me!"

"You better go before I sic her on you again." I told him and Eric. Even though, Pepper wouldn't attack if I tried to get her to. She only attacked when somebody hurt me and nothing more. I told you, she didn't do parlor tricks. But Jason and Eric sure got the message. They ran lickity-split. "And may that be a lesson to ya's." I cried out then turned to troy. "Hey, wanna go egg some houses?"

He looked up and smiled. "Okay!"

Friday, July 27, 2012


Hey guys, I have been hearing that some of my supporters who are responding to the "smear campaign" of comments and lies still being talked about - about me on Goodreads - are being isolated. Please, do not respond to these adolescent individuals. I appreciate your support, but I am getting word that if you try to defend me that Patrick Brown and the the rest of the Goodreads staff will isolate you and strip you of your GR librarian status and such. They will make your life on GR more difficult and may even ban you.

You guys have to remember, Patrick Brown supports them, the bullies, and not the truth. I do not want anymore of my supporters getting bullied by Patrick Brown and his GR staff so please, ignore it. Okay?

Thank you.

Mr. Carroll Absolom Bryant


Video Break: Rockwell

Interview With Regina Wamba of Maei Design

Okay so, I like to step outside the norm every once in a while. I notice everybody doing interviews with authors, and that's great, but I thought I would do an interview with a cover designer. Her name is Regina Wamba and she is the master mind behind the "Last Flight Out" book cover.

Carroll: What motivated you to start doing cover art?

Regina: Deviant art, the motivation to get more creative, to try something I hadn't done before! I love trying new things, challenging myself and learning.

Carroll: When did you decide to do this for authors, designing book covers? And why?

Regina: I didn't realize how important it was for authors to have a good professional cover until after I started. I have a degree in graphics design, and branding is a big part of my business. After meeting some authors and seeing the need for not only good design, but professional layout and typography. I really wanted to help and make a difference! I love what I do and I love utilizing my gift! Both author and artist make a good team to make the dream come to fruition! It's really just an honor to work with authors and friends to help them publish their work!

Carroll: How many have you done so far? For how many different authors?

Regina: I haven't done a count, but around a hundred covers!

Carroll: Wow, that's a lot! Do authors often give you free reads of their work in exchange? I bet that is a pretty cool perk.

Regina: Yes! I do usually get a free read or an autographed copy! Even if I have to purchase the book, which I don't mind doing! It's a great accomplishment for both parties and I enjoy seeing my work on my shelves!
Carroll: I bet you do. Do you do any art work outside of computer art? Any oil paintings? Pencil drawings?

Regina: Oh yes! This is how it all started! Pencil, watercolor, charcoal, oil, color pencil, and pencil.

Carroll: When did you start your business/website?

Regina: I've been doing freelance since about 2005, but officially launched my site in 2009.

Carroll: Sounds like you're well established. Do you do book covers for all genres or just a certain genre?

Regina: Yes! Design in general! I love it all! From memoirs, to fantasy. I can accommodate all!

Carroll: How old were you when you did your drawing?

Regina: When I started?

Carroll: Yes.

Regina: I remember being in the first grade and winning some sort of recognition for my pointsetta painting! I've always had a sketchbook!

 Carroll: Is this your only job or do you do other things?

Regina: Graphic design, website design and photography. All three! Plus traditional art, but that is more like a hobby now, just to keep the creative juices flowing.

Carroll: Got to keep those juices flowing. So tell me, do you have any pets?

Regina: I did up until a couple years ago. Her name was bandit. She was a black German Shepard, border collie mix. I loved her!

Carroll: So sorry for your loss. She sounded beautiful. Went through something similar myself recently. Anyhow, what’s the best part about working with authors and their book covers? I mean, are they often times easy to get along with or sometimes difficult?

Regina: In business you always have a swing in both! But I think that with all my authors, I've had mostly awesome, wonderful authors... Who really enjoy the process of making a cover.

Carroll: What is the average time span from start to finish for a cover?

Regina: Depends. Depends on complexity, feedback, and how busy the author might be, or myself. I find the good average is about two weeks. However, I have had covers take a day!

Carroll: About how much do you charge an author to create a book cover for them?

Regina: This also depends on what they need! I have plenty of options and packages! Feel free to email me at

I want to thank regina for this interview. It was a pleasure for me to learn a little bit more about the woman behind the cover. I know I am very proud to have her work on my book, "Last Flight Out". And if you are an author looking for someone to design your next book cover, E-book or otherwise, give Regina Wamba a shout out.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Carroll's Journal #40 (Back 2 Normal)

First of all I would like to say that this will be the last of me discussing the events of recent days. I am wrapping it up with this journal. (Unless otherwise provoked directly) I want to sum up my thoughts while my thoughts are in the ‘sum up’ mode.

I understand people have a right to speak their opinion. I have always encouraged that. But just as you have a right to speak that opinion, so do I have that right as well. The bottom line is, I was attacked for it. (Or so goes the claim) In hindsight, I was attacked on a personal level and not just because of the content of that blog. I was attacked by people who know nothing about me other then what was told to them. And this scares me.

It’s amazing to me what so many people will choose to believe what they read on the internet. It also amazes me that without knowing a person, or a situation, that so many people would say some of the meanest things about another person whom they know absolutely nothing about. What happened to me was a blatant attempt to try and ruin my career as a writer.

Attempt failed.

I will continue to write and publish my books. That will never change. I will also continue writing my poetry and my songs.

I have heard that there have been some things going on at GR. Changes being made. I’m not sure if that is true or not. I hope so. I also hope those changes are positive. And that what happened to me doesn’t happen to anybody else, period. Writer or blogger.

Things could have always been handled differently. From Patrick Brown and on down the line to my attackers. If something can be learned from it, then maybe it wasn’t all in vain and some good can come from it.

Personally, I do not believe there is a war between authors and bloggers. I think it is a war between bitter individuals on both sides who then get their “friends” involved to try and help get their point across when in fact, the point gets lost inside of all the “You’re a pedophile” remarks or “You’re a fag” remarks. Useless, pointless and unhelpful remarks like that coming from the mouths of ignorant people who are consumed with hate. Self centered individuals who perhaps in real life, have no real life. Or maybe they are ignored in real life where their opinion is spoken because all that comes out of their mouth, when asked, is “You’re a pedophile” or “You’re a fag”. And let’s face it, it is much easier to ignore these people in real life than the internet.

My grandfather once told me “when people have too much to complain about, they have nothing to complain about because they complain about everything.” And I think this is true with many people.

The question of my creepiness was always a favorite topic of discussion.

From the mods of my personal GR group and the many members. All the way to my friends, of all the people I have ever corresponded with, male or female, young or old alike, which was hundreds and hundreds of them during my stint on GR, none of them had I ever engaged in any sexual conversation. For some, there was flirting and teasing, and maybe joking around but it was all innocent. But nothing dirty. And not once did I ever volunteer to call anyone under the age of 18. And not once, had I ever attempted to get anyone to ever meet me. There were a few authors whom I had the pleasure of meeting during their book signings when they were holding them near by. We met, went to dinner and enjoyed each other’s company. None of them were minors.

To be honest, I am glad I am no longer a part of Goodreads.The only reason I battled with the notion to delete my authors account was because ever since the 2012 year began, I realized that no respecting or serious author would be an active member of Goodreads. Just ask Meg Cabot or Stephen King. Sure, they have a profile there, perhaps humorously or such, but they don’t go in and interact with people. That has to be saying something and gives credence to that belief. The only reason I did not delete my own account was for the people who didn’t want me to go. For my friends, my group, and my fans. Now that that decision has been made for me, I am somewhat relieved. The best part is, now Jude can't stalk me anymore. or maybe she can, I don't know, but I don't care, she can't get to me anymore and that is a good thing. No! That is a great thing.

Wait! What? I thought I was in love with her? ... Oh, that's what the rumor mill is, okay. never mind. Haha

I never said I was perfect. I never said I was a Saint and I never tried to pass myself off as one either. I know I joke around a lot and sometimes, a joke can go too far. I am the Olympic gold medal winner of that. I certainly never meant to hurt anyone though. I always answered any question anyone sent me. I felt if someone took the time to ask me something, I owed them the time to answer. I take great satisfaction of knowing that I had reached out and helped a lot of young people who are finding it difficulty being a kid. I will worry about them now that I am not there for them to go to, but there are some amazing adults of which I have the pleasure of knowing who are there and will help those youngsters with their problems. Fortunately, none of them were a part of the attack on me. Those were not adults. Those were minions.

I guess Goodreads became a burden for me, taking up a lot of my time that I could better use elsewhere. And now, I will. My life will go back to the way it was before only, better. Minus me missing my closest friends and the youngsters I loved to help. My writing will be better for it too. After all, like I tried to tell to all the young aspiring writers I had the pleasure of meeting, write for yourself and nothing else. If you like it, then trust me, it is good.

All of my posts will remain up. It is a documented history of events that had occurred in my life. I would be cheating future readers of my blog out of that history if I remove them. Call it me being honest with my past. “The best thing about my past is that it can never be my future.” (You can quote me on that) LOL So do not ask me to take anything down. Everything stays. I want people to know that when I was attacked, I tried to stand my ground. I did stand my ground. That in itself is my victory, and my proudest moment. While all that garbage everybody put out there is still out there lurking about and people will probably be stumbling across it now and then, that when they are led to here from it, they will see that I did not go quietly into the night. Believe it or not, there are actually some people who respect that.

But I have learned one major important thing, that GR is just another form of social site. Nothing more, nothing less. And that’s all it really is. But in the end, I prefer the more important social site of them all … real life. Like my grandfather would tell me if he were still alive today …. “Dude, it’s the internet. Now get in here and finish watching the football game with me. They are showing the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders!”

On Friday, July 20th, 2012 - the beginning of the end occurred.

On Sunday, July 22nd, 2012 - The end arrived.

On Friday, July 27th, 2012 - The new begins.

And with it …. Everything going back to normal. (I hope)

Thanks to “Stop The Good Reads Bullies” for all of their support.

Thanks to Goodreads Follies for their wonderful advice.

Talk Soup: They Love Me, They Really Love Me.

People keep saying that I won't shut up about it. The truth is, they won't shut up about it. These members of the Goodreads Bully Gang or Internet Terrorists as I like to call them are the ones who just won't shut up. And for as long as they continue to talk about it, so shall I.

I do like how they keep referring to me as having some kind of "mental" breakdown. (I like how I have never spoken to these people ever and yet, they "know" me so well.)  Or that I have some kind of "drinking problem" to try and excuse their attack on me on Friday, July 21st, 2012. I would have thought the same thing about them. Another one of their "excuses" is that I am bitter over a review. No, that is not true! I have not had a "bad review" so how could I be bitter about having one?

Another "excuse" offered is that some girl "broke my heart" and I am lashing out. That must explain why before all of this occured, and for the past 4 months, I had her blocked on all of my accounts and Email.

Another "excuse" they use is that I was stalking her. (Please refer to my previous remark above) Not to mention the fact that about three weeks prior to my posting my Goodreads blog about "bad reviewer's" - Jude Henderson, the girl in question, befriended my friend Ira and asked her not to reveal this new found friendship to me. She then proceeded to MANIPULATE her to make her (Jude) an admin. of our blog, Love Hate Poetry, under the guise of re-designing it. All she, (Jude) wanted to do was leave a hot link to her websites on a blog that I was an admin. of.

It seems to me that the only person doing the stalking was Jude Henderson.

Jude Henderson was also the cordinator of my brutal attack on Goodreads that Friday afternoon. In a comment made by an Anon (but we know by the manner it is written, it is really an author by the name of Autumn Rosen) she clearly reveals who started the whole thing. And this raises the issue of why those people really attacked me that day. The evidence more and more points to "not for the issue" of what my blog was talking about, but because of Jude Henderson or my relationship with her.

This whole incident could have been avoided if these bullies would just learn to repsect other people's opinions and views. They yack on and on about how their "reviews" are not treated with respect when they are not good reviews and that authors go ballistic over it yet, let one "nobody" author (as they like to call me) post a little blog about them and it is bully gang up time. If they want repsect for their reviews, then perhaps making reading shelves called "poke my eyes out with a fork" isn't such a good idea.

Nothing on the internet is ever really deleted. Even if you delete it or even if Goodreads deletes it. It is still there, somewhere. It is like a text message, you text something to some one and they text you back and you both delete all of it from your phones, it is still there. It is just stored somewhere else. It is stored by the company who supplies your service. If they need to, the police, for example, can still find out what you and your friend texted each other. The same goes for emails. The same goes for websites and blogs and you name it. Everything on the internet is stored somewhere other than your hard drive. And even the things on your hard drive are still there, even if you send it to the recycle bin and delete it, it is still there. It can be pulled back up. This is what favors me. Even though I deleted all of my emails with Jude, a court order to retrieve them can be handed down and in a courtroom, the truth can be revealed.

Anyhow, here are comments that I would like to share that I recently took screen shots of. Oh, did I mention, just like everything on the internet is still there somewhere, so am I? There is even a private group started on Goodreads where these bullies can now migrate to and plan future attacks against some one else like they did to me.

People talk about the reputation of Goodreads going down hill on a story posted by the Huffington Post. These bloggers and bullies are the ones giving Goodreads the black eye. Not all bloggers, mind you, just a small circle of them. Oh, and so is Goodreads themselves damaging their own reputation when they do not enforce the TOS violations fairly. There were hundreds of TOS violations that occured against me on that Friday afternoon in question and throughout that weekend, even people showing signs of hate crime as some of them called me a "fag". While not true, has hate crime implications behind them. But the only one who got banned was me.

There is also mention of some letter this Jude Henderson is passing around. It is said that it is from an email I sent. Funny how she refuses to show the emails she sent to me. I always like how people pick and choose what they want to reveal. At least when I posted her and my email converstion here on my blog, I posted the WHOLE conversation. That is what is referred to as "being fair". But you can't explain that concept to a bunch of bullies.

Excuses will only take you so far. Long after these evil people got what they wanted, me banned, they still continue to talk about it and spread their meaningless rumors about me because none of them know anything about me. And this whole incident had nothing to do about any "list" - it was about one 18 year old girl who couldn't stand the fact that I had finally found the "mean" in me to block her from my life and move on without her. She was hurt that I now see her as a useless tool in the shed. And if by chance that Goodreads ever does get shut down, it is people like Jude Henderson, (which isn't her real name by the way) and her many bully friends who would have been the cause for it. (I mention the name thing because I have been called a fake for using a "writer's" name. Jude isn't even a writer and yet, she hides behind a fake name. Her real name is Elsa.)

And when I gave Jude an opportunity to put an end to what she started, by appearing on my blog and making a post, calling for order to be restored, she refused. And why would she refuse to try and restore order? Because she is getting a big kick over this. She doesn't care how many lives she destroys. That's her game. That's her claim to fame. And if it wasn't then let me ask this question, "How did she or any of the people who attacked me that day know that Jude and her blog would appear on the list?" - I mean, what would make them think that? - I think we all know the answer to that one. Enjoy the screen shots and a hot link to a website stil dedicated to talking, and trashing, about me and Ira. (Whom they forced to close down her blog and she had nothing at all to do with anything.)

Now, I like this next one very much. First, it clearly shows they are "still" watching me. And, they completely mis-quoted what I said. I was told (in a comment somewhere on one of these posts) that I was the flavor of the week and that next month, I would be forgotten and they would be going after some other douche. (her word, not mine) which indicated to me that they may have somebody else on their list to terrorize and get banned. I simply stated that at least being forgotten meant that at one time I was remembered whch si more than what she could say for the abyss that she calls her life. And that maybe I should try and keep the attention towards me to save somebody else from their bully attacks because unlike many people, I can take it. Again, how can you call yourself a blogger and do accurate reviews of a book with hundreds of pages if you can't even remember a few sentences that I wrote? That or they know what I write and they just like to go around lying about me. Take your pick.

We'll see what else they say in the future. Until then, it will be blogging as usual again real soon. Okay?

 Don't forget the link:

In conclusion: I do want to share with you an excerpt of an email I receieved this morning. I will leave her name out of it. But for all of you who took against me because of Jude, pay close attention to where this individual says "She told me you were really a nice guy ..." I hope this doesn't contradict what she may have told all of you to get you to come after me. I think you need to ask her which is it? Am I a creeper or a really nice guy?

*** As for all of the bullying on GR and all that...
I have no idea of what has been happening. I do not know any of these people that are after you. The only one that I know is Jude and I can honestly tell you that she has never asked me to bad mouth you or not read your book. I actually have not even had any communication with her since the last time you and I did. It is funny because Jude has never told me anything about your relationship with her. I have asked questions, but, she really tip toes around it. She had actually told me that you are a really nice guy. I can only tell you what I have been told and believe me, it wasn't much. I had told you once that the relationship that the two of you had was between the two of you and I was not going to use that to influence me in any way. And I have stuck to that. I, personally have never harassed you or even talked bad about you on any public site.
I understand that you made a list of bloggers that did not read your book when you gave them a copy. I am just upset that you keep throwing me into a category of bullies, when I never once bullied you. I like to think that I am a little more professional than that. I had actually went back and forth all week as to whether I would write this email to you or not. I wanted you to hear my side, but, I did not want to add more fuel to the fire.
Please let me know your thoughts...
Thank you, ***

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Threats Against Carroll

The "Stop The Good Reads Bullies" website has posted the recent events of the day. I did make a comment in their comment section but as of this writing, it has not been approved to show up.

Now for the link to the story.

An article on the Huffington Post.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Internet Terrorists: Ignorance Run Amuck

The general consensus among the people who have visciously attacked me is that this is all about getting back at a girl. Keeping in mind, of course, that my orignal list did not include her blog. I had already done a blog about her ethics as a blogger so re-hashing it would have been redundant. However, when she sent her gang of bullies after me, I changed my mind.

Then they say that I am disgruntled over a bad review. Here is the kicker, I haven't had a bad review of my books for over a year. The only bad review I had was the first one, which brought to light about a mistake that I made and I thanked the reviewer for it and as a reward, sent her a copy of my second book.

So, those two theories are shot.

That all aside, my attackers are many. Let's just say about a hundred perhaps. Maybe more. And even after they got what they wanted, me banned from Goodreads, they continue to talk about me on their blogs, websites and the entire internet period. So much so that I now have two websites supporting me, STGR and Goodreads Follies. I have been contacted today by two other websites who want to pick up this story and I will be sending them all the information they need, including the true story of my relationship with the girl who started this all. That will be presented by itself. So I doubt this thing will go away soon. The truth is, I don't want it to go away. Because like one person said in one of my comments, I am the flavor of the week, people will forget about me when they move on to their next victim. My hope is, that there will be no more victims of these internet terrorists. So I am keeping this alive for that purpose. That and the fact that they have now forced a 17 year old girl to close down her blog because they got bored with me and needed someone else to go and harass.

The funny thing is, to show how ignorant these terrorists are, they think she and I are either the same person or that there is some romantic connection. I suppose in their world, the concept of friendship and people helping people doesn't resonate in their reasoning. They just want to take every little thing, every little word and twist it around until they can make something from it that they want it to be. Then they start talking about where this 17 year old lives. Really?

Then they say she and I have known each other for years. The truth is, one of my mods in my group on Goodreads suggested she would be a pretty good mod and that is how she and I started actually talking and becoming friends. But you can't reason with ignorant internet terrorists. Not a single one of them knows me or her. I have never spoken to any of them at anytime that I can recall. Nor has Ira. yet, they seem to know an awful lot of details about my relationship with JH after she turned 18. All the details except for .... well, I am not telling here, you will have to just read it when the story comes out.

Then I am told I am doing this for attention. Okay, let's just think about that for a moment. If I knew somebody was posting a blog about something and I was "personally offended" like these terrorists are because they are bloggers too, and I thought for a moment that the person writing the blog was seeking attention, then why would you give that person the attention they seek? Why play into it? I think the best course of action would be to ignore that person and NOT give them that attention.

Bu there's the thing, all of those reasons above are not any of their reasons. Just their excuses that enables them to terrorize people at will. And for them to know that they have the support and personal backing of Patrick Brown, the manager of Goodreads, to cover for them. But like another comment mentioned, maybe he is just frustrated that his life consists of internet baby-sitting for ten dollars an hour. I don't know. Certainly something to ponder.

Then they also have to talk about my engagments like they know what the hell they are talking about. And they don't. And then they start saying that just because I am bi-polar, that I am some kind of mental patient. That kind of talk just shows their ignorance and how uncompassionate they are towards people who may be suffering from mental illness. But that's bullies for you. They attack at all angles. They don't care about any of that stuff, they just won't be staisfied until they destroy someone. That's their job in life. That is their only purpose. To be internet terrorists. This coming from someone who served in the military. Yes, I am a veteran. My ex manager is retired military. And this is what I get for risking my life for my country? Eh, whatever. I can deal. Of course now I just gave them something more to slosh around. They will attack me about it and say I am lying about being in the military. But if they really have been reading all of my old posts in Goodreads, they will see that part of my life is very well documented and spoken about. But they will twist it around to fit their world. That's bullies for you. That's what internet terrorists do.

Another documented illness or addiction is alcahol. They take pot-shots at me and my drinking. They claim that I am trying to get people to feel sorry for me because I have a drinking problem. Well here is the newsflash, I don't have a drinking problem. I haven't had a drink in almost two months. I do sometimes go on binges, but those last for about a week or two and then I am good. But these people whom I have never spoken to before seem to know me better than I know myself or my friends know me. The fact that they do not know me clearly shows the ignorance of these internet terrorists as they continue to talk all over the net about a person they do not know, a relationship they know nothing about, and a situation where knowledge thereof eludes them.

The only reason they are attacking me is because this is their character. This is their job in life. This is their purpose. This is who they are. Internet Terrorists. They do it because they can, and Patrick Brown gives them that opportunity. They do it because it gets them off in their boring lives. And why are their lives so boring? I don't know. I really can't say. I can only speculate and with that I would guess, maybe it has something to do with the decay of daytime drama TV. Maybe they are upset that "Days Of Our Lives" got cancelled or something. I honstly can't say. But it wouldn't be too difficult to make the connection.

This next shot is of a friend of mine. She was one of my first friends when I got on Goodreads. We had a religious debate of sorts and by the end of it, we were friends. Here, she brings up a good point.

Of course, when someone of logic and reason enters the picture, these terorrists have to sound like they know me more than someone who actually knows me. I find this amusing. But this is how these people are. They have somehow convinced themselves that they know me more than the people whom I have been associating with for over a year. It fascinates me how these lunatics operate inside their warped mind.

So here is a person telling a friend of mine to either stop reading my posts of lies or shut up. None of these people talking bad about me even know me. They never did and they never will. They only know what their friends know and their friend knows only what they think they do. However, the girl who was told this has been a friend of mine for over a year. See the ignorance here?

Here is another example of someone who has never messaged with me, tells a friend of mine of over a year that she knows me better than my friend. This is proof of ignorance in action. The ignorant one is Kaia.

Like I also said earlier, coming after me wasn't enough. Now they start to spread lies about Ira. Here, an ignorant person lies about what Ira said. Ira never said that she knew me for years. Because we haven't even known each other for a year yet. More like about 10 months. And only through my group as she was a mod of it is why we even communicate with each other. She is a wonderful young lady with a passion for poetry who also helps me on my blog because I knew nothing about it going in. She has been a big help to me and oh, I got the first invite to her wedding when she gets married. She's a sweet kid whom these terrorists are trying to manipulate into hating me like they do.

It all led to one thing for poor Ira. She didn't want anything to do with this. It was for her that I took down my list post and others because she thought by doing so, they would leave me alone. But she saw it didn't. She posted a "rant" and these people wanted to make it into something else. They have in essence caused Ira to suspend her blog that she loves so much because these people won't leave her alone, me alone, they just won't stop it. And I only post what they are posting. Like another good comment on one of my posts said, if they stop talking about it, I wouldn't have anything to post. But now I see, because they admitted that they would find someone else after I am done being the flavor of the week, and I don't want anyone else to have to go through this ordeal because for others, this could shake them or break them where as I actually get a big kick out of their ignorance and perhaps stupidity, shall continue to stand and defend and try and keep their attention on me because after all, I am the drama queen. LOL Anyhow, this is what these internet terrorists did to a 17 year old girl and her blogging dreams because they simply can't let her be.

Ira went so far as to reach out to JH to appear on her and my blog as a guest author to ask her friends and these bully internet terrorists to just back down and leave it alone. To basically try and restore order. But JH refused. She said no. So it is obvious to me, this is what she wanted right from the start. And all of Ira's efforts and my efforts to try and calm things down have gone in vain. Our attempts to have the leader of this terrorist group come on and make a plea of peace, has failed. Soon, there will be four websites covering this debacle. I will try to incorporate as many more as I can. And any website who comes to me wanting the story, I shall accomodate. Hey, my book sales have tripled since this whole thing began. I'd be a fool now to want it to go away. LOL

The Goodreads Gang: Bullies In Action

In this day and age when everybody wants proof of this and proof of that, I have uncovered two amazing wevsites/blogs that have had my back right from the start of all of this bullying being applied to me by what I like to call, The Goodreads gang.

Proof positve of hypocrissy in action and REAL evidence of who the REAL bullies are in the saga of my situation and ultimate banning from Goodreads.

Also, proof that Goodreads manager, Patrick Brown, really does endorse this group of bullies and their vile tactics against me. What is amazing to me, these two sites seem to know exactly who to look at and who the main players are in this most unfortunate situation that I find myself in. Leading me to believe that for these people, I was not their first rodeo. (In other words, they must have had done this before to other authors.) I mean, how else would they know where to find so much information and know who to watch?

These two websites are: STGR and Goodreads Follies. To these two sites I say, thanks for having my back and for helping me to bring out my side of the story and presenting evidence / proof of what is really going on.

Please check out these links to see the truth. Thank you guys for sticking with me on this. I have a professional team behind me. Now, here are the links. Enjoy! LOL (Take that, Goodreads Gang)

Monday, July 23, 2012

South Park (The Strange Case Of Carroll Bryant)

"Well, oh gee, I'm so afraid for Carroll Bryant, Mr. Mackey. The manager of Goodreads, Patrick Brown, banned him from the website after a bunch of bullies targeted him for a post he wrote. Patrick just let them hound him relentlessly. Now I can't read all of that wonderful poetry and stuff. Everywhere I go on the internet, they are talking about him. Even on facebook. They are calling him all kinds of bad names. Gee-whitakers, what is he going to do now? Hamburgers."

"I wouldn't worry about Carroll Bryant, Butters, mmkay? He is a big boy, and he can take care of himself, mmkay? The thing you have to remember, mmkay, is that haters are gonna hate, bullies are gonna bully, and light beer tastes great and is less filling, mmkay?"

"M-M-Maybe we can cheer him up with a j-j-j-joke. If you eat fishdicks, then you're a g-g-g-g-gay fish."

"Mumumufufufmamu-muffuumubuuuma - fulfuufufu a hummufuba"

"That's right, Kenny. Carroll Bryant will always be in our hearts, and while we will miss him on Goodreads, we can still follow him on his blog. We just have to all learn how to get along. And treat people the way we want to be treated."

"I couldn't have said it better, Stan. Just like me, Mysterion, Carroll will always be out there in the world, fighting evil where ever it may be lurking. And writing books, poetry and songs for all of us to enjoy."


"Did someone say light beer?

"Drugs are bad, Mmkay? So is drinking beer. If you're drinking beer and doing drugs, you're doing bad, mmkay?"

"Hideey-ho everybody."

"Hello, children, maybe we can cheer Carroll Bryant up with a song. 'I'm gonna make sweet love, sweet love, gonna make sweet love with you baby, yeah, yeah, yeah.'"

"Okay, just move along everybody, nothing to see here."

"I think I learned something here today. It doesn't matter how old you are or what you look like. It only matters if you're a good person or not. Carroll Bryant is one of the most awesome people I've ever known. He was always willing to help anybody with their problems. Cheered you up with his LOL's. That's how I am going to remember him. So all these mean people can hate on him all they want. Carroll is my friend."


"Respect my authoritah! No kitty, that's my peanut-butter and jelly sandwhich. Bad kitty!"

"I'm waiting for you Carroll Bryant."