Thursday, July 26, 2012

Talk Soup: They Love Me, They Really Love Me.

People keep saying that I won't shut up about it. The truth is, they won't shut up about it. These members of the Goodreads Bully Gang or Internet Terrorists as I like to call them are the ones who just won't shut up. And for as long as they continue to talk about it, so shall I.

I do like how they keep referring to me as having some kind of "mental" breakdown. (I like how I have never spoken to these people ever and yet, they "know" me so well.)  Or that I have some kind of "drinking problem" to try and excuse their attack on me on Friday, July 21st, 2012. I would have thought the same thing about them. Another one of their "excuses" is that I am bitter over a review. No, that is not true! I have not had a "bad review" so how could I be bitter about having one?

Another "excuse" offered is that some girl "broke my heart" and I am lashing out. That must explain why before all of this occured, and for the past 4 months, I had her blocked on all of my accounts and Email.

Another "excuse" they use is that I was stalking her. (Please refer to my previous remark above) Not to mention the fact that about three weeks prior to my posting my Goodreads blog about "bad reviewer's" - Jude Henderson, the girl in question, befriended my friend Ira and asked her not to reveal this new found friendship to me. She then proceeded to MANIPULATE her to make her (Jude) an admin. of our blog, Love Hate Poetry, under the guise of re-designing it. All she, (Jude) wanted to do was leave a hot link to her websites on a blog that I was an admin. of.

It seems to me that the only person doing the stalking was Jude Henderson.

Jude Henderson was also the cordinator of my brutal attack on Goodreads that Friday afternoon. In a comment made by an Anon (but we know by the manner it is written, it is really an author by the name of Autumn Rosen) she clearly reveals who started the whole thing. And this raises the issue of why those people really attacked me that day. The evidence more and more points to "not for the issue" of what my blog was talking about, but because of Jude Henderson or my relationship with her.

This whole incident could have been avoided if these bullies would just learn to repsect other people's opinions and views. They yack on and on about how their "reviews" are not treated with respect when they are not good reviews and that authors go ballistic over it yet, let one "nobody" author (as they like to call me) post a little blog about them and it is bully gang up time. If they want repsect for their reviews, then perhaps making reading shelves called "poke my eyes out with a fork" isn't such a good idea.

Nothing on the internet is ever really deleted. Even if you delete it or even if Goodreads deletes it. It is still there, somewhere. It is like a text message, you text something to some one and they text you back and you both delete all of it from your phones, it is still there. It is just stored somewhere else. It is stored by the company who supplies your service. If they need to, the police, for example, can still find out what you and your friend texted each other. The same goes for emails. The same goes for websites and blogs and you name it. Everything on the internet is stored somewhere other than your hard drive. And even the things on your hard drive are still there, even if you send it to the recycle bin and delete it, it is still there. It can be pulled back up. This is what favors me. Even though I deleted all of my emails with Jude, a court order to retrieve them can be handed down and in a courtroom, the truth can be revealed.

Anyhow, here are comments that I would like to share that I recently took screen shots of. Oh, did I mention, just like everything on the internet is still there somewhere, so am I? There is even a private group started on Goodreads where these bullies can now migrate to and plan future attacks against some one else like they did to me.

People talk about the reputation of Goodreads going down hill on a story posted by the Huffington Post. These bloggers and bullies are the ones giving Goodreads the black eye. Not all bloggers, mind you, just a small circle of them. Oh, and so is Goodreads themselves damaging their own reputation when they do not enforce the TOS violations fairly. There were hundreds of TOS violations that occured against me on that Friday afternoon in question and throughout that weekend, even people showing signs of hate crime as some of them called me a "fag". While not true, has hate crime implications behind them. But the only one who got banned was me.

There is also mention of some letter this Jude Henderson is passing around. It is said that it is from an email I sent. Funny how she refuses to show the emails she sent to me. I always like how people pick and choose what they want to reveal. At least when I posted her and my email converstion here on my blog, I posted the WHOLE conversation. That is what is referred to as "being fair". But you can't explain that concept to a bunch of bullies.

Excuses will only take you so far. Long after these evil people got what they wanted, me banned, they still continue to talk about it and spread their meaningless rumors about me because none of them know anything about me. And this whole incident had nothing to do about any "list" - it was about one 18 year old girl who couldn't stand the fact that I had finally found the "mean" in me to block her from my life and move on without her. She was hurt that I now see her as a useless tool in the shed. And if by chance that Goodreads ever does get shut down, it is people like Jude Henderson, (which isn't her real name by the way) and her many bully friends who would have been the cause for it. (I mention the name thing because I have been called a fake for using a "writer's" name. Jude isn't even a writer and yet, she hides behind a fake name. Her real name is Elsa.)

And when I gave Jude an opportunity to put an end to what she started, by appearing on my blog and making a post, calling for order to be restored, she refused. And why would she refuse to try and restore order? Because she is getting a big kick over this. She doesn't care how many lives she destroys. That's her game. That's her claim to fame. And if it wasn't then let me ask this question, "How did she or any of the people who attacked me that day know that Jude and her blog would appear on the list?" - I mean, what would make them think that? - I think we all know the answer to that one. Enjoy the screen shots and a hot link to a website stil dedicated to talking, and trashing, about me and Ira. (Whom they forced to close down her blog and she had nothing at all to do with anything.)

Now, I like this next one very much. First, it clearly shows they are "still" watching me. And, they completely mis-quoted what I said. I was told (in a comment somewhere on one of these posts) that I was the flavor of the week and that next month, I would be forgotten and they would be going after some other douche. (her word, not mine) which indicated to me that they may have somebody else on their list to terrorize and get banned. I simply stated that at least being forgotten meant that at one time I was remembered whch si more than what she could say for the abyss that she calls her life. And that maybe I should try and keep the attention towards me to save somebody else from their bully attacks because unlike many people, I can take it. Again, how can you call yourself a blogger and do accurate reviews of a book with hundreds of pages if you can't even remember a few sentences that I wrote? That or they know what I write and they just like to go around lying about me. Take your pick.

We'll see what else they say in the future. Until then, it will be blogging as usual again real soon. Okay?

 Don't forget the link:

In conclusion: I do want to share with you an excerpt of an email I receieved this morning. I will leave her name out of it. But for all of you who took against me because of Jude, pay close attention to where this individual says "She told me you were really a nice guy ..." I hope this doesn't contradict what she may have told all of you to get you to come after me. I think you need to ask her which is it? Am I a creeper or a really nice guy?

*** As for all of the bullying on GR and all that...
I have no idea of what has been happening. I do not know any of these people that are after you. The only one that I know is Jude and I can honestly tell you that she has never asked me to bad mouth you or not read your book. I actually have not even had any communication with her since the last time you and I did. It is funny because Jude has never told me anything about your relationship with her. I have asked questions, but, she really tip toes around it. She had actually told me that you are a really nice guy. I can only tell you what I have been told and believe me, it wasn't much. I had told you once that the relationship that the two of you had was between the two of you and I was not going to use that to influence me in any way. And I have stuck to that. I, personally have never harassed you or even talked bad about you on any public site.
I understand that you made a list of bloggers that did not read your book when you gave them a copy. I am just upset that you keep throwing me into a category of bullies, when I never once bullied you. I like to think that I am a little more professional than that. I had actually went back and forth all week as to whether I would write this email to you or not. I wanted you to hear my side, but, I did not want to add more fuel to the fire.
Please let me know your thoughts...
Thank you, ***


  1. I work for a phone company and we receive lots of emails and phone calls every day to get data from nasty texts and such. When these sorts of things go to court, the good majority of them are dropped because there is no real way of proving that so and so person actually sent them. All that person has to say, even if the IP address is saying otherwise, that someone else was using their phone or computer at the time, and boom! Charges are dropped.

    This is a blogger blog correct, Carroll? If you go to the Report Abuse button at the top and tried to report a blog for being libel, you will get a message that says: US domain sites such as, Blogger, Google Sites, etc. are run in compliance with U.S. law. Given this fact, and pursuant to Section 230(c) of the Communications Decency Act, we do not remove allegedly defamatory material from U.S. domains. We will remove material if the material has been found to be defamatory by a court, as evidenced by a court order.

    The language of Section 230(c) of the Communications Decency Act fundamentally states that Internet services like, Blogger and many of Google’s other services are republishers and not the publisher of that content. Therefore, these sites are not held liable for any allegedly defamatory, offensive or harassing content published on the site."

    In other words, people can say whatever they want unless they are making blatant death threats. Comments that say things like, "I hope you die" or "Go kill yourself" isn't a threat... they are extremely tasteless and rude, but isn't considered a threat. Now if someone has left a comment here that states they are going to come to you home and murder you and your family, the court WILL find who that person is and Blogger will have to comply with the court.

    Hope that helps!

  2. That does help. I did get one comment stating "I should watch my back ..." anyhow, thanks for that very imformative post.

  3. Kaia: "She don't has it" - O_o Is it even correct english?

    Thalia: "Nobody is watching him anymore" - Sure, babe. We see how he's not being watched anymore. Right.

  4. Hey, Sara - I actually spent like an hour at that comment list flagging *only* the comments that were calling Carroll names. I thought that was freakin' rich, since on another location a similar group was going to town on an author for a single comment in which we called the sorts of bloggers that seem to take such glee out of writing rude, negative reviews of books "twats". We're not talking regular negative reviews, which every author I've ever known actually appreciates, as they provide a stepping stone for improvement, we're talking about the "this book sucks and the author sucks and the book should be burned and the author die so we don't have to read this sort of shit" reviews. The author in question later explained that, so I went to the site and asked that anyone who was considering blacklisting this author read the whole conversation, not just that comment, and everyone decided I was trying to "censor" them. It got to the point where I was threatened - just for trying to put some perspective in the conversation! So I flagged the crap out of it, too, and guess what? Patrick hid it. Yup. They're actually willing to do something, if enough people start to flag. So, folks, let's stop complaining and start FLAGGING comments that are slanderous (call people names or make rude assertions about them) or irrelevant (author attacks in comments under the book info is considered to be off-topic and CAN be removed). We don't want censorship, we want the attacks to stop. People need to learn to practice what they preach, stop calling other people names, and quit attacking people if they don't want to be attacked in return.

    Carroll, I'm not sure what to think about you and your situation. I would like to talk to you in private to try to work out some of the issues that have come up. Are you open to that? If so, drop by my blog and leave a comment and we'll try to work out a way to talk via email or something.

    1. I wasn't online when all hell broke loose on that condemned blog post, so I haven't read all of those comments. I only know of the ones that have been screen captured or quoted by many sites. I'd say I was lucky to not see all that crap going on live? Yeah, i probably was lucky.
      I know what you mean about reviews. The other day I saw a "review" from a Jennifer Whatever on Carz new book and it said "see comment 1" and that comment was obscenities toward Carz. I flagged that comment and, surprise surprise, yesterday that review was hidden. Guess Mr Brown is getting the hell scared out of.him and is starting to really do something then? Huh... I somewhat doubt anything will really change.
      We only hope that after that last blog post Carroll wrote saying he's finished talking of this matters and he won't read the bad comments they leave, they will finally tire of this and will stop harassing him.
      Hoping they won't start with some other author or blogger.

  5. Sounds like high school stuff to me. Or is it "Mom, big sister did this, or Dad big brother did that". I was watching a commerical on the TV the other day for a car advertisment and the girl said near the end of the commerical that she had 639 facebook friends. My point is that some of you people need to get a life. If someone has that much time on their hands then get out of the house and go play with your friends and end the drama. I do not understand why someone would want to create this kind of BS in their lives. Do you not have anything better to do? If not I can think of a lot of things for you kids to do. Grown men and women acting like their shoe size.

  6. "People keep saying that I won't shut up about it. The truth is, they won't shut up about it."

    Yes. There is a drove of people who should just STFU already.


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