Sunday, July 22, 2012

Last Flight Out - Book Review

Gina, of  "Behind A Million And One Pages" blog, just got done reviewing my book, "Last Flight Out". And for all of you who may be wondering, yes, she has had it since September I think? And no, I had no worries about if she would ever get it read, I waited with great patience. (And from recent events, people were accusing me "not waiting long enough" and so forth. Well, this is a perfect example of me knowing the difference between bloggers who are sincere and bloggers who are not. Gina is a wonderful woman and I am very grateful to her for reading my book. Even though, I think she had a rough time of it because of the theme. She braved it out and for that, I thank her. Thanks Gina! LOL Now click on her link below and read the review on her blog. Thanks.


  1. I noticed that the Goodreads ratings of your books have gone down since this started. While I think you could have handled the whole backlash better, I don't think that any author's work should be rated on the basis of the author's attitude or actions. People should rate the book itself. If they've never read it, why should they give it a one-star rating? If they don't like the author and want to make that known on the page, they should just place a comment with no rating. I've seen reviewers who do that and that seems like the classier option to express your anger at an author, as opposed to rating a book one-star just on the author's actions alone.

    1. Agree. If I should rate/review a book based on the author then I would have rated 1 star at least 2 books of the same author. Yeah there's an author (self published( that I despise as a person. But he's a very talented writer and his books are amazing. And I'm a honest reader and reviewer. When I like a book I can't help but wanting to say it to other readers. And when I don't like it I just can't feign.
      I happened to review a book of an author I likes as a person and when found his book boring I gave it a honest low rating. I couldn't pretend I liked it immensely when it barely was 3-stars book.
      Readers reviewers must be honest and sincere.


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