Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Carroll's Wallpaper/Screen-Saver

So I get a few people every now and then who ask me what is on my wallpaper/screen-saver on my computer. (I know, right?) But apparently, inquiring minds want to know. Anyhow, I am posting some of the screen-savers I have had for the past six months.

I change it about two or three times a month. Some of my screen-savers you need not know or see. LOL (I am a dude) For the most part, it’s good clean stuff.

I started the new year with the Ohio State Buckeyes flag. Then I switched to a picture of Brittany at the car wash however, I hadn’t been able to contact her to get permission to post it on the blog so ….

In February, I opened up with Jenny at the lake house on the pier before we went to dinner. (My favorite picture of her) Then one of her and her brother.

In March, this gothic girl was up for a couple of weeks. (Very artistic) Then I switched off to my Buccaneers wallpaper.

In April, I put up a group shot of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. Then a shot of the Cowboys helmet.

The month of May I had the Atlanta Braves logo up for a short time. Then another Cowboys wallpaper. And then finished the month with Jenny and her friend.

In June, I had another shot of Jenny showing. Then I had a picture of The Horseshoe.

So, as you can see, there’s nothing too extreme going on, on my screen-savers and wallpapers. Well, nothing I’m willing to share anyway. LOL  ... ***wink, wink***

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