Monday, July 2, 2012

Carroll's Journal #37 (Fantasy Football)

For those of you who don’t know, I play fantasy football. Allow me to repeat that. I LOVE FANTASY FOOTBALL!!!

Ahem …..

Now that we have established that, I shall continue.

Last week, I concluded three drafts for the CBS fantasy football leagues. That is where I play three of my 12 teams. Last year, I sucked the big one. I had too much on my plate. My books, songs, Goodreads addiction (which I have now over-come) not to mention my relationship(s) situation. I had way too many distractions. I only had 3 teams make the playoffs and none of them made a championship game much less, win one.

That will not happen this year!

Books - closed. Songs - sung. Goodreads - good-riddance. Relationships - un-relate. I am ready for war. Anyhow, I drafted for the Columbus Bandits, Ross County Warriors and Waverly Thrashers. Again, those 3 teams play in CBS leagues.

I have four teams coming up for draft this week in Yahoo leagues. Those teams are, Santa Fe Eagles, Quebec Knights, Ohio Wildcats and Chillicothe Paints.

Then after that, I draft for my five teams in ESPN leagues. Piketon Redstreaks, New Mexico Scorpions, Triple X, Kingston Kings and Roswell Aliens.

Before last season, I actually was doing very well. Winning a lot of games and making a lot of championship appearances, even winning 7 of them in the years 2010 and 2011 combined. Like I said, last year, the floor fell through.

Side note: (Completely unrelated topic) I hate that J.G. Wentworth commercial. I want to meet the person who came up with it and smack them in the head with a blunt object. No, I am not worried that it will cause said person brain damage. The commercial itself proves said person is already brain damaged.

Back to our regularly scheduled topic: Anyhow, wish me luck for this year.

Is it just me or are these PETA commercials kind of …. Um … creepy? I mean, I love animals just as much as the next guy, you know? And I would be upset to learn of anyone I know being cruel or mistreating their pet, but when I see a commercial showing abused animals with a Willie Nelson love song playing … it just kind of creeps me out. Gives me the “Willies”? LOL Anyhow, it makes me wonder, do PETA members have sex with their animals? … Just asking.

Okay, I am having this recurring dream in which I go back to high school. Which wouldn’t be too bad I suppose except, in my dreams, I am 35 years old! I am also living back home with my mother and she drives me to school. I am asking her in the dream, “Mom, why do you have to drive me? I have a license you know? I can drive myself for crying out loud.” Then I find myself walking the halls and trying to find my next class. People are staring at me. The girls are cute as hell and I have to keep reminding myself that they are teens and I am 35! Looky but no touch. Even in dreams, that wouldn’t be right. But they are looking at me with confusion. On the one hand, they have a dreamy look in their eyes that seems to say, “He’s cute” and yet, “He’s old enough to be my dad, why is he still in school?” Maybe they like the long hair. (I have gotten another haircut and really like the short-hair look for now)

Then I have all the coaches courting me. They are trying to get me to play on the basketball team, football team, it gets crazy! (I end up playing on the football team) LOL Then I am back home telling my mother how my first day of school went and saying, “I am retired for craps sake, I should get my own place again.” And she replies, “Don’t be silly, Carz, you would never wake up to go to school. Who is going to wake you up for school?” This is about when I realize I am in the dream and wake myself up.

Has the whole world gone mad?!

Okay, seriously, That J.G. Wentworth commercial really gets on my last nerve. And come on PETA, get a freaking grip on yourself for crying out loud.

Now my email is getting flooded with fantasy football trades and trade offers. LOL I rarely trade. Maybe five trades per year with all my 12 teams combined. I like playing with what I draft and I use the free agent market well.

This Obamacare thing really scares me. The United States government / politicians are trying to turn the American people into a brand X “One size fits all” country. The past ten years has been very grim for Americans. Our current state is very grim. Our future is even more grim than ever. I used to tell people that it will get worse before it gets better. Now, I just say it will get worse.

I do miss going to Goodreads sometimes but damn it, if only it wasn’t a huge pain in my arse. LOL Too slow, the woman in the chair, bad gateway, aarrgggggggg. It’s enough to drive you to drinking. Good thing I already drink then. Haha Maybe I should quit then I could say, "Goodreads is driving me to go back to drinking." LOL

Huge storm came through Ohio on Friday knocking out power, killing my phone line when I was on the phone with a girl. And playing my Madden game on X-box where I was racking up 107 points and of course, I lost it all when the power went out on me. Now I will pout about it for the next two weeks before I bother with it. I guess it’s a good thing my fantasy football draft was Saturday instead of Friday. See, things could have been worse. I would have missed my draft.

Then again, things could have been better too.

“At least you didn’t die” … *** cough, cough *** … oh, go blow it out of your …. Hey, how you doing? … And then there was one. Me.

I called my mother to make sure she was okay. She is. That’s nice.

Oddly enough, I have had people ask me what kind of “screen-saver” or “wallpaper” I have on my computer screen. Quite frankly, I have pictures of sexy girls. (No big surprise there, right?) Mostly girls in bikini’s or lingerie, but in very sexy poses. I do have a couple where you can see the girls breasts but they are somewhat tasteful if not, artistic. Other than that, I also will have pictures of my football teams logo’s during football season. But really, no nudes or porn. If you want me to post them up sometime, I will. Just saying.

Honestly though, PETA, love songs on commercials showing animals? Creepy.

So I hear Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are splitting up. Good move Katie, now we can be together at long last.

Wait! … What? O_o

Don’t forget about my “Hollywood Crushes” contest. I am also planning on having a Xmas contest where first prize is a 50 dollar walmart gift card. I don’t know if they have a walmart outside of United States. I know they have some in Canada. For those who live where no walmart can be found, we will have to think of some other prize or something. Maybe an international money order or something.

Mother called me Sunday freaking out. She just learned that Jennifer is bisexual and of her internet child modeling history. Yeah, she is wigging out big-time.

I am just about done with my “Influences” series. The list started out at 30 before I cut it down to 20 and now, I am not sure if it will be that many or not. I know I have one more. Maybe 2 or 3 left, I ’m not quite sure. But it is winding down. I don’t know how long I will be posting the “Legends” series either. I am thinking about doing a “Recipes” page, with many of my favorite recipes and my mothers. I am also considering a “Did You Know” series. Both are being considered for 2013. (Provided the world doesn’t come to an end at the end of the year)

Hey, you people feeding my fish? Just click on the fish screen and yellow dots will appear. Those yellow dots are fish food. Feed my fish. Don’t make me go all PETA on you. LOL

I love fantasy football !!!


  1. Fantasy football? I'm in the dark on this one o_O

    Amazing dream xD lol and real crazy, to say the least.

    Interesting screen saver... o_O I can imagine how artistic their breasts are xD lol
    But then, i got Jared Leto as my screen saver :P dressed, unfortunately. Very over-dressed I'd say o_O lol

    And I can imagine your mom when learned about Jennifer :D would have loved to see a pic of her at the time she learned Jen's bi xD lol

    So, where the hell did you disappear these days?
    Oh, right, playing fantasy football or whatever. Lol

  2. Yep, fantasy football games. Drafting my teams, researching, plotting, scheming, sweating like a pigwhile I recover, you name it, I might be doing it. LOL

  3. I'm going in for year 5 of fantasy football... protecting my championship title, again! Pretty good for a girl- last year was my third win in a 'just for fun' friends league. If you have any advice, I'm always looking for it!

    1. That's cool, Loony, but if anyone should be giving anyone advice, you should be giving it to me. LOL Or do you play in a keeper league?


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