Friday, July 27, 2012


Hey guys, I have been hearing that some of my supporters who are responding to the "smear campaign" of comments and lies still being talked about - about me on Goodreads - are being isolated. Please, do not respond to these adolescent individuals. I appreciate your support, but I am getting word that if you try to defend me that Patrick Brown and the the rest of the Goodreads staff will isolate you and strip you of your GR librarian status and such. They will make your life on GR more difficult and may even ban you.

You guys have to remember, Patrick Brown supports them, the bullies, and not the truth. I do not want anymore of my supporters getting bullied by Patrick Brown and his GR staff so please, ignore it. Okay?

Thank you.

Mr. Carroll Absolom Bryant



  1. Thank you for the warning, Carroll. I was in the process of writing Patrick Brown a letter to send once all of this quieted down some. Now that I know people are being singled out, I think I will refrain myself. It's just sad, so many people have been hurt by this nonsense.

  2. I'll be out of town for about 3 weeks starting from tomorrow night, so I won't be much online anyway.
    We all need a chillaxing vacation now :P
    Hope everybody will enjoy themselves this summer! ;)

  3. It's always sad when something like this occurs and people needlessly get hurt by it. That always seems to be the case. The irony is, the only two people who may not have gotten hurt is the girl who started it all, Elsa Hernandez, and the guy she targeted, Carroll himself. She is probably somewhere getting a big kick out of it while I am sure Carroll got some free publicity and sold himself some books. I think the Good Reads website itself took a huge reputation hit over this. I know I deleted my account bcause somebody should have stepped in and stopped it before it got so out of control. I will stick to Safari. Maybe I will try and join Good Reads again next year. Provided all the playground drama has been addressed. Otherwise, I can't see myself being a part of it anymore. While I expect children to act like children, I didn't expect so many adults to act like children, or so many authors to act so unprofessionally in their attack against a fellow author. You would think of all the people who would have supported Carroll's right to free speech, they would.

  4. I'm confused here. You mean to tell me that Jude Henderson isn't her real name? After all that garbage about Carroll using a pseudonym, which many authors do, she's been using one also all of this time? But .... she's not even a writer. Sounds like to me she is the one doing the deception. Why would she use a fake name? Now I start to wonder about her credibility. Are those pictures she posts of herself really her?

    1. Now look here, we're over this now. No need to start something again. Plz, I don't mean to be rude just wanting to make something clear. So plz, stop bringing the topic up. It's done and gone.

    2. Actually, Ira, it isn't over and done with. It is still being talked about on the Huffington Post, and these people are still rating my books 1 star and posting bad reviews, attacking me, without having even read the book. How is that not bullying again? LOL

      Anyhow, my readers have every right to comment on whatever post I make. Please do not ask them to remain quiet with their thoughts. Thank you.

  5. .... My bad I tried to quiet it down. Smh


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