Thursday, July 12, 2012

Story Time # 5 Uncle Mike

One of my favorite things to do when I was a young boy was to go and spend a weekend with my Uncle Mike. Everybody has that one special Uncle or Aunt that makes childhood the bomb. Mike was that Uncle. He had a daughter a few years younger than me. I was 9 at this time and his wife, Gilda was an over-weight lady with a giggle in her laugh. Seriously, no matter what she ever said, she giggled. (Still does) even if she was mad. She would say something like, "Don’t you call me a bitch!" (Hehehe) And she did this with everything she spoke. It was quite funny.

One Saturday, we spent the day swimming in his back yard. (We being me and his daughter) It was a great day. I remember Gilda giving up cupcakes that she baked for a treat and some Hi-C Punch. But my day got even better when she announced that she was going to fix my favorite meal, spaghetti.

She always did this. Every time I would come over and stay, she always fixed me spaghetti. For some reason, and she said this often, I was her favorite nephew in law. (Hehehehe) LOL She even said this in front of some of the other kids during holidays and such. I don’t know, she just loved the snot out of me. LOL

Well, as happy as I was about the news of spaghetti, I was even more happier that we would get some more cupcakes if we ate all our diner, which she knew I would eat plenty. And so there we were. Saturday night came and dinner was served! She fixed my plate and handed me a couple of garlic breads, yummy.

I had swallowed all mine down before any of them even got half way with theirs. I handed my plate to Gilda. "More please." She took it and started piling it up. "You have the biggest appetite I ever seen on a kid." She said. (hehehehehe) I was just itching toget some more spaghetti, when suddenly ..... she stopped. She took a sniff in the air. "What's that smell?" (heheehe) My Uncle Mike looked at her. "Smell?"

"Yeah, it smells like ... bad meat." (Hehehe) My Uncle took a sniff. Then he started to sniff his food. "I think it’s the spaghetti." He said.

I was staring at the plate Gilda still had in her hand. 'Come on,' I thought, 'finish my plate and hand it over.'

Gilda sniffed my plate of food again. "I think it’s the hamburger. Maybe it is spoiled." (Heheheehe)

Mike agreed with her. "Okay, no more spaghetti, we think the hamburger could have been bad." He said.

“No," I pleaded, "it was good. I want more."

"Now now Carroll," Gilda replied, (Hehehe) "we don’t want you getting sick. Although," she looked at Mike, "he did eat a whole plate of it." (Hehehehe)

"I don’t feel so good." Their daughter now complained.

"I don’t either." Mike replied. "I think I am gonna ...." he got off his chair and raced to the bathroom, picking up his little daughter on his way, figuring she was gonna hurl too. And she did. Gilda looked at me. "You don’t feel sick, Carroll?" (heheheehe)

"I feel fine." I told her. "Can I have some more, Please?"

"I'm feeling a little ill too." She informed me. (heheheehe) "No Carroll, I'll see if I can fix you something else ...." Then she stopped and placed my plate down and put her hands on her stomach. "Oh my god." (Heheehehe) And up the stairs she went to pay tribute to the porcelain God.

I reached over and took my plate and finished my second helping while they .... got sick. LOL

Long story short .... I had a great meal. I got a few extra cupcakes too. But only because everybody else got sick to their stomachs. Except for me. LOL

Yaaaay me. Yaaaay spaghetti. yaaaaay cupcakes.

The End. (Hehehehe)


  1. What a great aunt you had! My favorite aunt- so many wonderful childhood memories. I'm old(er) so this was a time before Food Network and getting race car shaped pans at Walmart. She used to custom make baking pan forms out of cardboard boxes and aluminum foil. (Plus other stuff I can't remember) All kids of shapes- rabbits for Easter, Santa Claus, turkeys, etc. This is when no one could do that and she would make them so I could take them to class parties. So, in elementary school, I was the coolest kid in class on those days!

  2. That's awesome 365 books a year. LOL You would have been popular in my school too.


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