Sunday, July 1, 2012

Carroll Video's: Stormy Kittens 01

Here are a few video's I have taken of a storm that went through the area. Mostly to my North and South. I was trying to capture lightning shots in the sky but I also got some shots of the kittens and a rainbow although, I can't remember which ones were in what video and so I am going to eventually post all the video's I shot with my neighbor's camera so thank you dude next door, whatever your name is because I forgot. LOL I'm wanting to say John, but I think that's the name of the dude who lives next to you. I don't know. I'm asking.

Wait! ... What?

Okay, so anyhow, here are a few video's. I think there is like ten of them all together. I forgot. I also started them at 03 instead of 01. I don't know why. Don't ask. I am not quite myself today. My mother just found out earlier that my ex GF is bi-sexual and she is freaking out. It will all be explained tomorrow in my next journal post. Meanwhile,  enjoy the video's. I don't know what order they are in. I screwed up the count. LOL Typical blonde. Haha More on the way. There is like, I don't know, ten or something like that. I lost count.

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