Sunday, July 22, 2012

Autumn Rosen: When An Author Slanders

Well, one of the things that contributed to my being banned from Goodreads was this slanderous comment made by author Autumn Rosen. Keeping in mind that I do not even know this woman. She does not know me. We have bever met, never spoken, nothing. And yet, she took it upon herself to slander me without provocation. I don't need to tell you what she said, you can see it for yourself below. But this is just one small tiny sample of what I had to endure with these Goodreads bullies. People who didn't even know me, slandering me like crazy. And might I remind you, with absolutely no evidence what-so-ever to support her slanderous claims. I will be speaking with my lawyer later in the week to discuss our options where this fine lady is concerned. If he says I have any kind of a case, I am going all the way. Meanwhile, I will also supply a link to her blog and maybe you could go and tell her what you think about her remarks. Okay? Great! LOL

And now for her blog link:!home/mainPage

Here is her Goodreads author page if you want to talk to her there. Keep in mind that all of her information is publically available. Being an author, you do not have to be a Goodreads member to view her profile. You do need to have an account however to leave her a comment.  All you have to do to find her is type in her name on your search engine and it will take right where this link will. Just promise me that you will be nice.


  1. I think you just opened yourself up to a libel case.

    1. Go for it. You posted it. I will gladly take this up with you in court. You slandered me with no proof. You did this and here is the proof. You already opened yourself up to a libel case. Stand behind your own words.

    2. Not to mention that all of what I posted is open to public record. Everybody has access to it.

    3. What really gets me, is that Goodreads and manager, Patrick Brown, endorses this kind of behavior. She slanders me with no just cause and no evidence to support her claim, and I get banned for it. Great job, Goodreads. Great job, Mr. Brown.

    4. I removed your picture. Besides, people can see it on your Goodreads account. I have another aurprise for you, though, check it out. Straight from your face book discussion. LOL

      Autumn Rosen Yeah he forgets to post all the stuff before that and with Good Reads taking it down it's his word against mine.

      and .....

      Autumn Rosen I did not start this so people could spell your name wrong Stephen. I promise. I wanted to warn reviewers about this author and his tactics and if there are teen YA bloggers to let them know to avoid this author

      Thanks Autumn. Have a nice day.

  2. Coming soon: Meet the girl behind the bully squad at Goodreads. Pictures, links and more. Goodtimes! LOL

  3. You should see the trashing they are doing to you in the Facebook group, Book Junkies. Also delete any posts sent to this blog where the poster hides their identity. They are just trolls.

  4. Well... if you're going to accuse someone of doing something, you should at least understand what you're accusing them of. There's no way she could have slandered you considering you have to TALK to slander. -_-

    1. I hope you are her lawyer. LOL She posted it. It's slander. it doesn't have to be spoken. Oh, please be her lawyer.

    2. What The Drifting Bookworm is saying that it's impossible for it to be slander is because slander is spoken. As in spoken OUT LOUD. What she did was written. If it counts as defamation, it's libel, not slander. These are basic legal terms.

  5. Nope, not a lawyer. I don't have the patience to make it through law school, or the passion. Just a regular college student. And here's a more concrete definition for you, since you seem to relish your ignorance:

    Libel -
    a.defamation by written or printed words, pictures, or in any form other than by spoken words or gestures.
    b.the act or crime of publishing it.
    c.a formal written declaration or statement, as one containing the allegations of a plaintiff or the grounds of a charge.

    Slander -

    3. Law. defamation by oral utterance rather than by writing, pictures, etc.

    What you are accusing her of is libel, although she actually didn't do anything wrong.

  6. Well yeah, maybe where law is concerned, i am ignorant. Sorry I came off a little .... a lot assholic. I am tired and a little cranky. So thenI guess it is safe to say then that if she didn't do anythign wrong, then i am nto doing anything wrong. I mean, she did post it on my Gr blog. LOL

    Thanks Drifting. My apologies.

  7. I am requesting you remove this page as you do not have a Good Reads Blog since your banning and you have not posted the 589 other posts that include your rants and threats of physical harm to others. You are directly targeting me when I had nothing to do with your ban other than to support others who started it days before I became involved. After reading what you wrote it was hard not to speak out as a parent, like the hundreds of other people but you chose ONLY me. That is predatory behavior, only further proof of the reason for your bans.
    I feel physically threatened by your targeting and threats. Putting me out there, inviting people to come and look me up because all my information is public (it's not), when I only stated my opinion, directly threatens my family and safety. I am NOT publicly available to talk to by anyone not of my choosing. You do not choose for me, so this needs to end. This is harassment and cyberstalking.

    1. Predetory behavior is what you and al of the rest of you self centered little pricks did to me when I posted a blog to describe what I went through with a handful of bloggers. Oh, it's okay for you self serving assholes to write about authors who are difficult to deal with or are called stalkers, but let one author share his expirience about a few bloggers and all of you bullies come out of the woodwork to gang up on and get me banned. You can dish it out, but you can't take it.

      I had/have every right to share my story as a blogger does theirs. Then people like you come around, Autumn, and post something so God-damn evil and mean for noother reason than because you are a stupid little fucking bitch who saw the rest of the sharks trying to eat the dolphine.

      You Auttumn, and the rest of your high and fucking mighty friends, have no right to sensor me and then go around with your fucking heads in the air and write what you want to write. You all write your blogs and post on your groups and on Facebook all of your fucking garbage so I am going to post mine. When you fucking bullies take all of your shit down on your blogs and websites and facebook, then i will take mine down.

      Or do you still think that you have every right to slander but I do not have the right to post (with evidence) the truth? You haven't even apologized to me yet you self serving bitch. I have just as much right to write about bad bloggers who did me wrong as that Lucy girl has writing about an author who stalked her. But now all of your damn friends have posts on their blogs about me and my story, they had their fun and ganged up on me and got me banned for speaking the truth and they post on their blog about me, spreading lies without evidence, so take your medicne.

      When all of those things about me are taken down and i am re-instated on Goodreads, then I will take mine down. Until then, this is cyber-war. And if you want a good example4 of cyber-stalking and harassment, take a good look at you and your friends. You people reverse what you did and I will stop what I am doing. And if you want a good example of harassment? i will show you that. And one more thing. you and your friends DO NOT CHOOSE FOR ME EITHER! I am not directly targeting you, I amtargeting all of you, one by one, who came in and trashed me, got me banned. Hey, youparticipated in that crime so take your punishment.

      You and your friends back off, take down your shit, and get me reinstated on GR and I will back down. Besides, what happened to that libel? When you people end the war, I will end it too. You guys started it by coming to GR blog and TARGETED me.


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