Friday, July 27, 2012

Interview With Regina Wamba of Maei Design

Okay so, I like to step outside the norm every once in a while. I notice everybody doing interviews with authors, and that's great, but I thought I would do an interview with a cover designer. Her name is Regina Wamba and she is the master mind behind the "Last Flight Out" book cover.

Carroll: What motivated you to start doing cover art?

Regina: Deviant art, the motivation to get more creative, to try something I hadn't done before! I love trying new things, challenging myself and learning.

Carroll: When did you decide to do this for authors, designing book covers? And why?

Regina: I didn't realize how important it was for authors to have a good professional cover until after I started. I have a degree in graphics design, and branding is a big part of my business. After meeting some authors and seeing the need for not only good design, but professional layout and typography. I really wanted to help and make a difference! I love what I do and I love utilizing my gift! Both author and artist make a good team to make the dream come to fruition! It's really just an honor to work with authors and friends to help them publish their work!

Carroll: How many have you done so far? For how many different authors?

Regina: I haven't done a count, but around a hundred covers!

Carroll: Wow, that's a lot! Do authors often give you free reads of their work in exchange? I bet that is a pretty cool perk.

Regina: Yes! I do usually get a free read or an autographed copy! Even if I have to purchase the book, which I don't mind doing! It's a great accomplishment for both parties and I enjoy seeing my work on my shelves!
Carroll: I bet you do. Do you do any art work outside of computer art? Any oil paintings? Pencil drawings?

Regina: Oh yes! This is how it all started! Pencil, watercolor, charcoal, oil, color pencil, and pencil.

Carroll: When did you start your business/website?

Regina: I've been doing freelance since about 2005, but officially launched my site in 2009.

Carroll: Sounds like you're well established. Do you do book covers for all genres or just a certain genre?

Regina: Yes! Design in general! I love it all! From memoirs, to fantasy. I can accommodate all!

Carroll: How old were you when you did your drawing?

Regina: When I started?

Carroll: Yes.

Regina: I remember being in the first grade and winning some sort of recognition for my pointsetta painting! I've always had a sketchbook!

 Carroll: Is this your only job or do you do other things?

Regina: Graphic design, website design and photography. All three! Plus traditional art, but that is more like a hobby now, just to keep the creative juices flowing.

Carroll: Got to keep those juices flowing. So tell me, do you have any pets?

Regina: I did up until a couple years ago. Her name was bandit. She was a black German Shepard, border collie mix. I loved her!

Carroll: So sorry for your loss. She sounded beautiful. Went through something similar myself recently. Anyhow, what’s the best part about working with authors and their book covers? I mean, are they often times easy to get along with or sometimes difficult?

Regina: In business you always have a swing in both! But I think that with all my authors, I've had mostly awesome, wonderful authors... Who really enjoy the process of making a cover.

Carroll: What is the average time span from start to finish for a cover?

Regina: Depends. Depends on complexity, feedback, and how busy the author might be, or myself. I find the good average is about two weeks. However, I have had covers take a day!

Carroll: About how much do you charge an author to create a book cover for them?

Regina: This also depends on what they need! I have plenty of options and packages! Feel free to email me at

I want to thank regina for this interview. It was a pleasure for me to learn a little bit more about the woman behind the cover. I know I am very proud to have her work on my book, "Last Flight Out". And if you are an author looking for someone to design your next book cover, E-book or otherwise, give Regina Wamba a shout out.

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