Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Threats Against Carroll

The "Stop The Good Reads Bullies" website has posted the recent events of the day. I did make a comment in their comment section but as of this writing, it has not been approved to show up.

Now for the link to the story.

An article on the Huffington Post.


  1. To the Anon who spoke about things that are silver. That stuff wouldn't be too hard to uncover. All of that can be found somewhere as all of it is public info.

    Thanks for the wise words.

  2. To the Anon who started their message, "Seriously dude ..." I did not start anything. You and your friends brought this to me. Did you really think that I was going to just sit by and do nothing and let it happen?

    I did not ruin your life, you and your friends are trying, or have already ruined mine. The vile nature of your mob mentality and the personal and professional attacks on me for absolutely no reason what so ever has led us to the road we are on and nothing else.

    You guys should have just left it alone. I did not ask you to come and post on any of my blogs. I did not force anyone to spread lies about me on their websites and blogs. You made that choise on your own. Now you must live with that choice.

    All I did was post a blog about a few bloggers who broke their promise to me. And one would think that I killed the Pope or something. You and your friends turned this into what it is. I only did what anybody else would have done and defended myself to the best of my ability.

    So don't blame this on me. If you wouldn't have said what you said (as well as the others) we wouldn't be here now. Would we?

    1. I wonder what would have happened if the bloggers you mentioned had contacted you directly after the list was posted to clear up the matter, instead of their followers and other readers going to town on the whole thing plus your personal life?

    2. I wonder too. Aren't people capable of solving their problems with others without putting their stuff all over the internet for everyone to see?
      Both parties in this mess did it the wrong way. But still, the bloggers could have solved this matter of the list privately contacting Carroll. And their followers should have minded their own business.
      Instead they made all hell to break loose. And that's right what they wanted

    3. Yes Sara however, it was not about the post. It was a personal attack on me organized by Jude Henderson. And Patrick Brown stood by and allowed it to happen. Goodreads will pay for his mistake if it's the last thing I do. And Jude was the master mind behind it all.

  3. If you hadn't posted it outside of GR it would have died out. Now people are going to file police reports and this is going to get really messy.

    They are not my friends at all I don't know any of them. You need to stop acting like you are innocent. The police will find out about that girl in Mexico and then you will be in a world of it if her story is true.

    I have not professionally attacked you at all. I asked that you take down the posts with my name because I saw it getting ugly and I wanted no part of it. When you didn't listen I walked away and waited for the pile of dynamite you lit to fire off and it has.

    I did not post for three days threatening you, calling you names, trying to stir up trouble. I'm sure now this is far beyond Goodreads to ridiculous. I shut off my account on GR's deleted my site that didn't even have a blog attached. I posted to my friends in FB one time to be leery of your threat against bloggers. Nothing else. I spread no rumors and I told no lies.

    That girl started the shit storm over on GR giving out the play by play of what you did to her from what I hear. People got angry and now they are out for blood from what your posts tell me.
    I don't know who threatened you. Hell it's spread to so many places now it could be anyone.
    I do not know the story and I really don't care I just want out of this mess. I want to be left alone. Please respect that. I have left you alone and I want the peace I have asked for several times. I have apologized to you multiple times and still you act this way. Like I am the only reason this is happening. I am not. My part ended after my last post to you asking you to take my name out of this since I followed your requests of deleting the post on FB, the ONLY post I made. Yet you keep this up. Haven't you done enough damage? Or are you this cruel? I am not Jude, I did not break your heart, I had nothing to do with that. Now you seem vengeful toward the wrong person. None of this is my doing. You have only yourself to thank for that. You need to take a good long look in the mirror and realize your pissing match with the girl you lied to has backfired and you posted it all for the world to see. I did not do that. The people on GR most certainly did not do that.
    Maybe this should be your next story and I hope you learn from this. I certainly have, stay away from Goodreads and just write books. BTW My GR account was deleted early this morning so feel free to leave me out of the GR bunch. Check for yourself. Patrick can verify that because I emailed him about it requesting my work be deleted. I'm not a part of it so stop putting me in with them.
    Because of the deletion, I have no idea what happened to cause this shit storm today other than you beating sharks with baseball bats here. I am not going back to GR with people like you there, I am better off. You have shown me the dirty underbelly of writing and it is ugly.

    Please remove my name from your site as I want nothing more to do with you or this mess. It's just sickening and now it's plain crazy. I have posted nothing about you I have done nothing to you since the beginning, please let me be. I just want the nightmare of you gone. Stop being the victim and take responsibility for what you did, I have already. I am sorry. Remember you told Jude a million times you were sorry for those emails and whatever else you did and you expected forgiveness?

    1. No, it wouldn't have died out. Even after I was banned everybody started shooting it all around the internet. They were tweeting it, facebook, you name it. I only defended myself from everybody else's attack. I didn't do anything. And I don't know what that girl said to everyone so I don't know how to defend that situation but one thing is for sure, she was 18 so no law was ever broken.

      And you did become a big part of it. You posted more than once. I have three screen shots of your posts. So stop your lieing. All I wanted was to just write my books too. That was taken away from me. And girl "broke" my heart. Where are you people coming up with this crap? Is that what she is saying?

      Nothing is getting removed until the injustice done against me is rectafied. I have shown you the dirty underbelly? Funny, that is what all of you have shown me. I wasn't stalking anyone. She was stalkin gme and I have the proof. And if it goes to court, which I think all of this will, I will prove it there.

      You did say something horrific and you never apologized for it until now. But that doesn't change the fact that you hold me responsible for your choice to attack me for no reason. You didn't know me then, and you still don't know me and you (like all the other bullies, haters) do not know the truth.

      You did professionally and personal attack me.

    2. You ruined your own life. You tried to ruin mine. I didn't send anybody to your house. i don't know where you live. I don't even know what state you live in. And I don't trust you or your friends to tell the truth. I hope the cops come to my house, I have a lot to say and show to them. Wait, the cops have already come to my house. Twice! And I did say and show them a lot.

      You want to point blame at someone, you best point at yourself. Like I said, nobody forced you to come to my blog and say the vile things you said. You made that choice. Now be an adult and own up to it. When this injustice against me has been corrected, then and only then will these posts come down. And not a moment sooner.

      If you want to believe the lies of an 18 year old girl, that is up to you. Just like with Patrick, you chose the wrong side.

    3. So what you are essentially saying is, Jude started the whole thing? And that attack on me had NOTHING to do with the post itself?

      Thank you. You jusy implicated Jude and Patrick. Jude started it and Patrick failed to do his job to stop it because eveybody was claiming that they were posting about the blog itself. Which also makes me wonder, why or how did Jude or anybody else know that Jude woukd probably even be on that list? I never topped the scales or mentioned who would be on it. Thank you for this confession. That attack on me had nothing to do with my exposing bloggers, but people coming to the defense of Jude.

      TOS VIOLATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      You are going down patrick. You are going down Goodreads. You are going down Jude.

      ***Smile, screen shot*** Say cheese.

  4. What you guys don’t realize, is the girl who started all of this is sitting at home laughing her head off. You all became her puppets, and you ventured out to do her bidding. Do you think for a moment that she cares about what she has done to so many people right now? Of course she doesn’t feel bad about it. Why? Because she doesn’t care. She played you all. She lied to you. She got you all fired up and now there will be people living with this for a long time. And this girl that you people rushed to defend, is home right now wearing a smile.

    I wasn’t stalking her, she was stalking me. I have had her blocked from everything in my world for the past two months. She was the one who befriended my friend and asked her not to tell me about it. She was the one who manipulated my friend to let her in on our blog. Just like she manipulated all of you. You made it too easy for her. I can rightly say that all of you who attacked me became her minion.

    And she is at home right now, smiling, laughing and taking great pleasure at all of your pain. As for me, I have no pain. I stand in the light of the truth. I am still happy considering all you have put me through. I have the truth on my side. All of you are liars and all of you are puppets of an 18 year old Mexican girl.

    And she is home right now smiling, and laughing at her dirty little deed. Dance puppets!

  5. To Anon-AR - Part one (Because this response is too long to fit in one box)

    There are many authors who do not write under their real names. That does not make them fake. (Still taling with your unknown hate for me, aren't you? And while we are on the subject of fake names, your friend went by a fake name too. JH is not her real name. If you did not know this then she wasn't as good of a friend as you thought. Which would be sad considering where we are now. My life is not fake either. Shows what you do not know about me. You know nothing about me. Absolutely nothing. Yet you talk like you think you do. Amazing. Nobody outed me. What world of crazy do you live in? I already knew she was Behind this. You are not telling me anything new.I did not manipulate her. Again, showing me how little yo uknow about me and the situation. Her birthday is in late August, and she turned 18 in 2011. Again, if you did not know this, then she is not your friend like you say. Or maybe she has been lying to you. I never told her or anyone that I was 26 years old. Man, that age thing is different everytime I hear it. Make up your minds. And I never told anyone I was a mdoel. Again, showing what you do not know. My lawyer has already explained a lot, than you. There is no such thing as "showing intent" when it comes to a legal aged adult. Maybe you can have your lawyer explain that to you. But I doubt you'll pay attention. I don't know where you come up with me cursing in that debacle. I might have said a few, but nothing like you and your bully friends were saying, that's for sure. I did have proof of people asking me for my work. It was in one of my groups. Probably gone now thanks to your henchman, Patrick. And I do have emails that will verufy it. Here is my question to you and your nully friends, "Why should I produce anything for you?" I would have shown that proof to the proper authorities, but nobody at GR ever asked me for it. I don't owe any of you the dignity of seeing it, it's none of your business. If you are not the ones on that list, it is of no concern to you. I know bloggers don't have to review my work. There were plenty of them who said they would but never did. However, they didn't ask me for a free copy. They said they were going to purchase it. I have no problem with that. And if I would have approached a blogger on my own accord and given them a free copy in hopes of them reviewing it and they didn't, I would give a crao about that either because I would have been the one who approached them. But ... (and this is the part I don't want to lose you on) when somebody approaches me and request a free copy in exchange for a review or an interview, and I give it to them, then yes, they do now owe me a review or interview. And if you don't then fine, I now have the right to tell people that you broke your promise. Because in essence, you did. You got me to give you a product in exchange for a service in which you failed to provide. That is bad business, bad manners, and bad blogging.

    1. Response to anon AR part two -

      If you want to talk lies versus the truth, fine. Here is one thing that no matter what, if I get to take this as far as I want to and it ends in a court room, there are two things you can be assured of .... one - her lies will far out number any of her truths and two - her lies far out number any of my lies. I am manipulative? I have proven it? How? You show no example because you know nothing about me. NOTHING! Only what you think you know. All that you know is not even second hand information. You talk like you're on crack or something. No, I am not bullying anyone. All I am posting is what others are saying about me and defending that assault. If you don't want me posting about what you are saying about me then don't say anything about me. Especially when you do not even know me. And trust me, you don't. Those girls you mentioned did do something to me. Your own words, Evie posted a warning about me, fine, I postd a warning to other authors about those bloggers and look what it got me. I did not snap at Amanda for awriting any kind of review. I don;t care about what she gave some other author in a review. And she never gave me a review. In fact, nobody has ever really given my work a bad review before all of this broke out. That was never the issue. Oh, you and your bully friends try to make it the issue, but it wasn't. They can post anything they want. i have never attacked anybody for speaking their opinion. Again, you give no example. And you call me one sided? And yet, you give no example of that. But this clearly shows how little you know about me and you are speaking through your hate for me that without knowing me so that pretty much tells me what kind of person you are. Everyone who knows me would tell you that I am the least one sided person they ever knew. And until you get to know me, you would never know it. And you don't. Know me that is. I did not ask for this attention, You and your freinds gave it to me when you swarmed onto my blog and threw this crap all over the internet and now it has blown into your faces. Or will be soon. Feel bad for me all you want. I feel bad for you. All the evidence shows that I was the one attacked unfairly. You have absolutely no idea what you are saying. You are about as coherent as a drunk man three hours into a New Years Eve Party. Proving yet again with you final two lines that you have absolutely no idea who I am. You do not know me, so stop trying to convince me that you do. Because you don't.

    2. Response to Anon AR part three

      Do not send me any more comments. You know nothing about what you speak and I will not reply again. Did you understand that? I am tired of your insults and you thinking that you know me. Now go away. You made your bed ... now sleep in it. Good day.

      I said good day!

  6. Carroll, look, it's time to face the fact that you got involved in a land war in Asia, and it turned out just as well line from the movie implies. We know you're pissed off, but burning down your own tents in the hopes that it will take out your enemy's tents as well is not a wise move professionally. [End of metaphor] The best thing you could do for your reputation right now is to stop posting all this stuff in public. Don't threaten people. Handle it privately: involve the police or lawyers where appropriate and turn your energies back to creative pursuits. We know that is a very hard thing to do given how high emotions are running on both sides right now, and both sides feel the need to be "right". But just think about it. Okay?

    1. It's not what they did that bothers me so much as how they went about doing it, why they went about doing it and the concern that not only will they do it again to somebody else, but the possibility of them getting away with it. And Patrick Brown and Goodreads backing them if not, encouraging them by allowing them to get away with it.

      That is what probably pisses me off more.

      But I will think about what you said.


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