Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Living In Piketon, Ohio: The Legacy of Mayor Billy Spencer

Welcome To Piketon Ohio

When I first moved to this town, it didn't take long for  me to discover that this police force was about as crooked as the letter "S". In fact, it was within my first three weeks here when an officer by the name of Ratcliffe singled me out one night and some major shit hit the proverbial fan.

But that was back in the Fall of 2006. Many police officers have gone, come and gone again since then. One thing that has never left was / is the corrupt way many of these officers go about their job. 

Recently, I was attacked by two white trash cowards and despite video evidence showing this cowardly attack, no arrests were made. I will get into more of that later in this series that I like to call, "Living In Piketon Ohio". 

This series I will be posting on my blog will chronicle the shady activities of the Piketon police department under the watch of  Mayor Billy Spencer. 

Not only will I be posting all of my experiences with these buffoons, but I will also be telling you the experiences of other citizens, from their own words, in their dealings with not only the Piketon police department, but also the Pike County sheriff's office. 

I have assured these people that they will remain completely anonymous if they choose. And have even given them the liberty to keep the names of the police officers that they encountered anonymous if they like, to ensure that none of the people coming out to tell me their stories will be targeted for future retaliation by the law enforcement community.

I don't know where this series will take us, so expect the unexpected. And I'm not doing this just for retaliation against those officers who have constantly and continually violated my rights, but I am also doing this to let everyone else see what is going on as well as trying to give other victims an outlet for their frustration at the lack of justice they have suffered in Pike County, Ohio.

So keep checking in every Wednesday for a new story as I am posting them every week.

And if anyone wants to reach out to me with their story, feel free to do so. You will remain anonymous, I promise you.

I think it's only fair to reveal the true legacy of Mayor Billy Spencer. And no matter what, at the very least, that legacy will remain here on the internet forever, long after he, his officers and myself are long gone off this Earth.

At least that's something.


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