Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Fantasy Football: 2017

And hello to everyone today. I just got done drafting my eleven teams this past weekend for fantasy football. As you may recall, last year was such a great season for me. I played 16 teams and all of them made their league playoffs. Thirteen of those teams went on to play in their league championship game and twelve of those teams won their league championship.

Do I expect to repeat that this year? No. I actually don't. And yet, I do. lol

What I mean is, in my heart, I always expect to win, but in reality, well, you know how it goes. You can't win all the time. It would be nice though to do as well again this year as last year. That would be nice. Anyhow, I played a record 16 teams last season and this season, I decided to just go with eleven. I was just going to play ten, but then I figured I wanted to play one of my new teams from last year and I decided on Dak Dynasty, seeing how I am a Dallas Cowboys fan and for as long as Dak Prescott is their quarterback, I will play the Dak Dynasty team. But once he is traded, resigns with another team or retires, I will retire the Dak Dynasty team.

Lets take a look at this years teams!

 I always open every year of Fantasy Football with drafting Piketon first. They were the first team I ever played (2006). In my first year of playing FF, I played just one team to see how I was going to like it. Of course, I loved it and year two and beyond, I have played more teams in more leagues.

Piketon's career record is 80 -62-1. I have won three championships with them and lost a couple. Their playoff record is 8-3.

 Chillicothe has a career record of 73 -64. I have played in four league championships with them, winning two, the last two years back to back in fact. Their playoff record is, 6 - 4.

Some people have asked why I name my teams after the cities and towns that I do. These are places I have been or lived and they hold a special place in my heart so I honor them in this way. The only teams I have played that I never lived or visited are Utah Cougars and London Tigers. (I played both last season). I played those two teams in honor a couple of friends of mine who live in or near those places.

 Columbus has an amazing record of 81 wins- 41 defeats, and - 1 tie.

I have played in 4 league championship games over the years with the Bandits, but only winning one of them.

Their playoff record is, 5 wins and 5 losses.

 The Kingston Kings are 85-31-1 in their career. I started them in 2008. They have been a kick-ass team in the regular season, but have only played in 3 league championships, winning one (2015).

They have qualified for the playoffs every year except one (2011).

Their post-season record is, 4 - 7.

The Scorpions sport a record of, 85 - 43 - 2.

They have played in 5 league championships over the years, winning 3 of them, including back to back championships the past two years.

With 8 playoff wins and 4 losses in their history, they are one of, if not the most, successful team I play.

 Ohio Wildcats clock in with a record of 90 wins, 45 losses and 2 ties. They have won more regular season games total than any other team. They have also won 4 league championships in their history, which is tops among my teams. They have also played in more championship games than any of my other teams, (7). They also have more playoff wins, too (11).

I first played them in 2007, in Yahoo! leagues before moving them to ESPN in 2014.

 Ross County is 85 - 48 - 3 in their history. They are 2 - 1 in league championship games. They sport a playoff record of 6 wins and 4 losses.

Roswell is 85 - 44 - 1 in their career. They have played in five championship games and won two of them. Their playoff record is, 7 wins and 6 defeats.

They're aliens. They're from outer-space. They are also one of  the teams that won a championship last year.

The Santa Fe Eagles court a career record of 65 wins and 46 losses.

I did not play them in 2014 or 2015.

They have played in three championship games (including last season) and won two of them (including last season).

They are 5 - 3 in their playoff history.

Waverly is 61 - 34 in their history, which spans a mere seven years. In this time, they have accumulated 8 playoff wins and two losses. This includes 5 league championship appearances where they won three of them. The only two years they did not appear in the their league championships were 2012 and 2013. Both of those years they failed to make the playoffs. However, the other five years, they made the playoffs and went on to play in their league championship games. They are my most fickle team.

I started Dak Dynasty last year to honor Dak Prescott, the quarterback of my Dallas Cowboys. I had no idea that he would end up starting the year as the starter and would go on to QB the Cowboys into the playoffs. However, this team also did very well, going 9-4 in the regular season and 2 - 0 in the playoffs, winning their league championship game.

I hope for a repeat this year.

And there you go, the eleven teams I am playing this year in Fantasy Football. I can't wait for the season to start. 

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