Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Democrat Leaders, Media, To Blame For Va. Park Shooting

In the early morning hours of Wednesday, June 14th, 2017, a lone shooter took target practice on a group of republican senators as they practiced for an upcoming baseball game against their democratic rivals in Alexandria, Virginia.

As reports start coming in, we learn that the shooter, name purposely withheld, was into politics and apparently, anti-Trump / republicans. It turns out, he was really against the proposed tax cuts being offered up by President Trump and the republicans. In other words, he appears, to me, to be just another crazy liberal with an ax to grind.

You may not hear this from the mainstream media or any of the democratic leaders such as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Bernie  Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and the like because they are too busy defending their socialist narrative and socialist agenda. But it is these people that I blame for this shooting incident.

I'll explain why. But first, I predicted that this was going to happen. That there was a storm brewing in the form of another "civil war" only, this one would be democrats versus republicans. I also predicted that between 2017 and 2020, this war would escalate from verbal bashing and simple assault to attempted murder and murder itself. I said that this would be a war that would spill real blood out onto our streets. It is my belief that this shooting in Alexandria, Virginia is either the first shot / battle of this war or ... the incident that knocks some sense into our democratic leaders and mainstream liberal media.

Fortunately, nobody has been killed in this incident except for the shooter himself. But three others, House Majority WHIP, Rep. Steve Scalise, and two others, including one police officer, were shot but expected to survive their wounds.

But I digress to the main point of this post. I do blame democratic leaders and the mainstream media for this shooting. I blame the democratic leaders because of their refusal to condemn the protests that turn into riots by their followers / supporters. When I watch these episodes unfold on TV in real time, people destroying buildings and other property, violent assaults acted out by liberal males against elderly and or females that are Trump supporters, and when I see fires being started in the streets by these liberal thugs, and the democratic leaders remain silent, then it's like they themselves are condoning this barbaric behavior.

When these democratic leaders do not speak out against these college students shutting down the republicans when they are scheduled to speak at universities, and deny these people their right to exercise free speech, then it becomes worrisome, and quite bothersome to me. And these leaders, by their silence, are encouraging this kind of anti-American activity.

When the Hollywood socialists come out with their hate speech and rhetoric, calling for the death of our President, and / or his family, and the destruction of the White House, like I have heard come from the mouths and actions of socialist scumbags such as Madonna, Ashley Judd, Kathy Griffin, Whoopi Goldberg, Stephen Colbert, and others, and the democratic leaders do not come out and condemn this type of hate speech, then they are supporting it and it leads to what we saw in Alexandria, Virginia.

I also blame the mainstream socialist media for the constant silence to these un-American rhetoric and actions. To the fact they refuse to cover much of these events and call them for what they really are. A protest is not a protest if the protestors end up rioting. Or they go along with the democratic narrative. It's disgusting, and needs to stop. But because of the mainstream media colluding with the democratic party, we now have fascism in America. This fascism / socialist behavior is not only destroying this country, but it's now starting to bring out the really nutty crazy people like this shooter in Alexandria, Virginia, and it's now going to start costing Americans their lives.

When leaders and the media stop defending the first and second amendments, then all hell will break loose. You have to stand up against violence, and hate speech, especially if it's coming from your own party. When democratic leaders (and republican leaders) start turning a blind eye to the evil of their own parties, then eventually, a bloody war will erupt. And if the democratic leaders and the mainstream media continue to go down the silent, and fake news road they are traveling then more horrific shootings are in our future as a country. Pretty soon, more nut-jobs will be coming out of the woodwork on both sides. More people will get shot. More people will get killed.

So I am calling on democratic leaders and the mainstream media to stop all of their nonsense. To stop with their intolerance. To stand up against the hate and violence, coming from their followers and supporters. To stand up against these Hollywood socialists that are throwing fuel on the fire of hate and intolerance. And for the mainstream media to stop with the fake news. And once and for all, stop it with these stupid witch hunts. Because when I see this shooting, I see the future of America. Not just ISIS attacks, but Americans attacking Americans. Democrats versus republicans. I see another "civil war" brewing on the horizon. And if our political leaders and mainstream media do not change their ways and change them quick, many will be hurt and killed in this stupid battle.

As an Independent voter, I will go on record now and say, if it does come down to democrats versus republicans bloody civil war on the streets, I will be fighting with republicans. I will stand up against socialism in its liberal form.

Just saying.

But here's hoping our leaders will get the point. And change their nasty and hateful ways. ALL OF THEM!

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