Tuesday, June 20, 2017

California Gas Tax

California announces that it will be raising state gasoline tax by .12 cents a gallon to take in an extra 5B dollars a year to help fix their infrastructure / highways.

Isn't that what they said the last time they raised the gasoline tax? And did those roads / highways / infrastructure get repaired? .... No, they did not. So, what makes anyone think they will use this 5B a year to repair infrastructure?

Know what I think? I think 2B of the first 5B is going to go to Paris Climate Deal. That's what I think. The rest will end up in the hands of crooked politicians and their cronies. Or maybe going into election / re-election campaigns.

Californians will be lucky if even 1B dollars finds its way into the infrastructure project.

That's what I think. 
California has the worst financial situation than probably any other state in the Union. Their situation is so bad that most of the money they get from this gas tax hike is going to go to other needs. Just like it did the last time, and continues to this day. It almost makes me feel bad for the people of California. 

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