Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fake News / Hate News Mainstream Media Rant

Mainstream fake news / hate news media is completely hush-hush about THE REAL RUSSIA COLLUSION between democrats / socialists and Putin.

Millions of dollars funneled into The Clinton Foundation during Hilary's time as Secretary of State while Russia was getting diplomatic favors, which included Obamatard approving the sale of 20% of America's uranium.

That money that was going into The Clinton Foundation was suppose to be made public, but wasn't. Instead, it was covered-up.

The dirty democrats doing what they are accusing Trump of doing, of which zero evidence has yet to be presented.

I'm glad I'm no longer a tax payer, I would be pissed right now at the waste of money put into this democratic scam of Trump / Russia collusion delusion.

And now we have yet another waste of life, socialist congresswoman from Florida politicizing the death of a military hero. One of four hero's that were recently killed in an ambush. Democrats are indeed disgusting, and just as I said once in a blog post, the democrat party is America's ISIS.

They are as soulless as soulless can be. The democrats deserve Hollywood, and Hollywood deserves the democrats. Filth supporting filth. Everything the democrats touch turns to shit. The economy, the education system, Hollywood, music industry, and now, the NFL.

They are the biggest liars I have ever known. They endorse sexual assault, pedophilia, and make sure they keep the black community jobless, uneducated, and dependent on that government cheese.

I have yet to meet a democrat that could even come close to matching the I.Q. of a fat mans wet fart.


  1. I hope your tweet destroys your life. Utterly disgusting and vile.

    1. How kind of you to say. I hope so, too, but I doubt it. My life will go on as planned. I'm about as happy as a person can be. I hope everyone could be as happy as I am. Even you.


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