Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ten Things

Ten things I hate about you ...

1) I hate how you accept me for who I am when everybody else keeps telling me I should change.

2) I hate how you take my breath away everytime you smile.

3) I hate how you can read my thoughts and finish my sentences.

4) I hate how you always know the right thing to do and say.

5) I hate that you know where my tickle spots are.

6) I hate how you nibble on my ear. You know that's my aphrodisiac.

7) I hate how everyone seems to love you as much as I do.

8) I hate how you can see the greatness in me.

9) I hate that you can only tell me you love me when you're looking me in the eyes.

10) I hate how much I love you right now because it's all that I can feel.

God, I love you so much!

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