Friday, April 27, 2012

Carroll's DVD Review #15

Let's get scary this week. There is only one movie that I can think of that could scare the bejeezus out of you, and I am going to be talking about it. The scariest movie of all time? You decide.


What can be more scarier that a demonic possession of a 12 year old girl? One who spits green pea soup in your face, masturbates with a cross and can spin her head completely around. Not to mention floating over the top of her bed and speaking in languages that nobody speaks anymore. Yes, it's the exorcist and he is coming to town to save the day. If this one doesn't give you nightmares then nothing will. Unless you're more afraid of ghosts than you are .... the devil!

I loved this film. I couldn't stop laughing at some parts. I haven't seen it for a few years until recently, when Jenny wanted to watch it. She saw it on my DVD shelf and asked, "Is this any good? Is it scary?" - Ha! I couldn't get her to watch the other movie. (Which I will be rating also today)

My rating: Hey, if this movie doesn't deserve ten stars - then nothing deserves ten stars. I give it ... 10 stars!



Planned for years, but plagued by problems such as the death of director John Frankenheimer before production had even begun and the exiting of star Liam Neeson, the fourth installment of the Exorcist saga finally got off the ground with Paul Schrader (Affliction, Auto Focus) behind the camera and Stellan Skarsgård filling the shoes left empty by Neeson. But the pitfalls didn't stop there, as Morgan Creek decided against their initial approach assigned to Schrader after seeing his finished cut, and hired Renny Harlin to reshoot the film with extra gore and head-spinning nastiness. The first prequel in the series, Exorcist: The Beginning is based upon events occurring before the first film. Playing the character made famous by Max von Sydow in the earlier films, this entry finds Skarsgård as a young Father Merrin facing true evil for the first time in Africa in the wake of World War II. When a young local boy begins to behave strangely, it becomes more and more apparent to Merrin that the child is a victim of demonic possession.

This one isn't as good as the first. Then again, nothing can match the original, right? Am I right? Of course I am right. However, it is still better than Exorcist three and way better than Exorcist Two: The Heretic.

Still, I am going to have to give it a rating of 8 stars. I think you'll like it. It might have been better had Liam Neeson hung around and played the lead role. I'm a huge Liam fan. But there you go, grab these two flicks and the covers and somebody to latch onto and turn out the lights. See you next week.

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