Monday, April 16, 2012

Carroll's Journal #17 (The Lucky One)

I saw a dude jogging in spandex the other day. Really? Guys still wear those spandex shorts? I thought that went out years and years ago? The legs went down to almost his knees. He looked about mid to late 40’s. He was just jogging along on the sidewalk. He even lifted his wrist and was checking his pulse. I turned to Jennifer and made a small request. “If that’s me in ten years, shoot me. Better yet, run me over with your car.”

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with jogging, just the attire. I do my jogging in the woods. It’s more of a constructive jog. Plus, I jog in sweat pants. Mostly my Ohio State Buckeyes sweat pants. I want to look fashionable at the very least. I just think spandex is outdated. I was just surprised he wasn’t wearing leg warmers or something.

Girls look hot in pink leg warmers, Knee highs. The shorter the shorts, the better.

I’m not much of a health nut though, but a good cardiovascular doesn’t hurt. Actually, it’s a lot healthier to just walk. Low impact and a steady flow of the heartbeat. I used to love getting up and going out late at night in Columbus, when I lived there, and walk for miles. Especially in the alleys. You see all kinds of funny things at two and three in the morning in the big city. That’s when the crazies come out. Oh, how I miss that.

Jennifer is still nagging me about that movie she wants to go see. It’s called, “The Lucky One” - and it didn’t help that I watched “A Walk To Remember” with her either. I love that movie. The cool guy falling for the cute nerdy girl. Then she dies and … okay, I admit it, I still get teary-eyed when I watch it. Jennifer was quite surprised by it. I also cry at the end of Titanic when Rose lets Jack go and he floats down to the bottom of the ocean.

What? Ain’t nothing wrong with dudes crying. So I get sentimental sometimes. I think deep down I have always been a romantic. Okay, okay, maybe my romanticism wasn’t that deep, I have a reputation for tomfoolery when it comes to the giddy ways of love I suppose. I’m just sorry it took so long to actually fall in love. I mean, really fall in love. My only concern at this point is crying in public. I mean, at the theatre watching this romantic film, what if it’s actually good? And then I get the tears seeping through? People will see!

I’m not liking the thoughts of this. Better wear my shades.

Or maybe it’s just that I have the crushie for Mandy Moore. I have already informed Jenny that if I ever get to meet her in real life, and she asks me to run off with her, Jenny is history. LOL She laughed and said she would take that chance. She in turn informed me that if she ever meets Zac Efron … you get the idea. Although, Jennifer is starting to get a little nervous after discovering my first celebrity follower on twitter. The very beautiful Marcia Brazil. I think she is afraid that I might have a better chance of meeting up with Moore than she does with Efron. Haha

I think it would have been great if my relationship with Elsa would have been something special to reflect back on one day, but she kind of ruined it by lying and breaking promises and basically … just by being herself. That’s okay though, I have a very special friendship that I will treasure for the rest of my life with young Miss Hira. One would be hard pressed to find another person with such a tender heart. And with Jennifer, yeah, I am for certain the lucky one. Not to mention all the amazing people I have met through Goodreads, Twitter and even here on my blog. One shouldn’t be as lucky as I am.

I also miss my friend Sarah Falls. She and I used to email all the time. We had this thing called story time where I would send her these stories of my childhood and all the mischief I would get into. But I understand. She has a life to live and I want her to go out and live it to its fullest. In doing so, I get to reflect to those times and they are special and meaningful to me. It makes me smile every time I think about it. That’s when you know you had a very special friendship with someone, when you can look back and smile at it because it went by so fast and you miss it.

I also don’t have the time anymore to really send her a good story these days. Being so busy myself, but still, I miss it. I care deeply for her. And I considered posting those stories on my blog but then I start to think that by doing that, I would spoil the memory of it because that was something just between her and I. It was our thing. And I want to keep it special.

Just like I miss my friend Alessandra. She has an amazing singing voice. She also bakes. Just like another friend I miss who lives in Canada and going to college there. Her name is Adela. Our thing was that she would always go and hide under her blankie when I would tell her how cute she is. It was adorable. She is still in college and has a job baking too and pretty much, has a life to live. I don’t expect people to be hanging out on their computer everyday of their life for the rest of their life. I expect them to go out and live a life. Maybe get the occasional hello email.

Then there’s my very special friend Baby Doll. Our thing was role-playing. We just clicked with that. It was special to me. Still is. I miss emailing with her too. But times change and life moves on. We meet online at Goodreads and we enjoy one another’s time while it’s there to be enjoyed and then, they have to move on with their college studies and jobs and basically, their lives. But with each of them, they are very important to me. They give me warm memories when I think about them. And I do think about them. All of them. I want nothing but the best for them. They are very kind and wonderful ladies with bright futures. And my life has been blessed by knowing them.

Okay, so there has been one who wasn’t that special after all. They can’t all be special now, can they? I reckon not. It’s just too bad is all. Sad even. But I am an author and for the time being, Goodreads, my blog, Twitter, and pretty much the computer is kind of my life. It’s my job you could say. I will probably be hanging around for quite some time. Who knows? Sure, I am engaged, but she understands the importance of my being online. And I can do that while she is at her job during the day. It works out pretty good. Best of all, I get to share my life with all of you. It has its exciting moments. Yes indeed, I am the lucky one.
Told you I could be sentimental when I wanted.

Does it make you a bad person if you are watching someone on a bike and they get to the curb and something goes horribly amiss and they flip the bike and you laugh at it? It’s not like it was funny, funny but more like … um … hope you’re not hurt but that was funny as hell kind of funny.

I don’t know. But I laughed anyway. So I’m going to hell. Big whoop. LOL

It’s official - The Vegas trip is cancelled. For now. Instead, Jenny wants to go to a bed and breakfast somewhere. We might even take a trip to Beddington, Maine, where the story of my book, Children Of The Flower Power, takes place. That sounds romantic I guess. She just wants some alone time with each other. Yeah, I guess I do too.

I apologize, but that bike crash was hilarious as hell. Poor chap.

The dude was carrying a few books under one arm, and when he got to that curb … I’m sorry, I know I am awful. Jenny already scorned me for it. Then shortly afterwards, she started laughing about it too.
Where’s a video camera when you need one?

Another reason why the Vegas trip was called off is because she doesn’t trust herself there with me. With all those wedding chapels all over the place, she is afraid we will get drunk and go to one of them and get hitched like a couple of runaway teens or something. I confess, yeah, there is a risk of that. I would marry her right now if I could. Not that she doesn’t have anything against the king of rock and roll, but getting married by an Elvis impersonator just isn’t her idea of the perfect wedding. I give her props on that one. Plus, she and I both have been there before. Plus, we would be going there with David and his girl and Jennifer REALLY wants to have some alone time with me. Plus - the last time I was there …. Um … let’s just say they have a lot of “street girls” out and about. LOL

Props again, sweetheart.

So, it will be a romantic trip for two. Just her and me. And our laptops. Her cell-phone. Long walks I bet in the comforts of some surrounding wooded area. Probably a big moose encounter. Or a grizzly bear. Or snake. I don’t care, just being with her makes me the lucky one.

Fighting this cold. It started on Friday and got worse on Saturday when Dave dragged me out to go fishing. Oh, and then I had to cancel my commercial on Sunday which led me to getting … gulp … fired! At least I got paid for one commercial. I don’t know if the guy is even going to be showing mine now. He said he couldn’t reschedule the shoot. Oh well, I am a writer, not an actor. David took responsibility for it because he did drag me out fishing on a cold rainy day when I was already sick to begin with. I still say it is my fault. I could have said no to him.

Seriously, that dude on the bike was really funny.

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