Monday, April 30, 2012

The Temple of the Vampire

Written by Vincent Crowley

The History of the Temple:

The Temple of the Vampire is an ancient religion now registered with the federal government of the United States, and possessing an international membership. Shrouded in secrecy, the Temple has been known in historical times by many different names to include The Order of the Dragon, The Temple of the Dragon, and in ancient Samaria, as Hekal Tiamat (The Temple of the Vampire Dragon Goddess, Tiamat) Membership, until the present time, has been closed except by personal sponsorship and invitation, subject to the approval of the inner council.

The Modern Temple:

The modern Temple is a careful calculated experiment to more publicly reach those of us who may be of the Body of the Blood yet unaware of our full heritage. We seek only those who have become aware of their unique difference from the mass herd of humanity, those who resonate with the Dark of the Night, those who have recognized their nature as predators, those who sense there is something more to life and want to possess it.

Vampires Exist:

Vampires are the predator humans. We have come from the human stock, but represent the next stage in human evolution. We who accept and glory in our predatory nature. We fully accept our bestial instincts and origins while applying the power of our minds and will to the achievement of our deepest desires through earthly and magical means. We are the masters of the world. Our reach extends from the highest corporate executive offices to the most secluded country estates. Our membership includes almost virtually every profession and lifestyle. Our interest in world affairs is that of leaders who control and command, rather than mere followers who hear and obey. We have a rational plan for the world and for our own personal physical immortality. We are the few who truly rule this material world and those who throw their lot with us are wise indeed. Many are called. Fewer still, enter.

The Religion of Vampirism:

That the religion of vampirism has been, and remains, the religion of rulers. Ours is a selfish and brutal philosophy dedicated to personal survival and triumph. We have no interest in humanity as a whole other than in how they may serve us. At the same time, all other religions of the world were founded and continue to be directed by those of our kind. It was ancient vampires who created Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and all other major world religions to produce docility and compliance with the Rule of the Masters. Humans now unquestioningly accept the need for obedience to “the will of God”, which is and always has been the will of vampire masters. The religions that we have created for humanity are designed to curb human pride and inculcate a slave mentality. The vampire knows that there is no God who loves and cares for humanity, for it is we who created and taught them their ideas of God. In truth, we are the Gods of humankind while remaining atheists ourselves.
The Earthly Vampire:

The dayside of the vampires personality is that of the skeptical materialist who approaches life with a no-nonsense perspective. The key word here is doubt. We laugh in scorn at the humans who find themselves believing in the superstitious nonsense which our kind created for their control. The earthly dayside vampire is dedicated to personal, material mastery of life. While seldom entails the seeking of monetary wealth to the exclusion of personal pleasure, the religion of the Rulers leads one toward material success as a natural consequence of respecting the realities of the world as it is.

The Magical Vampire:

In ritual and other magical acts, the vampire exhibit’s the night-side of his/her personality. The keyword here is belief. The vampire learns to slip in and out of belief systems as they serve him/her, and absolute belief in magic is only engaged in when magic is actually used. The many powers of the vampire (to include shape-shifting, flying, mesmeric power, super human strength, and physical immortality) are accepted as real first within the night-side of a vampires mind. Here, from the will’s connection to the powers of darkness, the fantasies of power becomes realities. These realities are manifested in what are called out-of-body lucid dreams and are approached by the sincere and dedicated application of the Higher Teachings of the Temple.

The Tension Between The Worlds:

By developing and maintaining the opposing dayside and night-side perspective, the vampire produces a powerful stress between the world of truth and fantasy. The result is a growing capacity to cause change in the material world by magical means such that dreams of the night leave footprints in the day.

Magical Ritual:

A vampire is made, not born. This making comes from the direct and personal contact with the undead Gods. The original and correct purpose of all magical ritual is to attract and meet with the undead in a sacred act of Vampire Communion. Historically, we are the true witches and warlocks of Europe’s Dark Ages and the sorcerers and magicians of all times. The gathering for Vampiric Communion have always drawn the human aspirants as well as the Elder Gods to remote and isolated settings and shall continue to do so until the end of the world.


Vampirism is real and most ancient. Mortal life is swift and short. We may pick and choose amongst the billions to replenish the Elite. You have just this one opportunity for life undying. Your next actions will decide your future as just another mortal lost to the winds of time, or as one who will truly join Us to become a vampire, an undying ruler of this earth. The choice is yours ….

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  1. There is something about vampires that I just can not get enough of.

  2. That's good. LOL Just so you know, this Vampire ain't your "Twilight" Vampire.

    1. Thank god it's not the typical twilight story or I'd disown you as my friend for writing crap like that. LOL

  3. Sometimes I think you're just looking for a reason to disown me. LOL

  4. Plagiarize much?

    1. Nope. "The Temple of the Vampire" was written by Vincent Crowley, and I stated that in the beginning.

      "Wolfen Society" is a book I wrote which was inspired by the song "Conquer Divine" written by Vincent Crowley and when I pitched him my vampire story idea, which actually uses Vincent Crowley's real name as the main character, he was all for it.

      You see, in other words, I got permission from Vincent Crowley himself to use his real name and likeness in the book. Vincent Crowley is a friend of mine. So, again, the answer to your question is no. I am not plagiarizing anyone.

      Perhaps if you stop living your life as a bully you wouldn't make a fool of yourself like this. Just saying.

      As for the book itself, it is written and will be edited soon and yes, publishing it will follow. When will that be? I don't know. Obviously, Spring 2013 has come and gone, but the reason I hadn't published the book yet is because I took an extended break from writing.

      Currently, I am planning to go back into the studio to work on songs for the rest of this year and will refocus on my books next year.

      Thanks for the asinine and bully comment/question though. It made my day. :)

  5. So the Temple of the Vampire is the current form of what was once the Order of the Dragon?

    1. I guess. As according to Vincent Crowley. He is the one who wrote this. I simply posted it to my blog.


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