Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Wedding Planner #1

Okay, so ... as everyone knows by now, I am engaged. I thought it would be nice to keep everyone informed as to the process of Jennifer and I planning our wedding. To let everyone know of the what's, how's and so on. And of course, if anyone wants to make a suggestion then by all means, feel free to chime in.

The first decision has actually been made today. That would be that she and I have agreed that it will be an outdoor wedding. Oh, and it will be in the month of May. (Her birthday month) She orginally thought April, but I really wanted to do it in May. I mean, her birthday, our anniversary as time goes by, come on, what a great month it would be for her, right? (Okay, I know I am going to hear the jeers with this next question, but ... isn't May the month where Mother's Day shows up?) I'm thinking it is. I could be wrong. In the event I am not wrong, then tack that on as another big plus for the month of May for my Jenny. (You know, when we have kids)

And I know I am sterile. However, I plan to start going to a doctor to try and see if there is anything I can do to help try and change that. I would love for Jennifer to be the mother of at least one child of mine. More if she wants it and I can produce it. (Fingers crossed) And if not, she said adoption works for her. Still, I would love to be able to give that to her.

Anyhow, May for the wedding and outdoors with lots and lots of flowers. Oh, I almost forgot, she also wants it to be small. Just family and only a few very close friends. She wants to keep it as close to fifty as possible. (Or less) That list will be put together in the upcoming weeks then dwindled down I'm sure.

Okay, recap then of what has been resolved:

1) Small wedding

2) Outdoors W/lots of flowers

3) Month of May 2013

Just a peek at some other upcoming decisions:

Photography, Cater, gown, rings, wedding party, cake, limo, guest list, Tuxedo's,  -  I'm sure I am missing a few things but I am just winging it right now. So stay tuned. I will report again when we have made a final decision on something, okay? 

I am so excited!


  1. Why do I get the feeling that the rest of this isn't going to be so easy or simple? LOL

  2. I've gone through most of those when my sister got married O_O Nightmarish months, I'm telling ya!
    -The limit of 50 people works only if your families are small too. When my sister got to write the list, 50 people was only half of OUR famiy, not counting the groom's family o_O Lol
    -Be sure the Limo got air conditioner and that it works!
    -Be sure the photographer isnt an idiot and doesnt get lost. Give him/her a map if necessary xD lol
    -Rings will be a walk in the park compared to all the rest. And the choice of gown for the bride.
    -Do you use gifts for the guests? (Dont even know how to say it in english xD Lol)
    -You said you want lots of flowers: you gotta decide which kind and color.

  3. We don't give gifts to the guest, but we will give gifts to the wedding party. This I do know. I'll be lucky to have 20 people from my side. The trick is, don't send an invite to the guy who sent you a xmas card three years ago and you haven't heard from since. Only those who really matter will get an invite. I do forsee a possible problem with a couple of my siblings ... maybe. We'll see.

    Thanks Sara. Nothing like a good scare to wake you up. LOL Just kidding.

    1. Don't make the mistake of not invite your siblings... you'd just make things worse and you'll probably regret it later... they're still your close family! You should talk about it with your mom and ask advice. Moms are there for this too. To give us guidance.

  4. "We don't give gifts to the guest, but we will give gifts to the wedding party." Erhm? Gotta explain to me the difference... o_O

    The Xmas card trick doesn't work for our family, we stopped doing that ages ago and no one ever send cards anymore to anyone. We use texts and phone. And we see almost all our family members every year. So... LOL

    It might be scary, but that's the point! Only if you can go through all this, and face your fear and win, then all is worth the joy of seeing your beautiful bride at the altar. All is worth if in the end you got to have the woman you love.

  5. After two weddings- my advice is to remember it's about you and her. Everything else is just fancy extras. This is one of those times where 'don't sweat the small stuff' comes into play- EVERYTHING with the wedding except for y'all is small stuff.

  6. We were actually talking about that over the weekend. We're going to let our families make all the fuss they want, the wedding is really their show. We spoke our vows privately already. The rings, the wedding, that's just formalities. LOL

    I am so crazy about this girl. LOL

  7. This is so sweet.

    I hate posting as Anonymous!

  8. Oh yeah, the wedding was post-poned/called off/post-poned? LOL

    We're still dating. Dating? Something like that. LOL


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