Monday, April 23, 2012

Interview With Georgina Taylor

Hi everyone! So today's interview is with Georgina who is the author of ' The Taint', read more to see what its all about,

Me: When did you start writing?

Georgina: I began to write stories as a teenager. However I didn’t have much faith in myself as a writer and so I chose instead to concentrate on my art.

Me: When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Georgina: I came to the decision to make writing my career about ten years ago, shortly after the birth of my first child. I had my last big art exhibition in Sydney, Australia and felt it was time for a change. By the following day I’d written my first chapter. (Synopsis? What’s that? Just plunge on in and suffer the consequences!) 

Me: How long have you been writing?

Georgina: Writing with stubborn perseverance? A little over ten years.

Me: What is your book about? (Describe it)

Georgina: Although I have several short stories published, I’ll talk about my soon to be released novel Sorrow’s Child, the first in my four part Gothic Fantasy series The Taint

As I’m deep in edits at the moment, it is now the sum of my days and the stuff of my nightmares too! 

I’ll give you a bit of a blurb: a dark fairytale steeped in myth and magic. In a richly gothic setting, Sorrow’s Child is both a coming of age story, and a tale of betrayal and bloody revenge. 

On the isle of Muin, one of the thirteen scattered Meda Isles, Lilith, a young orphan and indentured servant, is found guilty of witchcraft and is condemned to hang…
Me:Tell us two things about you that not too many people know.

Georgina: I am woken up by sixty hungry ducks every morning.

I have a thing for the Australian singer, poet and songwriter, Nick Cave--well, I’ll admit all my friends know that, and I’m sure my neighbours do too.

Me: How did you come up with the idea of your book?

Georgina: Lilith, my Witch, has always been with me. Her story has grown in my mind over the years.

Meng and Meabel, my winged, bestial Demigods, introduced themselves to me in 2003. They feature in my published short story The Taint: Octavia and in the second novel in The Taint series, Gods and Monsters. Their story (especially Meng’s!) intertwines with Lilith’s in the last two books in the series.

As to the idea behind the series: along with making the books enjoyable, racy reading, I am interested in the idea that people are more than the sum of our pasts, our experiences, our upbringings. We are feel to chose our own paths at any time. It is our actions at any given time that determine our fate, whether we strive to be Gods or monsters. 

Me; If you could be a character in one of your books, who  would it be? (And why?)

Georgina: It would have to be Lilith, although by the time readers have finished the first book in the series, they may look at me a little strangely for revealing this. I admire Lilith’s strength, and believe me she needs to be strong. I also admire her determination in seeing things through to the bitter end. Anymore and I’ll be giving away spoilers, so I’ll leave it at that…

Me: What's your background? Tell us a little about it.

Georgina: I was born in England and immigrated to Australia was I was four. I suppose my background is in Visual Arts. I have a B.A Visual Arts majoring in photography. I exhibited for many years with Stills Gallery, Sydney. I now show at Cobweb Designs Gallery, Cygnet Tasmania. 
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