Friday, April 27, 2012

Video Break #19

Tell me what you want, what you want, Willa, Willa, Willa Ford. (Not to be confused with the rocker, Lita Ford) Anyhow, this one is for the guys. LOL But quickly, a little story:

On one of my trips to California, I hit a club with a friend that was known for having the occasional "star" to drop by. Anyhow, I can't recall if this was before or after Tina Barrett. Anyway, I am standing in the bar while my friend is jumping from table to table and mingling when my eyes catch onto hers from across the room. She was sitting in a booth with a bunch of girls and two big huge bodygaurds to either side of the booth. I gave her a nod and she gave me a wink and that was that. Mostly because my friend came up to me and informed me that it was time to vammoose. I asked him who that girl was and he said, Willa Ford, forget it! "She's out of your league."

Hey, nobody is out of my league. LOL Anyhow, here she is, the amazingly beautiful and sexy, Miss Willa Ford.

One can only wonder what might have been had my friend not been too hasty in leaving when we did.

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