Sunday, April 29, 2012

Carroll Reading

Okay, here you go. As promised, a video of me reading while I wait for David to return from whatever it was he was returning from. Don't get too excited about this one. It is apparent that David does not know how to use his close-up/focus dial. He said he went to get a close-up but that when he did so, his finger inadvertantly turned off the camera. Anyhow, I knew he had the camera that day, but he said he was just taking pictures of the scenery when in fact, he was secretly video-taping me. He wasn't video-taping me for any specific purpose at the time. He also says the next three are a little better. I will post them as he sends them. And with that being said, here is video one of four. Taken a few weeks after Christmas. There was no snow, but it was cold. Colder than it looks in the video. I was wearing a layer of 'long-johns' under my clothes plus I was wearing a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve shirt and my green hunter/military coat. Anybody who has worn 'long-johns' under their clothes can attest as to how uncomfortable that can be and how awkward it is to move around. Obviously, the more layer of clothes you have, the more difficult it is to move around.

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