Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Living In Piketon, Ohio: Fair Play

About six months after my initial incident with old Jism Jaws Jenkins, I had another encounter one night in August, in a BP / Duke & Duchess gas station, while the Pike county fair was in full function across the highway.

I entered the BP and headed towards the coffee counter area. I quickly noticed to my left, at the end of the cashier counter, old Jism Jaws standing there and talking to a couple of guys. He was laughing and smiling. Then I heard him say, "Isn't that right, Norman?"

I knew he wasn't talking to me, but he and his pals were looking at the guy standing in front of the coffee counter. I think I should also note that there were maybe another half dozen or so people inside and another half dozen or so outside at the pumps.

I stood to the left of this "Norman" fellow and soon noticed his hands shaking like a leaf on a tree in the middle of a tornado. This prompted me to ask, "Are you okay?" However, it was Jism Jaws who answered. "No, he isn't okay," Jenkins volunteered, "he's just a little nervous, aren't you Norman?"

I turned to give Jism Jaws a quick peek. "Was I talking to you, sperm lips?"

His smile suddenly turned into a straight face with daggers from his eyes shooting right into my soul. The two guys standing next to him became quiet as well. I think they were a bit surprised at the manner in which I spoke to Jenkins. I turned back to Norman. "So, what's going on?"

"It's the cop." He whispered. "He's just getting under my skin."

"Yeah!" Jenkins yelled out. "You're damn right I am. Hey Carroll, he's an ex-con. He just got out of prison a couple weeks ago."

I didn't take my eyes off of filling up my coffee cup when I responded. "What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?" Then I glanced at Norman. "Don't let that bitch get to you. He's a punk." (I tried to say it loud in so Jism Jaws could hear. It worked.)

"You don't know what he was in prison for, Carroll."

I placed my cup down on the counter and spun myself around and took a few steps towards Jenkins. "I don't care if he was in prison for raping your three year old granddaughter up the ass without lubrication. The point is; he is a free man now. He served his time and was released. That still doesn't give you the right to bully him, or anyone else for that matter. What the fuck is wrong with you, dude? Why do you continue to act like some fucking retarded dumb-ass? You ain't tough so give it up. But if you want to bully and harass someone, come over here and bully me. Harass me, mother-fucker.  I dare you. I want to thump your stupid ass so badly, I can taste it in my anus."

His eyes locked onto mine for about thirty seconds. It became quiet as hell. Everyone inside was frozen where they stood, staring at him and me, waiting for the next move. Jenkins simply shook his head when I turned back around and grabbed my cup. "That's what I thought, Jism Jaws. A coward through and through. Typical Piketon Police officer." I nudged my new friend, Norman. "Come on, I'll buy your coffee for you."

We took our java to the counter and as I made payment, Norman had one more concern. "He's just gonna follow me outside when I walk back to the bar." (Which was just up the street and is no longer open.)

"No he won't," I assured him, "because I will walk with you. This way, if he does try anything, I'll get to kick his ass." Then I looked back at Jenkins. "Isn't that right, Jism jaws?"

If looks could kill, I would have been a dead man where I stood.

I motioned the cashier for a pen and took my receipt and turned it over. I ended up writing my name and phone number on it. "Here, keep this with you. If that bitch, or any other Piketon police officer ever bothers you again, you give me a call. I will personally deal with those shit holes myself."

As we headed out the door, I could see the reflection of old Jism Jaws staring me down with evil eyes. I smiled and gave him my final shout out. "You can think about it all you want," I stated, "but you and I both know that if you ever try to scratch that itch, I will beat the ever living shit right out of you, boy."

I knew that night I got to humiliate that son of a bitch in front of his two pals, the cashier and all those other folks inside. I might not know what the conversation was like when I left, but I do enjoy using my imagination thinking about it. Or maybe no one had the nerve to say anything after that public humiliation.

That guy, Norman, never did call me. But I think now, old Jism Jaws Jenkins probably wished / wishes that he never got involved with me at all.

Score one for the good guys.

And seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these Piketon police officers going around thinking they can just bully the citizens anytime they want? I bet the mayor, Billy Spencer, is full of pride right about now. This police force in Piketon, Ohio is only as corrupt as its mayor.

See you next week with another story of the law enforcement in Pike county, Ohio.

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