Monday, March 26, 2012

Video Break: Paris Hilton Special

Here is someone who could never get enough of publicity. Funny, getting older seems to have slowed her down a bit. And here I thought she would still be taking off her clothes at age 80 trying to get more attention. Chin up, Carroll old boy, she'll be 80 soon enough. Who knows. LOL

By the way, for as long as I have been a playboy, is it any wonder that her and my paths have yet to cross? Haha If we ever did (do) I bet that would make a few headlines. LOL

Let's see, she acts, she has a sex video, she had a TV series. Oh, let's not forget her Carl's Burger commercial. (Yeah, really hot) LOL And of course this ... she sings and has a video. Actually, I think she has a few videos out. This one is my favorite. Not a bad singer actually, just needs better songs. Enjoy!

Carls Burger commercial. What the heck. LOL

Okay, what the heck, we went this far so we might as well go all the way. LOL Here is her other music video called "Stars are Blind"


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