Monday, March 19, 2012

Carroll's Journal #11 (WTF?)

Well, I finally got the commercial done. Did it Sunday, March 19th. I think I pissed off the guy who hired me. LOL What else is new, right?

He deserved it for changing the script on me. (Debutants)

So here is the extent of it. (Don’t freaking laugh either.) There will be shots of a car driving fast on the road. (Supposed to be me driving but it isn’t. You can’t tell because the car has tinted windows) In between the shots of the car, the dealer talks about his deals as he walks across his lot of cars. The car driving represents “me” rushing to get to the car dealership. (Shrugging my shoulders now)

Then, as he winds it down, (here comes my scene) I pull up in the car, roll the electric window down and say, (while waving my thumb towards him) “He’s dealing!”

And scene. LOL ….. WTF? … I said no laughing.

On the first take, I rolled the window down and said, “I farted.” And everybody started laughing. On the second take I said, “He’s squealing.” LOL Then the next few takes I got the line right and got serious for a moment however, I didn’t like the way I said it. 1) Too whiney … the next time, too stupid sounding … third time, I did it with a southern accent.

Then it felt like people were getting aggravated with me so I pulled another joke line to try and lighten the mood. I rolled down the window and brought up a pretzel I got from one of the guys daughters and said, “These pretzels are making me thirsty.” Stealing a line from Seinfeld.

Everybody laughed …. Except for the guy who hired me. LOL WTF?

He goes off on a small rant. “One line! You only have to say that one line! What are you, retarded or something? One effing line! You’re killing me here, Carroll, you’re killing me!”


We took a break and I hung out with his two daughters (early to mid 20’s) One them was on her phone and online looking at my books and stuff. My blog, my Goodreads profile, and she was getting all giggly over it.


In short, what probably should have taken a half hour, took 2 and a half hours. LOL

Hey! I never said I was an actor.

David called me up afterwards. “What the hell are you doing? That dude called me and he was pissed. He said you clowned around the entire time. You’re killing me, Carz, killing me. Like I need anymore gray hairs on my head.” LOL


Eh, I got my money, why do I care, right?

Now I’m thinking about doing a video for my friend Vinny and his band, Acheron. We’ll be discussing it over the course of the next few months.

Oh, David is going on another trip soon. In fact, he says he will be taking a few of them this summer. He says he wants to try and get me on the Kathy Lee and Hoda morning show. Yeah, I don’t like the sound of that. First of all, they drink on their show. LOL

Me + alcohol = nothing good can come from it. LOL

Plus, I have a secret crush on Hoda. Don’t care much for Kathy Lee. But if getting Hoda means I have to go through Kathy Lee, well … a sacrifice will have to be made. LOL


He wants to get me on the show by the end of the year. Stay tuned. I will keep you updated on the progress of that.

I bought a new toy on my way home yesterday, a air horn in a can. My neighbor was cleaning out his car when I pulled up, he had half of his body inside the car and appeared to be gathering up some car trash off the floor board. I pulled out my can of air-horn and sounded it off. He jumped up and hit his head on the roof. LOL Funny stuff right there. He pulled himself out of the car while rubbing his head and bitched me out. “What the hell is your problem, dude? You about gave me a heart attack.”

I smiled over at him, and laughing. “I bet you could live without that bump on your head too, huh?” Then out popped his middle finger. Point taken.



  1. Got to be a hard a$$ if he didn't laugh at a classic Seinfeld reference! lol! Sounds like quite the entertaining day..would have enjoyed watching that :D

  2. Got to be a harda$$ if he didn't at least crack a smile for a classic Seinfeld reference!.. either way, sounds like you had quite the entertaining afternoon :) would have love to have seen it!

  3. *still chucking* Oh my God! Couldn't stop laughing all the time reading your post! LMAO I so wanted to be there and see the car commercial to be done xD LOL too funny! "He's squealing!" WTF!! Hahahahaha!!!

  4. I guess th elonger the camera crew was there, the more it cost him. LOL My bad!

    But now I want to do a pretzel commercial.


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