Saturday, March 10, 2012

Video Break # 2


A lot of people never heard of this group, but there’s a reason why I am fond of them. Well, one in particular anyway. Her name is Tina Barrett. She is the brunette girl of this group. I participated one day on an MSN sponsored chat with this band and found myself in a friendly exchange with Tina.

I don’t know if anybody knows how these things operate, the truth is, I don’t either, this was my first and only time I ever participated in anything like this. The year was 2001 if I am not mistaken.

Anyhow, I was not allowed to private message her, that option was disabled for us regular Joe’s, however, they were capable of sending private messages to people and sure enough, before the segment was over, she private messaged me with her email.

I know, right! LOL

So she and I talked for the next few months through emails and eventually, phone calls and then finally, a meeting. (I told you guys I used to travel a lot) LOL It was short-lived. Didn’t last nearly as long as I would have liked.

It was really a sweet friendship. One that I cherish. Amazingly enough, she is a very nice girl.

Here’s to you, Tina. It’s just too bad we drifted apart and never kept in touch. And in your honor, I am posting two video’s of the S Club 7. “Natural” and “Never Had A Dream Come true”

Enjoy everyone.

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  1. Just got off the phone with my mother. She called after reading my post. She reminded me that it was not 2001 but 1999 when I met Tina.

    Thanks mom.

    Yeah, I suck at remembering dates. LOL


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