Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random #1

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to announce that I am looking for someone who can proof my Spanish (Mexican) in my upcoming book, "Year Of The Cat".

I doubt there will be much to it, this is mostly just precaution. If interested, hit me up. I sure could use the help. It is always good to have someone double check your work. Just to be safe.

Also, I would like to give a couple shout outs to some really amazing and talented authors I have met or read on Goodreads.

Amy Lignor - I have read her book, "The Heart Of A Legend", and while a Western, it is a very good read. She also has written in other genere's and you can see all of her work right here.

Mitch Newman - He posts a lot of short stories on his Goodreads profile and has published a couple of books that I recommend highly. "School Colors" and "Sophie Paraskova"

Dick Peterson - His book "By The light: A Novel Of Serial Homicde" is a very good read.

Check these authors out and their work.

I also wanted to give a shout out to some very good blogs.

Love Hate Poetry - By my best friend, Hira. She has all kinds of things going on there. She has done a fantastic job with book reviews, author interviews, and so much more.

The Leather Express - By my good freind Sara. I like popping in on it from time to time. I think you all will enjoy it too.

Shadow Kisses - By my friend Cassie. There are a lot of book reviews galore on her sight. She helps people find good books at great prices. Give her a peek.

Okay, well, that's it for my Random Post number one. Remember, I am looking for anyone who can help me double check my Spanish in my upcoming book.



  1. Aww thank you! :)
    There's also my new blog site :P *blush*

  2. I interviewed Amy, it was fun and sounds like she writes some really interesting stuff!

  3. Thanks for introducing me to these blogs. Sadly I don't know Spanish
    New follower :)

  4. Thanks Scrawl, Rachel and Book Slave. Following back!

  5. Are you looking for authentic Mexican phrases or just regular Spanish corrections. Spanish is my first language and I don't mind helping; but I'm from Puerto Rico and certain names and phrases differ from culture to culture. For example: a cellphone (in Spanish) is 'celular' in Puerto Rico and I believe that it is called 'móvil' in México. Another thing; some Spanish words are universal regardless of where you are from, others are not - their meaning can be harmless in one country and offensive in another.

  6. There's not a lot of Spanish in the book. But Mexican Spanish is what I am going for. Authentic/slang, whatever works I guess. Would you still like to take a look at it?

  7. Spanish is my native tongue so I's here if you need the help.

  8. Sorry for the delay, I don't mind taking a look, not at all.


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