Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In The News: Trayvon Martin

Okay, I have been following this crap in the news and now, I can hold my tongue no more. I am talking about this Trayvon Martin killing.

I first want to say that the number one problem in America is commonsense. (Or lack thereof) Not very many people have it and it is clearly a major problem in this incident as well.

Listen here people, this whole thing started when some idiot (George Zimmerman) is patrolling his neighborhood watch while carrying a firearm. What part of this scenario doesn’t scream “problem”? I don’t care if it’s legal in your county or state to carry one or not, I don’t think neighborhood watches (civilians playing cop) should be allowed to carry them period! So right there, Zimmerman is responsible.

Now, this is America, and in America, citizens have every right under the constitution to walk from point A to point B without being impeded or accosted by anyone! This includes police and neighborhood watches. The kid was walking. It doesn’t matter the time of day, it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a hoodie, every citizen in this FREE country has a right to walk from point A to point B without fear of being accosted. Period!

There is nothing suspicious of anybody who is walking to a destination. Period!

Now, if Trayvon Martin was loitering, hanging around and doing nothing in the same spot for any length of time, then yes, I could consider that suspicious. Sit and observe. What is so fucking difficult with that? Maybe he was waiting for a cab or a ride or something. But no, Trayvon wasn’t loitering, he was WALKING! To a destination.

This is why I feel that this Zimmerman idiot should be arrested and charged with murder. Not premeditated and certainly not for a hate crime as I do not believe that race played any part of the incident. But arrested he should be and the police are idiots for not doing this because it is all commonsense. There was nothing to be suspicious about to begin with! Zimmerman initiated the whole thing, Period! Thus, Zimmerman should be held accountable for using deadly force, but not for a hate crime.

Which leads me to some more idiots.

The Black Panther Party. Now this is a racist organization if ever there was one. They are just as racist, if not more so, than the Ku Klux Klan and the Aryan Nation. Now we have one of the idiot leaders of this idiot / racist organization who goes on air to the national media and puts a bounty on Zimmerman. Where are the FBI here? Why aren’t they arresting this Black Panther Party idiot for doing that? The last time I knew, that was against the law. They should arrest this punk and try him for terrorism.

And they should arrest any punk from the Black Panther Party who endorses or are found to be a part of this bounty. Because when you get right down to it, that’s all they are, a racist organization of punks, thugs and idiots.

Here is the solution: Police, arrest Zimmerman for murder because he did murder this kid, end of story. Zimmerman had no right whatsoever to call this kid suspicious for WALKING! Down the street and minding his own damn business. That punk from the Black Panther Party who placed a bounty on Zimmerman should be arrested. (And anybody found to be associated with that bounty) And Americans, don’t you think it is about time you pull your stupid effing heads out from your stupid effing asses? And start using commonsense?

And African Americans, don’t you think it’s about time you shut up about every crime against you being a hate crime? (Speaking of which, I am against the term “hate crime” to begin with. It’s stupid!) It’s just that you lose credibility when every time you cry wolf when wolf isn’t necessary.

And to the Black Panther Party. Go away. Just like the Ku Klux Klan, Aryan nation, PETA, NAACP, NOW, democratic party and the GOP, just go effing away. We don’t need you punks out there promoting hate and racism. Just shut the hell up and go away.

The bottom line is this: A kid was shot and killed for doing nothing more than walking down the fucking street ….. IN AMERICA! For Christ’s Sake. I would expect this kind of thing in China, North Korea, maybe even in South America and Mexico or something …. But this is AMERICA! The land of the free?

Or am I missing something here?

There, I said my peace. I feel a lot better now. LOL

Feel free to chime in.


  1. Thanks for addressing this Hira. I feel the same way and you said it perfectly! It's really sad that this young man had to be shot down on his way home. It doesn't make sense if your a neighborhood watchmen and you dont know who lives in your neighborhood.

  2. I'm sorry I put Hira instead of Carroll...I just read Hira's post a second ago that's why. :)


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