Sunday, March 18, 2012


Coming in May of 2012: OF THE LIGHT - The new book by author Carroll Bryant.

Haunted by dreams of a childhood friend, long thought to be dead, Zenakis Vinzant starts to lose control of what used to be a pretty good life. Caught between two relationships, he struggles desperately to find the meaning of everything around him. But these dreams, they won’t let him be. What are they trying to tell him? Where will they lead? And why does the F.B.I. want to talk to him? When the universe comes calling, it is best to just roll with the punches. Ultimately, his new discoveries will change forever how he thinks about Earth, humans …. And them! Finally, the truth is revealed in a most dramatic manner, and with it, an invitation Zenakis can’t refuse, but first, he must beat the clock to save the day.

If you had the chance to leave everything and everyone you know behind - could you? Would you? Will Zenakis? Find out the answer in this epic sci-fi adventure.


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