Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Carroll's Journal #10 (No Balls)

David finally made it back from Iowa. I went to go see him the other day and spend the night. As expected, we got sloshed. It seems his military friend sent him home with two bottles of whiskey. David wanted to drink one of them and save the other. Of course, he wanted to drink the one with his other best friend. (Me). LOL

Sorry, no Madden rematch. (Yet) That is next month.

It's funny. When we are sober the only heart to heart talks we have is about my writing. When we get tipsy, we talk about deep personal things. He started talking about the universe. I think he was coming to terms with his own mortality. Plus, he said my science fiction books got to him. He has read the first three in the "Of The Light" series and it got him to thinking about things. This is the first time we ever discussed any of my books in detail like this.

I ended up talking about the girl whose name I dare not speak ever again. I just simply call her by her nickname that I gave her, Meximelt. I don't know why I call her that. Mexi is short for Mexican and melt, well, I have no idea why melt. Meximelt is a food item on the menu of Taco Bell. It's pretty good actually.

Anyway, I think he wanted to smack me.

This is the bottle before we cracked it open

There is nothing like coming home from out of town and getting a good 8 hours of sleep. Then waking up, eating the last three pieces of yesterdays cold chicken, spending an hour on the internet then laying back down on the couch and taking a nap to the show "The Big Bang Theory". I love re-runs.

I went to the store when I woke up. I saw Brittany. I love it when she wears her hair pulled all the way back. My God, she is so ..... beautiful to me. She half blows me off anymore. (Not like that, gutter minds) LOL It sucks when you fall in love with a rebound. I mean, she was supposed to be my rebound girl. And she was. I often wonder if breaking up with her was the right thing. I say it was, but only because .... well, let me put it like this, first of all, sure, the first five seconds I see her I lose my breath everytime. My heart beats out of whack. But then I remember that she reminds me of Meximelt.

Secondly, right before she and I started dating, she was with some other dude. The reason why we broke up? (In Wal-Mart of all places) Was because she found out she was pregnant .... By the other dude!

Enough said.

I took a walk outside this morning around 2:00 AM. I saw a strange ball of light suddenly appear in the sky and it quickly descended down to the ground. I think it was an energy ball of light. It was amazing! It happened so fast.

Say, have I ever showed you guys that strange light in my backyard before? I swear, I think it was a UFO. You can be the judge. My nieghbor took the picture. He also caught a glimpse of me looking up at it. Here it is.

It is really creepy because the thing didn't make a sound. No noise at all what-so-ever! This was taken last summer shortly after I had my hair cut. I was thinking about making it the cover of my upcoming science fiction novel, "Of The Light", but I then I decided on this one. What do you think? (You get first view of it right here on my blog)

Pretty cool, isn't it? LOL I have to thank Regina Wamba for it. I sent her the picture and she added the font. That lady is awsome in cover design. The book should be released sometime in May.

Just like my character in the book, Zenakis Vinzant, I too often wonder if I were given the chance to leave this planet to go to another planet in another galaxy, would I? Could I? I mean, could I leave my family and friends to go live in the perfect world?

Well, I used to think I couldn't and wouldn't, but then I figure, the further away from Meximelt I am, maybe the better? LOL

I wonder ... if I were to get out my nine iron and my golf tee, could I smack a ball from my yard to the other side of the highway? I mean, should I even attempt it? It's only about a hundred yards or so I reckon. Maybe I should try it. Then again, now that I think about it, I don't think I have a golf ball to put on the tee.

Just my luck .... No Balls!!!


  1. Wait wait wait! I don't get it... She was still "seeing" the other dude while dating you too?? O_o and if Yes, you knew?

    Oh my, your life is worse than a Soap opera! LOL

  2. Oh I forgot.... Very nice cover for OF THE LIGHT!! :D

  3. Are you a big Scotch fan? I just got back from Scotland and toured some of the distilleries; what's your favorite brand? And yes, I realize that there is no way you look at postings this old, but I felt like reaching out.

    1. Haven't had much Scotch lately, but yes, i do enjoy it. Or at least I did. Since my herat attack I have stopped all drinking and smoking. My favorite though was probably Jack Daniels. Crown Royal was also one of my favs.

  4. Sorry, and I just finished your post - I'm so sorry you had such a rough breakup and the cover art is lovely. What advice do you have for someone thinking about pursuing writing. I'm in school now, but not working towards a writing degree; I've chosen the much more down-to-earth and responsible Theatre degree :). I'm actually having a hard time not dropping out altogether because my part-time work is paying me more than I'll probably ever make again. Would it be stupid to step out of school for a bit, continue and probably increase my modeling work, and then return?

    1. I think you should do what your heart tells you to do.

      As for writing, if it's in your blood then it's in your blood. I never chose to write myself. It chose me. I don't know of all the details surrounding your life so it wouldn't be reasonable for me to try and advise you (or anyone) what they should do with their life. Just know that whatever you decide will affect more than just you. And it will alter the course of your future. Modeling sounds like a good way to earn a buck, but it won't last forever. Looks always fade, eventually. Education, personality, a good sense of humor, and ambition tempered with passion will take you far.


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