Friday, March 9, 2012

Carroll's DVD Review # 7


A teenager gets delusional by too many examples of love gone wrong and refuses to believe that true love exists. Then this new guy comes along …

Does this sound familiar? Then you probably felt like this at one time or another. I know I have. This film does not carry the heavy hitters of acting, and outside of Mandy Moore, I can’t say any of them ring a bell for me, but I did like this film. The writing was okay. Then again, I am in love with Mandy Moore so she can do no wrong in my eyes. LOL

Released in 2003, if you haven’t seen this movie, then you should. And if you have seen it, see it again. It is very charming. It’s a good flick to watch with your significant other. (I should have done that.) Ladies, curl up with your guy and make him watch it with you. (He will thank you afterwards because if he gives it a chance, he’ll like it. And if he doesn’t, dump him, you can get better.)

I give it …. 7 solid Stars.


You knew that sooner or later I was going to review a war movie. Ladies, after you and your guy watch HOW TO DEAL, treat your man to this film. (His reward) Besides, it has a young Colin Farrell in it so …..

I will say that it wasn’t quite what I expected and that sometimes is a bad thing, however, for this movie, it was an okay thing.

Released in 2000, Tigerland flew under the radar when it came out despite some critical acclaim.
Don’t go into this expecting something like Saving Private Ryan, you will be disappointed. Just go into with the expectation that you want to watch a well written, well acted movie. Do this and you will enjoy it.

Again, I am going to throw out a 7 Star rating.

Both of these movies you can probably get under $9.99, maybe even the five dollar bin. Not bad for a his and her evening at home with some buttered popcorn in hand.

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